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  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Pieces Included: 1 Dining table, 4 chairs with arms
  • Chair Outer Frame Material: Metal; Textile
  • Table Frame Material: Metal
    • Product Name Raine 4 Seater Dining Set
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk6d4696e18a0a113
      Category Garden Dining Sets
      Main Category Shop Outdoor

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All About of Garden Dining Sets

Garden Dining Sets

Shopping for garden furniture is a fun project to take on for your home. Building a garden or patio is often less technical than some of the other home improvement projects you can take on , and the end result is a beautiful new outdoor space for you , your loved ones , and friends to hang out and soak up the sun.

If you choose the right table and chairs for your garden , you'll be able to enjoy many family lunches or dinners in your very personal garden oasis. Choosing the best garden dining set for your home takes knowing a range of items such as how many seats you need , what material you want out of your dining set , what finish color you want , and what shape table will work best on your patio or in your garden.

patio  dining  sets

Seating Capacity: Consider the number of people in your family or who lives in your home to help determine the number of chairs your dining or bistro set should have. You should also think about how often you host friends because if you host often , perhaps adding a few more chairs to the table than you think could go a long way. Another way you can determine how many chairs your dining set needs is by looking to see how much space you have in the spot where you are placing all your outdoor dining furniture.

outdoor  dining  sets

Frame Material: There are a few materials you should be aware of when browsing tables and chairs for your garden on Wayfair. First is metal , which is a common garden furniture material. You can find table and chairs sets made from only metal. Here you could use the set as is or purchase additional outdoor cushions to make the dining or bistro set more comfortable. Other metal sets you might come across will have metal as the primary material but could have a glass surface in the center of the table or more of a fabric type material where you sit on the chair. One type of metal you will find is aluminum. Another option includes a wicker or rattan table and chairs. Rattan is a very popular garden furniture material. It holds up in all types of weather and takes on a range of colors from lighter shades to darker. You can find beautiful rattan garden table and chairs matched with lighter shaded cushions for a very on trend look. Additional popular materials are wood or plastic. Plastic might be a more affordable option and wood is similar to rattan and metal where you can find additional outdoor cushions to increase comfort.

outdoor  dining  furniture

Shape , Finish & Features The shape of your garden table is another factor. The most popular are rectangle or circle. A rectangle garden dining table will allow you to host more people. Additional shapes include square , oval , or octagonal. You should match the finish material of your table and chairs to the colors in your garden or patio. Think about the colors of the porch , the color of the shutters or awning on your windows , the pergola or other garden furniture that you own to make the best decision. There is one important feature you may want to consider which is the parasol hole. If you plan to use your table and chairs for eating when the sun is out , you may want a parasol to have the option to grab some shade. Be sure the set you're interested in comes with a table with a hole for a parasol. You can make sure a parasol hole is included in your garden table by reading the product description for the sets you're considering.

Wayfair is here to help you build the perfect outdoor dining area so you can enjoy your garden the same way you enjoy the inside of your home. We love going out and getting hundreds of garden dining sets from many suppliers to help show you a wide variety of options. We don't stop there. Our next focus is to make sure your new table and chairs arrive on time. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Garden Dining Sets for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Garden Dining Sets that are right for your home. With great products like the Mckayla 6 Seater Dining Set and the Zephyr 8 Seater Dining Set you're sure to find the right Garden Dining Sets that fit into your home.

22 of 41 Review For Raine 4 Seater Dining Set

  • Review by Jenny

    Jenny ( 2021-Apr-28 )


    Quality was not as good as experienced with wayfair furniture in the past, so disappointed as one chair wobbles and the materiel used was not like my previous rattan garden furniture purchased. If I can not sort out the wobble will have to return the item. I Have purchased a large amount of items within my home and quality has always been excellent. However, service and delivery was excellent as always

  • Review by Catherine

    Catherine ( 2021-Nov-28 )


    Very nice just the chairs are lower than you expected ( old people would struggle)

  • Review by Chihung

    Chihung ( 2021-Nov-13 )


    This bench is light enough to move easily and still have the room for two adults enjoying a beverage with the flip table. Very nice.

  • Review by Renay

    Renay ( 2020-Apr-18 )


    I purchase the 60cm planter. Superb! Good solid weight, finish and narrow 17cm to sit neatlysafely on a Victorian terrace window sill. Would recommend

  • Review by Claire

    Claire ( 2020-Dec-11 )


    First one came damaged, was replaced immediately. Not the easiest to put together but once we did, the quality is pretty good. Seems durable!!!

  • Review by Deborah

    Deborah ( 2021-Jan-12 )


    I've purchase 4 of these storage deck boxes. Two in white, and two in taupe. I'm even using one as an ottoman with a cushion on it. Just excellent.

  • Review by Julia

    Julia ( 2022-Jan-04 )


    They’re REALLY small. But they’re nice. I got the two larger ones and I’m glad I did because these alone wouldn’t have filled up my space

  • Review by Cindy

    Cindy ( 2021-Jan-29 )


    Liked the look on line the bent seat and back for comfort. The next day delivery was a bonus waiting 14 days could have saved money. Very easy to assemble and looks and feels good, happy.

  • Review by Annie

    Annie ( 2021-Aug-28 )


    Easy to wire up, the hanging chain can be shortened and the electric cable re-threaded into the holding ceiling bracket without to much hassle.

  • Review by Monica

    Monica ( 2020-May-02 )


    Great planter. Looks durable and stylish. Very pleased with this purchase.

  • Review by Alan

    Alan ( 2020-Mar-15 )


    I really wanted the turquoise one, but was told they were out, so they sent a brown, wooden one. Next thing I see is a newer ad that shows the turquoise one I wanted on sale and available. This was only a week or so later!! I got it on sale, only this newer one was even less! I'm so disappointed!

  • Review by Shirley

    Shirley ( 2020-Oct-03 )


    They are perfect and the best price I have seen online. They add that euro flair I was looking for and a nice pop of color,

  • Review by Emily

    Emily ( 2021-Apr-06 )


    These hanging plant holders are adorable. Very clean and adds an unusual element to an art wall.

  • Review by Kirt Laverne

    Kirt Laverne ( 2021-Jan-03 )


    Very happy, with the light, well made and Sturdy for the money. The service and speed of delivery from was brilliant.

  • Review by Kerry

    Kerry ( 2020-Nov-12 )


    Bought this for a little extra shoe storage in my bedroom as I was fed up trying to reach under my bed, and also forgetting what I had because they were hidden. The colour goes great with my other furniture. My children love to come sit on the bench when talking to me (plus great for me to put my clothes on). The space for shoes is wide enough to take my trainers (some quite chunky). I looked at many before deciding, and for me this was a nice storage bench, neutral colour, best price, best functionality, best price. Construction Instruction were clear and the process did not take long. Very happy with my buy. Would recommend.

  • Review by Patricia

    Patricia ( 2021-Jul-17 )


    Timely delivery on a double order. Super attractive benches for outdoor seating at my biz. However one bench was broken in one area and another had a crack. Will be receiving a replacement so I’m good with that.

  • Review by Salina

    Salina ( 2021-Aug-02 )


    I found them easy to snap together and the size that I needed. They hold two of my big cushions for my wicker furniture and go well with my wicker rockers. I love them. They were bought to protect the cushions from the weather and seem to be doing a great job. The tops could double as a side table or a seat for guests.

  • Review by Ryann

    Ryann ( 2020-Apr-24 )


    I leaned back and unfortunately caused two stress fractures in the seat back. Will brace the fractures and re-paint the breaks. Otherwise, the pop-up tray is versatile and the bench seat is solid.

  • Review by Sue

    Sue ( 2021-Dec-17 )


    Great value for money. Delivered within a couple of days. Seems good quality for the price. Fills a redundant spot on my deck perfectly

  • Review by Jonathan

    Jonathan ( 2022-Jan-07 )


    Its a perfect bench for my porch! We love the color, and the pull up table in center to enjoy a nice drink or snack! It is a great size too!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Nov-08 )


    Who would have thought that this smaller version if a deck box would be so useful. I store the decorative pillows that go with my outdoor furniture in it. My grandsons like to sit on them or use them as play tables when they bring toys outside. Took only around 20 minutes to put each of hem together. My contractor asked me about them as well as my new deck biz and I highly recommended He must have told slot of people cause now your sold out.

  • Review by Amy

    Amy ( 2020-Jul-27 )


    Overall we found it much more difficult than others to put it together which we would have forgiven because they "look" great but within 2 weeks of owning it we've had one large piece chip off and two deep cracks emerge within the body of the chair. The overall quality is poor and we do not recommend this chair to anyone.

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