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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Drainage Holes: No
  • Overall: 40cm H x 32cm H x 60cm W x 48cm W x 30cm D x 31cm D
  • Material: Metal
    • Product Name Elmo 2 Piece Planter Box Set
      Brand Brambly Cottage
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Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Do You Know How To Vacuum

You are probably reading this and thinking, "Of course I know how to vacuum." After all, how hard is vacuuming. You turn your vacuum on and move it around the room. Simple, right? Well if you want to vacuum efficiently, it isn't quite that easy. This article will tell you how to vacuum your carpet properly so that you remove the maximum amount of soil.

Improper Vacuuming

Before I tell you how to vacuum, I will tell you how not to vacuum. Most people vacuum in a W pattern. They move the vacuum forward and then back at an angle. The problem with this is that your vacuum does not vacuum well on the forward pass. It is much more efficient on the backwards stroke. So the typical W pattern of vacuuming only exposes about half of the carpet to the more effective backwards stroke.

Another common vacuuming mistake is rushing through it. When you go too quickly over your carpet, you are missing much of the soil that could be removed. Slow down and get the job done right.

Proper Vacuuming

To vacuum correctly, first take your vacuum out and examine it. Check to make sure that belts are tight, that hoses are not plugged and that your vacuum bag is not full. Replace your vacuums bag when it becomes half full. After your bag becomes half full, it starts rapidly losing suction power. Always keep spare bags on hand.

Now, plug your vacuum in and set the height adjustment. If you set it too low, the brush will not turn correctly and if you set it too high, the brush will do nothing. Set the height so that the vacuums brush just barely touches the top of your carpet fibers.

Finally, you are ready to vacuum. Turn your vacuum on and push the vacuum forward into position and then pull the vacuum straight back. Repeat this process over the entire room. The forward stroke is not used to vacuum, it is used only to position your vacuum. You want to expose all of the carpet to the much more effective backwards cleaning stroke. Also remember this is not a race. Go slowly so that you give the vacuum time to suck up debris and soil.

Vacuuming is the single most important thing you can do to protect your carpeting and to improve the indoor air quality of your home. By taking your time and by doing it correctly, you will greatly extend the life of your carpet and will probably find that you do not need to vacuum as often.

All About of Pots Planters

Plant Pots & Planters

Plant pots are a versatile option for growing your own vegetables , herbs , flowers and other plants , and even little trees in. Use pots and planters if you do not have enough space or the time to take care of a full garden with flower beds , vegetable beds and a greenhouse.

Container Gardens

wooden  planters

A little container garden on your balcony or patio does not need too much space and gives you the freedom to move your plants into the sun or shade , out of the rain or even into the house whenever you need to. Grow plants that are not hardy and do not like the cold in winter in pots and planters and easily move them to the shed , cellar or garage once the temperature begin to drop. Decorate every corner of your garden with some flowers. Place a pretty planter urn right next to your front door , or a big planter box next to the shed. Hang a hanging basket from the roof of your house or garden shed or even from a sturdy tree branch if the potted plants like a more shaded place. Add window boxes to your windows or balcony to grow beautiful flowers in summer and decorate them with evergreen twigs and branches in winter. Even buy special planters to put onto your fence or balcony railing. These are called rail planters. If you always wanted to have a vertical garden check out our DIY article on how to create your own vertical garden at home.

And do not forget all the indoor uses for pots and planters. Add some green and nature to your home and fill your conservatory or living room with potted plants and flowers. You can also use small plant pots to grow your own little herb garden in your kitchen to have fresh basil , parsley or chives ready whenever you need them. In case you don't have green-fingers , try out this DIY plant craft to create your own paper greenery to spruce up your home.

Colour & Materials

Plastic and terracotta are probably the most popular materials for plant pots. Both have their advantages and appeals.

plant  pot

Terracotta looks very natural and warm. Usually , terracotta pots are pretty enough on their own and you do not need to buy an extra cachepot. Though if you have hardy plants that can stay outside in winter , terracotta plant pots are not the best choice as they can crack at low temperatures. Plastic plant pots can stay outside all year round. Even if you want to move them into the house or shed to protect your plants from the cold , they are much more lightweight than ceramic or terracotta planters even if you have very big plants in an appropriately sized flower pot. Plastic plant pots do come in pretty colours and designs as well. However , plastic pots can become hot during warm weather , weaken and fade after a lot of exposure to sunlight.

Other materials for planters and cachepots are resin , glass or metal. Wooden planters are a very popular choice as well. It's classic , yet contemporary material. Wood makes a great planter solid , thanks to its durable quality and general good strength , making it suitable for tall and heavy plantings. The advantage of having a wooden planter is that it is strong and can be painted in a colour of your choice. But on the other hand it requires regular maintenance , can be damaged by ants and woodlice and it's sensitive to the environment - especially frosting , which can damage wooden planters.

metal  planters

Metal planters are ideal for a rustic garden look. Metal proves a great planter material thanks to its sturdy quality that makes it ideal for heavy plantings and as wall planters. It's also strong , suitable for winter containers and you are absolutely on-trend with it. The disadvantage of having a metak plant pot is that it can become scorchingly hot during warm weather. Resin pots are often designed to imitate other planter materials including terracotta and stone. Resin is a popular choice among contemporary gardeners thanks to the current trend of rattan outdoor furniture. It is adaptable to all-weather conditions , affordable , durable , good water retention , lightweight and waterproof. Yet lightweight quality may cause them to topple over in high winds and resin is unsuitable for heavy plantings.

Furthermore you can also have planters made out of ceramic , stone and concrete. Especially , stone and concrete make great planter materials due to their large and heavy size , making them ideal for large plantings. Considerably costlier than other planters , stone and concrete stand the test of time thanks to their durable quality. They are also good at maintaining soil moisture and temperature , have good insulation and are suitable for use in all seasons , sturdy and ageless. On the downside stone and concrete are heavy and difficult to move about.

ceramic  plant  pots

Ceramic plant pots are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. They are often instantly distinctive thanks to their decorative detail , waterproof , bottom-heavy , thus suitable for windy weather , and are proving a great choice for trend-driven gardens. Ceramic planters can be expensive and break easily.

Popular colours for plant pots (plastic or otherwise) are grey , blue or green , as well as the ever present terracotta pots that come in their natural colour (glazed or unglazed).

And if you happen to end up with the rather generic black plastic of the plant pots you bought your plants in , use a cachepot to cover it up. You can even use cachepots to quickly swap the look according to season or to decorate for special occasions without having to repot your plant. offers pots , planters and planter stands in many different styles and colours.

Taking care of potted plants

potted  plants

Water your potted plants regularly. Plants need a lot more water in summer and when they stay in the sun than in winter. But the amount of water also depends on the individual plant's needs. As usual , "read the label " and make sure your plants get as much or as little water as they need. To make sure that they do not "drown " if you accidently water them a little too much , your plant pots need drainage holes at the bottom. If your pot or planter does not have those holes , add them before potting your plants into them. If you cannot add a hole because the pot material is too sturdy or too brittle and any attempt might break the pot , add a thick layer of stones at the bottom.

Here are our care tips for the different materials of plant pots:

  • Wood can shrink and expand with moisture so avoid placing directly on the ground. To prevent the wood from rotting , treat it with suitable preservatives.
  • Clay doesn't react well to freezing climates. Avoid leaving clay planters outside during winter so as to prevent them from cracking.
  • Metal heats up quickly during fine weather , make sure to water your plants regularly to prevent them from drying out. You could also invest in an internal liner , which will help to improve insulation. To avoid the metal from corroding , provide a protective barrier by painting the metal or applying an oil sealant or galvanised zinc coating.
  • Ceramic planters are prone to cracking or breaking if exposed to icy temperatures. Keep them in good condition by using them as an indoor planter during winter. Due to their fragility , also take care during potting.
  • Stone and concrete pots need to be covered up during winter to prevent any discolouring or deterioration caused by snow and ice.
  • plant  pots

    You will also need to add fertilizer to your plant pots to provide all the nutrition your potted flowers or other plants need. We have a list of superfoods provided here so you can check what your vegetable or fruit needs to fully grow. Since they grow in a pot and not a flower or vegetable bed , they only have the compost they were potted with to live from. Re-pot your plants at least every other year or whenever the soil in the planter gets old or roots poke out of it at the bottom drainage holes. When re-potting chose a suitable pot at least one size bigger than your old plant pot. When you are reusing plant pots always clean them thoroughly before potting new plants into them. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Pots & Planters for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Pots & Planters that are right for your home. With great products like the Brianne Bamboo Cachepot and the Peters Plastic Plant Box you're sure to find the right Pots & Planters that fit into your home.

    17 of 55 Review For Elmo 2 Piece Planter Box Set

    • Review by Linda

      Linda ( 2020-Jul-10 )


      Sturdy and fairly easy to put together. It is very large so check your measurements. It was just what we wanted.

    • Review by Claudine

      Claudine ( 2020-Aug-01 )


      This deck box is exactly what I wanted to hold shoes on the front porch. I put it together in less than 10 minutes. And our cat has claimed it as his new outdoor bed. Love it even more since it came in white which is hard to find.

    • Review by Andrew

      Andrew ( 2021-Sep-20 )


      Items as described, arrived within a week, good quality

    • Review by Christine

      Christine ( 2020-Mar-11 )


      I ordered this garden bench in the blue and love it! It gives our front porch a great pop of color. So glad the blue bench came back in stock!

    • Review by Anonymous

      Anonymous ( 2021-Oct-27 )


      I love the brown rattan style, it fits in to my garden style. I love the modern look of the grey but that would fit in! The cushions are wipeable which is great as my dog has joined us on the sofa. Bought furniture clips online and found it a funny size but have wedged a bit of plywood in and it’s not moved since! Worth the money but definitely a two man build.

    • Review by Liz

      Liz ( 2020-Nov-10 )


      Three panel's slightly broken on delivery, not a good start. However, informed and supplied photographs to who quickly despatched replacements. All looking good at the moment

    • Review by Mary

      Mary ( 2020-Mar-07 )


      Easy to wire up, the hanging chain can be shortened and the electric cable re-threaded into the holding ceiling bracket without to much hassle.

    • Review by Paul

      Paul ( 2021-Jul-27 )


      Excellent service ,the box took about half an hour to put together and stores our cushions for a six seater garden dining table, 6 seater L shaped garden furniture and 4 recliner cushions .

    • Review by Jonathan

      Jonathan ( 2020-Oct-17 )


      The look is great. The quality of the rattan is not that great (not strong) and the cushions are soaked in fire-retardant which is really not eco-friendly nor good for the body. It started dripping off when the rain hit the cushions.

    • Review by Penelope

      Penelope ( 2021-Jan-20 )


      The perfect solution to my wall display in my eating area. I initially ordered the wrong item and corrected my mistake immediately and set up an easy return/exchange. Kudos to their customer service department!

    • Review by Ken

      Ken ( 2020-Jan-25 )


      This bench could not have been easier to put together. I'd also like to mention that it keeps the rain out. It's a good size for odds and ends, but of course doesn't hold much.

    • Review by Helen

      Helen ( 2021-May-24 )


      Love this. A tree fell into our greenhouse so this is a good makeshift while we can't get out and have seedlings growing.

    • Review by Michelle

      Michelle ( 2021-Feb-17 )


      Very cute. Not the sturdiest, but Ok for the price (was on sale). Splintered in parts when putting together and some holes did not line up well. Pretty easy to put together with 2 people. Going to finish the wood with oil so we’ll see if it survives the test of time...

    • Review by Tully

      Tully ( 2021-Feb-02 )


      My daughter and kids love these chairs. Now as kitchen chairs and they plan to use them shortly outside. Great value and styling.

    • Review by Mehta

      Mehta ( 2021-Jun-11 )


      Absolutely lovely set that fits perfectly on the balcony. Quite comfortable and easy cleaning cushions. Only tiny addition needed (or advice) would be to get clips to hold some of the seating together, if you are putting on decking or hard flooring as it may slide apart.

    • Review by Barbara

      Barbara ( 2020-Oct-06 )


      Excellent product, sturdy and durable. We bought for our garden furniture cushions and blankets, great space inside.

    • Review by Rachel

      Rachel ( 2022-Jan-07 )


      I think it is still too cold we’re we live to assemble the swing. I do know I have been researching stand alone swings for I while and this is the one I always went back too. Excited for warmer weather!

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