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  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Type: Pathway lights
  • Overall: 50cm H x 12cm W x 12cm D
  • Motion Sensor: Yes
    • Product Name Shahzaib 1 Light LED Pathway Light
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk13123d960011f28
      Category Pir Security Lights Motion Sensor Lights
      Main Category Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Gas Fireplaces Add A Touch Of Warmth To Your Home.

A fireplace includes various types of fuels for building fire. You can use coal, firewood, gas and much more. Today gas fireplaces are becoming popular as coal and firewood are hard to ignite and there are more restrictions on air pollution. Most modern fireplaces use gas as a fuel.

There are various reasons why gas fireplaces are better than the other fireplaces. A gas fireplace ensures clean burning. It does not create pollution or suspend particles in air.
Gas is available in almost all areas and it is used as a priority fuel in cities and towns. This also because if the fact that the gas fireplaces can never run out of gas in the urban areas. A gas fireplace is recommended to you as gas can be ignited easily and one can control the flow of gas to control the fire. Gas fireplaces come with a controlling knob so you can set the fire intensity and length of flame according to your choice.

Types of gas fireplaces

As the demand of gas fireplaces has increased over recent years, newer innovations have been implemented to make better fireplaces. There are widely three types of gas fireplaces available in the market. Buying an appropriate gas fireplace is a tough job, as you need a gas fireplace that meets your requirements.


If you have a wood burning masonry or a factory-built metal fireplace, you can convert them to gas by using inserts. A gas burner and fake logs are installed in your existing fireplace cavity. For viewing the fire, it provides you with a glass front. The existing chimneys are also modified as per the venting of a gas fireplace.

Factory built gas fireplaces

Factory built gas fireplaces are freshly installed in your house. They are installed when you have a separate space for a fireplace. It consists of its own burner and fake logs which are situated inside the firebox. This gas fireplace should be installed by the professionals preferably. If you insist on installing it yourself, you should read the manual carefully and arrange for the required venting system too.

Free-standing gas fireplaces

This gas fireplace is highly effective in transmitting heat into the house. All the surfaces of the fireplace are exposed to the room, providing you the maximum heating. The glass fronts used on these fireplaces are made up of ceramic glass.

Things you should consider while buying a gas fireplace
First of all, you should consider the size and power of your fire place.

Next you should consider what kind of fuel, your gas-fireplace uses what is its source of energy. You should consider if you want to buy a gas fireplace which uses propane as a fuel or natural gas as a fuel. Either of these produces almost identical heat outputs.

You should also consider the fact that where do you want your gas fireplace to be located. Analyze, if you just want to enjoy the flickering flames of fire, or you require heat from the fireplace as a primary heating source. Before buying a gas fireplace you should determine the amount of heat you require.

Venting is also an important issue to be considered while installing a gas fireplace. There are different types of venting available for your gas fireplace. You must ensure that the correct venting system is in place your fireplace. It is always a good idea to use a qualified professional to install your fireplace.

Adding a gas fireplace not only adds class to your home, but also provides you with the necessary warmth that you need. Installing a gas fireplace is an investment well worth it.

All About of Pir Security Lights Motion Sensor Lights

PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights

When it comes to security lighting , PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights the best choices for the home. Our Motion Sensor Lights comes with perfected technology in minimalistic design. It is extremely reliable , can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and is the ideal solution for monitoring areas with precision targeting in front of your home or driveway. It also provides excellent quality of detection and can be tailored to the specific conditions on site. They are also extremely easy to install and super reliable. What’s more , you can find PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights in a huge variety of styles and shapes , which means they’ll make a great addition to the design of your house. Modern or traditional , halogen or LED security lights , offers the widest range of PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights that will help keep you safe and secure at home while adding to the beauty of your house.


ceiling  security  light  by  Steinel By far , PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights wall lights dominate the security light sector , but did you know that you could also opt for some ceiling ones instead? Naturally , the area where you want to place your PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights will mostly determine which kind to go for. Most homes feature outside walls without any sort of ceiling around , hence the great demand for wall-mounted outdoor PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights. Additionally , wall lights tend to stand out more , thus having more influence on the overall appearance of your home. Nevertheless , should you happen to have a porch canopy , a ceiling security light is a great choice.

Bulb type

outdoor  wall  security  light  by  Steinel The next thing you should take into consideration when shopping for PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights is the kind of bulb this will have. This aspect has implications on both the cost of your purchase and electricity bill as well as on the colour and feel of the light you will get. For example , an LED security light will be the most cost-effective over time , but it will also be slightly more expensive to buy at first than other types. As to the light temperature , LED PIR floodlight isn’t always cold white as most people think , but it can also be warm white , which means you are free to choose your favourite. Just consult the markings on the label to ensure you pick the one you want! On the other hand , a halogen PIR light will mostly emit a warm yellow glow , while a fluorescent one is more likely to shine in cool white tones. With a lifespan of about 25 years and 80% reductions in electricity consumptions , an LED PIR security light is the most efficient choice , but depending on your budget and on your design preferences , any of the other types will be worth the purchase.

Style and finish

outdoor  wall  security  light  by  Roger  Pradier  -  PIR  lantern As we mentioned before , PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights are also brilliant when it comes to decorating the outside of your home. Wayfair makes it really easy to target the exact style you’re looking for by ticking the corresponding boxes in the style filter on the left. So if , for instance , you were to look for an exquisite PIR lantern , simply select the traditional style and browse our selection. Conversely , if you're looking for a minimal , stylish and energy efficient choice that will look fantastic in a contemporary setting , opt for a motion sensor light in the Modern category. Last but not least , security lights are available in a wide range of finishes and colours. Black , white , silver and aluminium are pretty straightforward and represent the majority of options in security lighting. However , you can also find some nice alternatives in metallic. PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights , such as gold , chrome , rust or copper , which make for excellent accents for the outdoors. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Security Lights for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Security Lights that are right for your home. With great products like the Fye LED Outdoor Sconce with Motion Sensor and the Eliana Outdoor Fisherman Light with Motion Sensor you're sure to find the right Security Lights that fit into your home.

22 of 34 Review For Shahzaib 1 Light LED Pathway Light

  • Review by Wendy

    Wendy ( 2021-Feb-22 )


    We're happy with this item, bought the unfinished one and hubby spray painted it with red barn color. We placed it near our gazebo for an added attraction.

  • Review by Stephen

    Stephen ( 2021-Jan-15 )


    I put it together with no problem (lady here!). I had a spot on my deck picked out for it and it’s perfect!

  • Review by Catherine

    Catherine ( 2020-May-11 )


    We purchased this set about 6 months ago and have been very happy so far. The quality and comfort for the money are wonderful. The cushions can easily be thrown into the washing machine, and still look like new despite multiple washings and continuous use.

  • Review by Maria

    Maria ( 2020-Sep-20 )


    This is the 2nd storage seat that I've purchased and I'm very pleased with this item. It looks very neat, it's not too large nor too small. It keeps our outdoor cushions in fine shape and recently made a comfy extra seat for some guests. I really like the darker color of this, also.

  • Review by Amanda

    Amanda ( 2021-Jun-12 )


    Love my swing. Directions were a pain bc none of the parts are labeled to match the directions so it was hard to tell which leg was which. I had to take it apart on step 5 bc I had put it together wrong and used the wrong screws twice. However all of that was worth it in the end bc it was exactly what I wanted. Goes together well and seems to be well made. I hope to get many years use out of it. It is a little on the smaller side but definitely comfortable for 2 people.

  • Review by David

    David ( 2021-Dec-29 )


    Love having an extra table or seat whenever needed. They are outdoor benches but the paint hasn’t lasted as long as I expected.

  • Review by Ashley

    Ashley ( 2020-Apr-16 )


    Got this storage bench for my hall way. It was quick to assemble. Instruction where easy to follow . The starting area is just the right high.

  • Review by Anna

    Anna ( 2020-Aug-22 )


    Great value and comfortable. My 19 year old daughter put it together on her own as a surprise for me... and did a great job! was impressed at the quality for the cost

  • Review by Ashley

    Ashley ( 2020-Nov-07 )


    The first bench we were sent was faulty but following a phone call to a very helpful lady in, the faulty item was collected the next morning and a new one delivered that afternoon. Excellent service and the bench was easy to assemble, sturdy and looks great in the garden. Thank you

  • Review by Lynn

    Lynn ( 2020-Oct-28 )


    Fantastic storage solution. Plenty big enough for our corner sofa cushions. Water tight too and we’ve just experienced a biblical storm and it passed the test

  • Review by Oliver

    Oliver ( 2021-Aug-23 )


    It is a flat pack unit, it is better than expected (we brought 2 and have them next to each other). Put together properly it is strong, please check the dimensions it is compact. But then that fits our hall way, I have size 12 feet and the shoes 'just' fit maybe a little over-hang and the shoes have to go at a bit of an angle but they do fit. For the price, i would say better than expected.

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2020-Jul-15 )


    Exactly as it says on the tin. Looks great, comfy, weatherproof and the focal part of my garden ........ happy TY

  • Review by Daniel

    Daniel ( 2020-Feb-08 )


    Very happy with my new shed, strong and sturdy looks good too, took 1 person 5hrs to put together.

  • Review by Eva

    Eva ( 2020-Feb-28 )


    Great size, and soft close hinges are amazing!! Great colour and it’s 100 water tight. Easy to put together. Highly recommend !

  • Review by Ann

    Ann ( 2021-Nov-25 )


    I've purchase 4 of these storage deck boxes. Two in white, and two in taupe. I'm even using one as an ottoman with a cushion on it. Just excellent.

  • Review by Mahnaz

    Mahnaz ( 2020-Nov-01 )


    Super cute. Looks better when paired with the large one as well!

  • Review by Mark Richard

    Mark Richard ( 2021-Jul-03 )


    Great box, really nice size and not too hard to assembly, even with kids. It arrived on time and in decent packaging!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-May-20 )


    Neat. Able to align two alongside each other on window sill without any overhang. Weighty enough to avoid slippage in bad weather.

  • Review by Angie

    Angie ( 2021-Jun-25 )


    The issues are that the 40mm x No. 7 screws wasnt sufficient to fully tighten the front and rear cross-sections to the seat section. held but not securely. Pri-drilled holes should be just that little deeper.

  • Review by Della

    Della ( 2021-Sep-22 )


    Lovely big box still plenty of room to put more, things. Our outside furniture cushions fit in there perfectly along with the gazebo. Really easy to assemble

  • Review by Janice

    Janice ( 2020-Jun-07 )


    I love my bench!!!! It was the perfect addition to my patio! I drink my coffee sitting out there every morning.

  • Review by Geraldine

    Geraldine ( 2022-Jan-05 )


    Good quality,good finish. Still to build it so hopefully it will be straightforward. Prompt delivery by friendly, helpful courier.

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