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  • Overall: 76cm H x 128cm W x 76cm D
  • Age Group: 3 to 4 Years
  • Material: Plastic
  • Overall Product Weight: 14.61kg
  • Total Weight Capacity: 23kg
    • This gym can be used indoors and outdoors and features secret passageways a slide and a hideaway. The toddler gym is suitable for children aged 1.5 to 4 and can hold up maximum of 23 kg.

      Product Name Little Tikes Junior Activity Gym
      Brand Freeport Park
      Product SKU uk54318530c253740
      Category Kids Slides
      Main Category Outdoor Toys Play Equipment

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Dishwasher Detergent Cup A Sticky Situation

Detergent tends to build up over time and you may find that one day the detergent cup won't open. The detergent acts like glue, sealing the cup. Your dishwasher's detergent cup is located on the panel, inside your dishwasher's door. Grab your sponge and a bucket of warm water and clean the detergent cup inside and out. If this doesn't fix your problem, read on.

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Not all dishwashers use the same components to open the detergent cup. Depending on your dishwasher the components in this process may include:

-Timer and bi-metal switch.
-Timer and wax motor.

The timer is responsible for the length of time your dishwasher runs each cycle. The timer sends an electrical current to each cycle component at a specific time and for a determined length of time. When the timer indicates it's ready for the detergent cup to open, it will send a current to a bi-metal switch or a wax motor. If your dishwasher doesn't have one of these components, the timer will activate the release of the door.

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All About of Kids Slides

Kids' Slides

Nothing beats the thrill of speeding down a slide. The classic go-to for parks and back gardens , slides have been entertaining kids for decades. At Wayfair , you’ll find a wide range of children’s slides in a range of styles , colours and materials. So read on for our top tips to buying your kids next slide.

Kids' Slide Style

straight  kids  slide

So what type of children’s slide should you choose? You’ll find that there are a few different types of outdoor slides , with the most common type known as ‘the straight slide’. This model goes straight down without any curves or turns , at times featuring small humps for added fun. Tube slides offer a different sliding experience as they’re are fully enclosed , a safer choice for younger children. A curved slide is more likely to be found in kid’s parks and playgrounds , with curves ranging from just a few degrees to a full-on 360.

Kids' Slide Colour

blue  kids  slide

It’s no surprise that most children’s slides are coloured green to blend in with the outdoors and their natural surroundings. If you’re feeling a little adventurous you could opt for a kids' slide in a bright , vibrant colour such as red or yellow.

Kids Slide Material

plastic  kids  slide

There are two main types of materials used for kids slides. The first , metal or aluminum , makes for a great material due to its strength and durability. The second , plastic , also has an element of strength and is commonly used for curved and tube kids slides thanks to its pliability. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Slides for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Slides that are right for your home. With great products like the Feber Slide Plus and the Straight Slide for Deck you're sure to find the right Slides that fit into your home.

16 of 35 Review For Little Tikes Junior Activity Gym

  • Review by Kristen

    Kristen ( 2020-Sep-01 )


    I love sitting outside on my swing watching the birds, squirrels, people walking by after a long day at work.

  • Review by Andrew

    Andrew ( 2020-Feb-11 )


    Love this storage bench which fits in my hallway perfectly. Only think I would say is that it wasn’t the easiest to put together due to a couple of pieces of wood being incorrectly labelled but got there in the end!

  • Review by Tully

    Tully ( 2020-Jun-15 )


    I love this box - we’ve had loads of storage boxes for garden cushions and this is the only one that is big enough to keep them all together in one place. Took about an hour to build -)

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Apr-11 )


    Absolutely in love with my new garden sofa set! It looks amazing and delivery was really fast, it did take a good few hours to put together but it was so worth it

  • Review by Melissa

    Melissa ( 2020-Oct-07 )


    Wasn’t too difficult to construct. Looks good in our hallway and is incredibly handy for sitting and storing all our shoes.

  • Review by Luke

    Luke ( 2020-Feb-27 )


    I have been looking for ages to find a box big enough to store all my garden cushions. This box is ideal. It was very easy to put together (mostly just slotted) and looks great in my garden. As we are in the middle of a heatwave I am unable to comment on how it can handle the rain and snow, but it looks solid enough.

  • Review by Kim

    Kim ( 2020-Oct-09 )


    Very happy with my lovely bench, good and solid , took only 20 minutes to assemble , would highly recommend also came on next day delivery, a very happy customer cant wait for some good weather to enjoy sitting in the garden thankyou

  • Review by Lindsay

    Lindsay ( 2020-May-24 )


    This little deck box is a perfect fit for our tiny porch. It holds a bucket full of car washing supplies and a plastic bin with a lid - about the size of a shoe box & 1/2 - there is room to spare. Shipped fairly quick. Was delivered in the original manufacturer box - no damage. Six pieces all snap together very easy! No metal parts to rust. The lid comes over the box, so it should be pretty dry. I didn't plan to use it for seating, but it seems sturdy enough to hold the weight of a small to average size adult.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jan-20 )


    It’s beautiful but very small and it was difficult to put some greens inside it since they aren’t very deep.

  • Review by Ashleigh

    Ashleigh ( 2020-Sep-16 )


    Excellent speedy delivery. Assembly was reasonably easy with very good instructions but better if there are two of you to attach the lid to the box. Well designed storage box and went together well with plenty of space for all our cushions and more. Well pleased

  • Review by Tracey

    Tracey ( 2020-Feb-01 )


    Quality and weight so much more premium than I was expecting! Super items!

  • Review by Pauline

    Pauline ( 2020-Oct-15 )


    Attractive sturdy construction with an effective self-watering design and optional hooks for attaching to my balcony railings. (Photo shows 2 of the four all planted with a pair of Geranium plants.)

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Aug-02 )


    There are just the two of us living at home so this is a very comfortable and useful set for us. It’s also very well-made, the cushions match beautifully with all the green, garden plants around and it looks quite wonderful on our patio.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Aug-26 )


    I purchased two of the storage units for my deck and they are perfect extra seating and for storing those cushions or small items in that you don't want to get wet.

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2020-Dec-11 )


    Good value for money and look good every year.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Jan-30 )


    Started with fantastic delivery service. Was pleasantly surprised when I was notified it was shipped well ahead of expected time and delivery company were great too. I thought I'd be overwhelmed when putting together but managed to do comfortably in my own. Took around an hour. Looks great in the garden and look forward to spending time outside relaxing

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