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  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Weight Capacity: 150kg
  • Overall: 207cm H x 254cm W x 160cm D
  • Overall Product Weight: 32,5kg
  • Number of Swings Included: 2
    • You'll have double the fun with this swing set. Call over a friend and ask them to join in! Together you can swing sky-high on this sturdy swing set.

      Product Name Swing Set
      Brand Freeport Park
      Product SKU uk151e5a3cfdfb9e1
      Category Swing Sets
      Main Category Outdoor Toys Play Equipment

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All About of Swing Sets

Swing Sets & Swing And Slide Sets

Swing sets offer timeless , wholesome fun for small kids; and big kids too! There is a simple , carefree joy in swinging back and forth on a sunny summer’s day in the back garden , and our range of wooden and plastic swing sets contains a variety of sturdy , fun options. Swing and slide or swing and seesaw sets deliver multiple options for play within one frame , while traditional wooden tree swing sets can be a more economical way of providing an enjoyable activity on an existing tree branch in your garden.
Swing  and  slide  sets  at

Multi-purpose play sets like this one double the fun with a fantastic swing and slide to play on. These sets are ideal for gardens with limited space and come in a robust , water proof construction designed for wear and tear from active kids.

Tree  swing  options  at

Sometimes , the simple pleasures are the most enjoyable ones. A tree swing is a classic play item that feels like it is from a forgotten era. Encourage your kids to stay fit and healthy by playing outside with a sturdy tree swing , useable with any large tree in your garden. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Slides , Swings and Climbing Frames for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Slides , Swings and Climbing Frames that are right for your home. With great products like the Seaman Swing Set and the Arelious Kids Swing Set you're sure to find the right Slides , Swings and Climbing Frames that fit into your home.

16 of 41 Review For Swing Set

  • Review by Lynn

    Lynn ( 2020-May-21 )


    Love it. Looks great! Easy to hang with command strips instead of hardware and looks amazing. Probably will be putting some succulents inside. Paired great with the bigger one which you have to buy separate.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Jun-15 )


    This little deck box is a perfect fit for our tiny porch. It holds a bucket full of car washing supplies and a plastic bin with a lid - about the size of a shoe box & 1/2 - there is room to spare. Shipped fairly quick. Was delivered in the original manufacturer box - no damage. Six pieces all snap together very easy! No metal parts to rust. The lid comes over the box, so it should be pretty dry. I didn't plan to use it for seating, but it seems sturdy enough to hold the weight of a small to average size adult.

  • Review by Nicky

    Nicky ( 2020-May-14 )


    I'm in love with these chairs! I've been looking for some since my stay at the St. Cecelia in Austin and they are perfect! Very sturdy construction and will look great with my teak table outside on my patio! I will be ordering more in the future!

  • Review by Melody

    Melody ( 2020-Mar-16 )


    Delivery was excellent. The assembly only took an hour or so. Foolproof instructions, solid structure would recommend it 100%

  • Review by Carly

    Carly ( 2020-Feb-24 )


    I love my chairs. Created the lounge feel I was going for. I was told by a guest that its for someone with small frame. .My family likes them.

  • Review by Lisa

    Lisa ( 2020-Mar-15 )


    Nice furniture. Fiddly to put together. Ut soon got the hang of it. Really pleased with end result

  • Review by Lindsey

    Lindsey ( 2020-Mar-30 )


    Nice quality particularly cushions. Nice and light so can move them about easily.

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2020-Jul-28 )


    This small piece of furniture is bright, very easy to assemble, looks great in the hall, ideal with the padded seat area for putting on/taking of boots/shoes, with ample space for at least pairs of shoes. Would definitely recommend.

  • Review by Maria

    Maria ( 2020-Jun-24 )


    I prefer Keter boxes and I think they are good quality. Excellent size box... it’s big which is what I wanted..... so make sure you measure. Very easy to put together. I did it on my own (49 yr old woman). Delivery was a day later than when ordered but I was kept fully informed

  • Review by Joyce

    Joyce ( 2020-Apr-15 )


    Very pleased with my purchase. Comfortable and fits very neatly in my garden

  • Review by Christine

    Christine ( 2020-Feb-15 )


    These are so elegant and love they are faux wicker with faux bamboo. I needed to buy these for a client's doctor's office so they need to stand up to all ages, weather and needs and this nails it on the head. Thank you I highly recommend these dining chairs and they are stackable!

  • Review by Kirt Laverne

    Kirt Laverne ( 2020-Apr-22 )


    Great quality, arrived in perfect condition. They look fabulous, so i'm getting some more.

  • Review by Anna

    Anna ( 2020-Apr-29 )


    I love the look of these. In the picture they appear to have a gloss on them which I liked for rain, or easy wipe off, but they don't actually have that sheen. There are a few spots on them that did not get stained well, so the color is not completely even. They are very comfortable, but creak quite a bit when sitting and getting up. I don't believe they are really heavy duty like they look. It is nice to have the large arms on them to put a plate or drink.

  • Review by Chris

    Chris ( 2020-Jul-19 )


    We bought the pillows for our patio furniture first, then had to find a bin to store them. Perfect size for our needs. We selected this one also because it was not that ugly putty color that we see so often; this will be less conspicuous in our setting. This one had been out of stock, but I'm glad I waited for it to become available again. Came back on daily sale in wayfair, so I snapped it up. Speaking of snapping, I should mention that it was super-easy to assemble.

  • Review by Chris

    Chris ( 2020-Mar-12 )


    Great accent for small space!

  • Review by Stephanie

    Stephanie ( 2020-May-05 )


    The swing is really nice but arrived with one piece of wood husband glued it together and so far so good.

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