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  • Material: Plastic
  • Pieces Included: 1 Water table and 6 accessories
  • Overall: 76cm D x 66cm W x 66cm L
  • Overall Product Weight: 5.33kg
    • Product Name Sand And Water Table
      Brand Freeport Park
      Product SKU uk8372ad5fd715433
      Category Sandpits
      Main Category Outdoor Toys Play Equipment

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Fleas A Common Resident In Every House

They are one of the greatest bloodsucking parasites which can cause lot of damage. These different types of fleas live by sucking blood from mammals and birds. Some of the very common fleas are the cat flea, dog flea, human flea, northern rat flea and oriental rat flea. You may suffer from an allergic reaction and may also get transmitted with severe diseases due to these fleas. Because of the warm, humid and readily available environment in your home, these fleas easily survive without much hindrance.

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Home Remedies for Fleas

Keep your house clean by regular vacuuming as well as cleaning and bathing your pets to avoid any circulation of these parasites.

One of the most natural repellents which we have come across to fight fleas is the eucalyptus leaves. Somehow the smell is a major turn off for them.

You can use borax, which works great against the fleas. Spread it across your house; let it sit for some days and later vacuum your house to remove those fleas.

Spreading cedar chips along your fence line or in your room can keep the fleas at bay. You can also have a tansy plant outside your dogs' pen to keep the fleas away.

Make garlic an important part of pets food. Mix it, crush it, mince it, powder it and use it in any form to keep the pest away from the pets.

Adding yeast pills in your dog's diet also gets rid of the fleas. These yeast pills can be easily found in any of the medical stores.

Try diatomaceous earth, is one of the most natural ways to get rid of fleas. It can used be in your house, around the house and on your dog.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

All About of Sandpits


We've yet to meet a child who doesn't love sandpits. Perhaps you have a smaller garden and wonder if you have enough space. We have sandboxes and sand and water tables in a vast range of sizes and shapes. This product will keep toddlers busy. It can be an outdoor space for kinetic sand play or a treat for the grandchildren. Reconnect with your inner child. Browse our tips for choosing a fun sandpit for your home.

What Age Group Do They Entertain?

sandpit  with  child  playing

Larger sandpits are ideal for children aged from three to twelve. However , a specially designed sandbox made from durable , easy-to-clean materials is perfect for children aged from 18 months. Younger children should always be supervised when using a sandpit or sand and water table.

What Type Should I buy?

Older kids will adore bench-style sand and water tables where they can experiment with kinetic sand or build amazing sand sculptures without fear of making a mess. Traditional ground level sandpits appeal to all age groups. They're great for digging , just add a few colourful buckets and spades. Even adults can get in on the fun - there really is nothing like the feeling of soft sand between your toes on a sunny day.

What About Size and Shape?

large  sandpit

What size sandpits you decide on will depend on how much space you have in your garden or on the patio. If you have a large garden , you can be as adventurous as you wish. Take your pick from large square or rectangular sandpits or sand and water tables that are roomy enough to double as picnic benches. A hexagonal or round sandbox works well near straight or curved walls in enclosed spaces. If you have limited free garden space , why not explore our large selection of compact sandpits and smaller tables? Some even come with built-in storage for accessories like liners , or with hooks for buckets and spades.

Which Materials are Best?

Traditional sandpits are wooden. Wood weathers well and can withstand changes in temperature and humidity over the course of each year. Look for sandpits with lids or buy lids separately to prevent the sand from becoming contaminated when not in use. Some modern sandboxes and sand tables are made of plastic in bright colours that appeal to toddlers and younger kids. Plus , smaller plastic sandpits with lids can easily be stored indoors or in garden sheds over the winter.

What About Installation?

one  shape  sandpit All our sandpits can be ready to use in no time. Some come partially assembled , while others come in sections. Sandpits tend to be uniform in shape so there are rarely any tricky parts to contend with. Once you have your sandpit assembled , you need only add a liner. Just add a basic weed mesh if your sandpit is supplied without a liner. Next , pour in a few bags of new sand and invite the kids to dive on in.

Keeping It Clean

Once it's set up and filled with fresh sand , your sandpit should be fine for the entire summer. You might consider investing in a sandpit lid if you live in a region that has seasonal rain showers. Cover your sandpit each evening and you will extend the life of the sand. When you do need to replace the sand , it's fairly simple to do. Just shovel out the bulk and then use a dustpan and brush to get the last grains and debris. Leaving sandpits uncovered for up to 24 hours before adding new sand gives them the chance to air - again , something that will keep your new sand fresh for longer.

Sandpits Take Centre Stage

boat  shaped  sandpit Sandpits can be attractive garden features. You'll enjoy watching the children play even more if you are sitting comfortably. Garden tables and chairs in complementary colours instantly add a dash of sophistication. Add planters filled with colourful plants to complement and shelter your sandpit. Get ready for a long and relaxing summer.

19 of 11 Review For Sand And Water Table

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Feb-19 )


    Fitted on the balcony perfectly - looks neat and comfortable. Pack away really nicely but could do with a cover

  • Review by Joan

    Joan ( 2020-Jun-24 )


    On the whole pleased with the sofa set. But it states that it is a 4 seater set - the ‘foot stool’ is not really strong enough for an adult to sit on. The service was excellent

  • Review by Simon

    Simon ( 2020-Jan-24 )


    Really lovely set, looks great on our patio and seems very good quality. Delivery service was horrendous though!

  • Review by Janeradnor

    Janeradnor ( 2021-Feb-18 )


    I absolutely LOVE these. Target is selling them for 80. They are a bit confusing to hang box doesn’t come with any instruction... I used a small drill bit to drill the hole then tapped the plastic anchors into the wall screwed the stylish brass screws into the anchors by hand. The screws don’t have any notches to use a screwdriver or drill on.

  • Review by Ross

    Ross ( 2021-Jan-30 )


    This was really difficult to put together, but once we finally figured it out (after three hours) is it beautiful and sturdy.

  • Review by Ghia

    Ghia ( 2021-Feb-19 )


    Bench itself is ok, delivery was chaotic, missed original day, then failed redelivery, then lost in warehouse, when finally arrived had slight damage . Could not be bothered with return and reorder, so rubbed it down where wood was broken off on front of seat and stained it. It’s ok

  • Review by Jenny

    Jenny ( 2020-Apr-24 )


    Really attractive garden furniture set (small point - should have been delivered with 12 screw on feet but only 8 included, have asked for more otherwise would have rated 5*)

  • Review by Chris

    Chris ( 2020-May-09 )


    I love my bench!!!! It was the perfect addition to my patio! I drink my coffee sitting out there every morning.

  • Review by Anthony

    Anthony ( 2020-Dec-05 )


    Great quality and are surviving my windy and rainy terrace. They also look lovely tooooo

  • Review by Julia

    Julia ( 2020-Oct-21 )


    Easy to assemble....ideally you will need help with attaching the lid. Looks good and great size. Would definitely recommend this item . Delivered on time and kept informed whilst in transit.

  • Review by Joelle

    Joelle ( 2020-Sep-14 )


    Great chairs! Much less expensive than on Serena and lily and I can’t tell the difference.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Feb-23 )


    Unfortunately the product was faulty on arrival, the grey laminate was blown/bobbled on 4 out of the 6 shelf sections, this also caused them to be darker than the rest of the laminate surrounding it. Can't really comment on the finished article as it's tainted but customer service was very good and made resolving the issue very simple.

  • Review by Andrew

    Andrew ( 2020-Nov-06 )


    Bigger than I expected which is great, lovely colour and solid sturdy materials it made of, it looks amazing in my garden with my small tree in it

  • Review by Sam

    Sam ( 2021-Feb-19 )


    Swing is a bit small. Not very sturdy or elegant /but does the job. Color a bit drab. It’s what i expected for the price and reviews though.

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2020-Nov-18 )


    Great space saving greenhouse for a budget. With covid 19 and the children being home schooled this was just the ticket to do some work in the garden.

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Jan-31 )


    I'm pleased with our chairs - did a good search online and these are definitely good value for the better quality type 'Adirondack' chairs. The colour is great (we chose teal) and the wide flat arms are good for holding your drink/book/phone. They're lighter than I expected (easily moved around) but as they're hardwood not treated softwood I guess that's OK. Also the seat is very low to the ground (may not suit everyone) but the main thing is very comfortable to sit in - much more so that I expected. I probably wouldn't leave them out in an exposed location through winter. Overall, for the price, I'd say good value.

  • Review by Marian

    Marian ( 2020-Sep-26 )


    Really comfy bench. Looks great. Is a bit more orange in colour than the picture and one slat is slightly warped hence 4 stars

  • Review by Monica

    Monica ( 2020-Dec-26 )


    Love my swing. Directions were a pain bc none of the parts are labeled to match the directions so it was hard to tell which leg was which. I had to take it apart on step 5 bc I had put it together wrong and used the wrong screws twice. However all of that was worth it in the end bc it was exactly what I wanted. Goes together well and seems to be well made. I hope to get many years use out of it. It is a little on the smaller side but definitely comfortable for 2 people.

  • Review by Tracey

    Tracey ( 2020-Dec-08 )


    Below is my original review before I realised that the item sent to me isn't exactly the one described on the website - are selling something that is not as described, which is in breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I've emailed a number of times explaining in detail the differences between the two items and they respond like they haven't read the emails. Basically, be aware that the shape of the item is slightly different for the walnut and oak than shown in the pics - it is the shape as shown in grey option. The weight capacity they have listed on website as 110kg, is actually on the supplied instructions as 100kg - which is a difference of 1.5st (but neither of these options are particularly great for what also claims to be a 2 seater). The pdf instructions on the website are also different and state that there's an included wall strap to prevent from toppling, but this isn't the case in the item being sent. As mentioned in my original review, the finish is worse than the photos and the walnut colour is also a darker brown - but then it is a different item to the one shown so I guess that's the reason - although don't want to admit it is a different item. "Disappointing with how cheap this looks, was aware it was laminated chipboard but it looks worse than in pictures online. Ordered walnut colour but it's more a warmer, chocolate brown than shown online - the pictures look lighter (yes I'm comparing the walnut pictures, not the other colours) and may have matched with our floor a bit better. Every edge where two strips of laminate meet there is a line of a lighter colour, so on a dark brown unit there's all these light lines highlighting every edge - not a look i find appealing either. Also in a few places the edge of the laminate was quite jagged and rough looking, and in some places there was clearly a chip that had been filled in during the manufacturing process with some brown filler, but luckily they occurred on sides we could hide. The whole unit was fairly straightforward to put together with every part fitting together well enough - but not perfectly; however, the instruction's pages were printed in an odd order, so check the page numbers as you go. Once constructed it seems sturdy enough, but the instructions say it should only support 100kg in weight (just over 15 stone), but due to its width it looks like it could fit 2 people, so it's a bit feeble it can barely hold one large adult - going to have to potentially insult guests when they go to use it and you're only allowing certain people on it. The cushion is also quite disappointing, but other reviews had mentioned that, so I was prepared; it is wipe clean though."

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