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  • Overall: 141cm L x 75cm W x 88cm H
  • Overall Product Weight: 82.5kg
  • Age Group: 13+ Years
  • Playing Surface Material: Plastic
    • This sporty football table is fitted with chrome-plated solid steel poles. The product is easy to assemble and set up thanks to the sturdy and robust materials. The football table also has a hard plastic upper layer with a protective aluminium strip around the side edges. The wooden handles are easy to grip while the rubber shock absorbers on the poles make it more comfortable to play. The keepers can be rotated 360° and both goals have a built-in ball ejector.

      Product Name Football Table
      Brand Freeport Park
      Product SKU uk90d7edbfa88b92d
      Category Football Tables Accessories
      Main Category Outdoor Toys Play Equipment

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Creating Your Media Room

Media rooms are a great gathering space for family movie night, for some hot competition in the ultimate gaming experience, or just someplace to kick back, listen to music and surf the Internet. Here are some hints about setting up your perfect Music and Home Theater environment.
What you'll need
You can have an entirely affordable Home Theater with a setup as simple as a TV set, a pair of stereo speakers, and a DVD player. But usually a Home Theater is a little more elaborate if your goal is to duplicateon a smaller scale, of course the integration of picture, drama, and sound that you experience in a movie theater.

Surprisingly, even a basic home theater system can deliver remarkably enhanced playback of DVDs, videotapes, and even TV shows like "CSI" or "Smallville" that are recorded and broadcast in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

A basic home theater system consists of a pair of front speakers on either side of the TV, a center-channel speaker on top (or beneath) the TV set to anchor the actors dialogue at the TV screen, a pair of smaller surround speakers to either side of your seating that carry all the effects and ambient sound of a movie or TV show, and the movie score. Most home theater systems add a subwoofer for the deep bass sounds. Thats six speakers in all, but they dont need to be big. You must add a Dolby Digital Surround Sound Audio/Video receiver, which contains all the necessary circuitry.

Electronics stores are happy to help you figure out what will work best in your home..
The Big Question: What type of TV?
CRT "direct-view": The original TV technology set has been refined over the past half-century to an impressive and affordable level. However, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that all TV broadcasters in the US must convert to digital broadcasts and turn off their analog transmitters by 2009. Your old CRT TV set will not receive those digital broadcasts without a special set-top adaptor. Digital CRT sets deliver stunning high-definition images, although maximum screen size is limited to about 40 inches. Most digital cable boxes and small dish satellite tuners have the option of HDTV reception (with an upgraded dish). Big-screen CRT sets use rear-projection (RPTV), which looks best in dimly lit or darkened rooms, although new RPTVs are remarkably bright.

Plasma panels: Three to five inches thick and from 42-60 inches in diagonal screen size, flat plasma panels are so bright you can view them in a well-lighted room, and they remain clear and bright over a wide viewing angle. However, they use a lot of power, run fairly warm and are subject to burn-in if youre not careful (an image permanently imprinted on the screen).

LCD flat-panel display: An LCD flat panel is like your computer screen, with a maximum screen size of about 37 inches. LCD flat panels are capable of very accurate color and HDTV resolution, but LCDs still have trouble producing a true black, and they arent viewable over as wide an angle.

DLP rear- and front-projection TV: The very latest. DLP is remarkably compact and capable of bright images with blacks that are the equal of plasma and better than LCD-based displays. DLP is still an emerging technology and some images can be subject to a "rainbow effects".

Choose the Right Screen Size for your Room
Where you sit determines the clarity of the picture on the TV. If all you watch are true HDTV images, then you can sit as close as twice the diagonal screen size about 8 feet away for a 46-inch or a bit more for a 50-inch diagonal screen. However, until the final conversion to all-HDTV broadcasting is complete, a lot of your TV viewing may well be conventional analog TV, and those images may look awful up close.

If you watch regular non-HD TV sitting too close to a big screen, youll see all the flaws. Figure on three times the diagonal screen size as a minimum viewing distance from standard TVs. So if you want a 60-inch diagonal screen, you should be 15 feet away to watch regular TV and still be pleased with the picture. For HDTV or DVDs, the picture will be great at that distance.
Comfortable seating
Of utmost importance in your media room is the quality of seating. You know youll be sitting there for at least the length of the game or movie. And its often the place you will come to unwind, so make sure couches or dedicated theater seats allow you to watch the screen in the way thats most comfortable for you.
A note of caution with media room furniture:
When you put a tower speaker (or a bookshelf model) inside a wall unit, credenza, or entertainment center, the way the sound bounces off the surfaces in the wall units cavity may produce some sound anomalies and unmusical colorations. Of course, if your partner detests seeing large speakers and wants them hidden away, youll probably never even notice the slight difference in the sound.
Have fun.
I have a friend with a true home theater, complete with gold twisted cord at the entranceway and a red velvet curtain that swishes away to reveal the huge screen. Its truly an experience lounging on those plush couches and watching "Lost" . . . and the popcorn is free!

16 of 28 Review For Football Table

  • Review by Jonathan

    Jonathan ( 2020-Apr-19 )


    These chairs are perfect! I had been planning on buying them from a high end store for almost twice the price. I saw these, ordered them and I am SO happy! They are sturdy, very pretty for the breakfast area, and can be taken outside for dining if needed. I am extremely glad I saw these chairs.

  • Review by Anthony

    Anthony ( 2021-Feb-02 )


    Great value and easy to assemble. Using inside for now but will make a great storage for outdoor cushions this fall.

  • Review by Ruth

    Ruth ( 2020-Jun-28 )


    The directions and supplied tools could be improved a lot but the bench itself is nice looking and not a bad setup

  • Review by Kimalla

    Kimalla ( 2020-Mar-25 )


    These are very cute and exactly as pictured though they are TINY. I don't even have a plant that will fit in here. Just keep that in mind when buying them. Otherwise, they seem well made.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Jan-14 )


    Great. Sturdy bench . Excellent value for money, the whole family loves it. Service fantastic too as delivered the day after ordering.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-May-17 )


    Unfortunately the product was faulty on arrival, the grey laminate was blown/bobbled on 4 out of the 6 shelf sections, this also caused them to be darker than the rest of the laminate surrounding it. Can't really comment on the finished article as it's tainted but customer service was very good and made resolving the issue very simple.

  • Review by Anon

    Anon ( 2020-Jan-13 )


    Kept informed of delivery. It arrived on time. Very pleased with the shed which had easy to follow instructions. Overall a very good experience.

  • Review by Sarah

    Sarah ( 2020-Oct-11 )


    Lovely bench. I thought the colour would be more vibrant but that’s ok with me as I’m going to paint the bench anyway. Solid bench

  • Review by John

    John ( 2020-Feb-18 )


    This was so easy to put together! The plastic cover ties onto the frame and is able to fold under the base so it shouldn't disappear in a storm. I have weighed it down on the bottom with compost bags to prevent it being too wobbly in the wind but I would suggest putting it in a sheltered spot!

  • Review by J.

    J. ( 2020-Oct-01 )


    This post is about packaging. The product is great. I now have enough plastic bubble wrap to almost fill the garden. Ridiculous amount of plastic. What am I supposed to do with it all? When will you switch over to shredded paper or other protective forms of packaging? I want to make another purchase but won't until you can assure me it won't be sent similarly packaged. Thank you.

  • Review by Melody

    Melody ( 2020-May-11 )


    These are really smart. And value for money too. Heavier and more expensive looking than I’d thought they would be

  • Review by Christine

    Christine ( 2020-Jun-29 )


    I leaned back and unfortunately caused two stress fractures in the seat back. Will brace the fractures and re-paint the breaks. Otherwise, the pop-up tray is versatile and the bench seat is solid.

  • Review by Colin

    Colin ( 2020-Aug-01 )


    Excellent used all summer A little low for some people to sit on Great relaxing set to have a sit and a drink

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Dec-17 )


    We really like this lantern. it goes perfectly in our porch, just the size and weight; it ws so reasonable too. great purchase

  • Review by Siobhan

    Siobhan ( 2020-Sep-25 )


    These are great!!! I ordered 2 and they came quickly and they’re so easy to put together. The foam top comes with it and I think they’re a bargain!! Only issue I had was once the little feet are on try not to drag them Into position Cos they’ll pull off on the carpet. Try picking up and placing. All in all a great buy I would definitely recommend this for a reception area or in the hallway.

  • Review by Gretchen

    Gretchen ( 2020-Sep-25 )


    Very good product , straight forward to assemble with easily identifiable instruction marked on the pieces . Definitely recommend

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