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Garden Dining Sets

Shopping for garden furniture is a fun project to take on for your home. Building a garden or patio is often less technical than some of the other home improvement projects you can take on , and the end result is a beautiful new outdoor space for you , your loved ones , and friends to hang out and soak up the sun.

If you choose the right table and chairs for your garden , you'll be able to enjoy many family lunches or dinners in your very personal garden oasis. Choosing the best garden dining set for your home takes knowing a range of items such as how many seats you need , what material you want out of your dining set , what finish color you want , and what shape table will work best on your patio or in your garden.

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Seating Capacity: Consider the number of people in your family or who lives in your home to help determine the number of chairs your dining or bistro set should have. You should also think about how often you host friends because if you host often , perhaps adding a few more chairs to the table than you think could go a long way. Another way you can determine how many chairs your dining set needs is by looking to see how much space you have in the spot where you are placing all your outdoor dining furniture.

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Frame Material: There are a few materials you should be aware of when browsing tables and chairs for your garden on Shop Garden Dining Sets. First is metal , which is a common garden furniture material. You can find table and chairs sets made from only metal. Here you could use the set as is or purchase additional outdoor cushions to make the dining or bistro set more comfortable. Other metal sets you might come across will have metal as the primary material but could have a glass surface in the center of the table or more of a fabric type material where you sit on the chair. One type of metal you will find is aluminum. Another option includes a wicker or rattan table and chairs. Rattan is a very popular garden furniture material. It holds up in all types of weather and takes on a range of colors from lighter shades to darker. You can find beautiful rattan garden table and chairs matched with lighter shaded cushions for a very on trend look. Additional popular materials are wood or plastic. Plastic might be a more affordable option and wood is similar to rattan and metal where you can find additional outdoor cushions to increase comfort.

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Shape , Finish & Features The shape of your garden table is another factor. The most popular are rectangle or circle. A rectangle garden dining table will allow you to host more people. Additional shapes include square , oval , or octagonal. You should match the finish material of your table and chairs to the colors in your garden or patio. Think about the colors of the porch , the color of the shutters or awning on your windows , the pergola or other garden furniture that you own to make the best decision. There is one important feature you may want to consider which is the parasol hole. If you plan to use your table and chairs for eating when the sun is out , you may want a parasol to have the option to grab some shade. Be sure the set you're interested in comes with a table with a hole for a parasol. You can make sure a parasol hole is included in your garden table by reading the product description for the sets you're considering.

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