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  • Body: 23cm H x 22cm W x 26cm D
  • Bulb Base: E27/Medium (Standard)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Yes
  • Fixture Material: Metal
    • Product Name Vejers 1 Light Outdoor Sconce With Motion Sensor
      Brand Nordlux
      Product SKU uk3926ee74f47f11f
      Category Pir Security Lights Motion Sensor Lights
      Main Category Outdoor Lighting

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Heating Elements for Hot Runner Mold Systems tubular heaters

Over the years, tubular heating systems for hot runner systems have changed as much as hot runners themselves have. The word hot runner itself explains the process and keeping the runner hot is a simple idea.Consider the hot runner as a body - the heating elements are the heart, the controller is the brain, and the thermocouples are the nerves that connect the entire system together. And, like a body, if one of these elements fails - no matter how much a company has spent - then the system will no longer work.

When selecting replacement parts for your heating system, cost should not be as critical as most companies make it. The cost of heating elements between a good manufacturer and a bad one is negotiable compared to the total investment. The production time and quality of the parts gained by selecting a respectable manufacturer will more than make up the difference. Keeping in mind the following tips when selecting a manufacturer will ensure less downtime due to a faulty product.
Manifold Heater, Cartridge Heater

Cartridge heaters are utilized around the flow channel to ensure uniform temperature. It is important to keep the distance between the heaters and the manifold equal or greater than 1x the diameter of the heating.
Thermocouple placement should be located equally distanced between the heating element and the flow channel and should be at least 1.5″ deep to ensure an accurate reading.
If an internal thermocouple is utilized, it is important to ensure that it is located towards the center of the heating element (at least 2″ away from the lead end) depending on whether the controller is grounded or ungrounded.
Some of the most common causes of failure include:

* Lead short out. This can be corrected by changing the lead type. If fiberglass leads were utilized, this could be the cause. Hot runners by nature create gases, which over time saturate the fiberglass material, allowing it to short between the leads. Depending on the ambient temperature around the lead area, Teflon leads can be utilized to correct this, as it is more resistant to gases. However, the temperature surrounding the leads cannot exceed 250′C.

* Internal thermocouple not reading correctly. This can be caused by two different reasons. One reason is the thermocouple must be located in the center of the heating element. If not, you will never obtain a correct temperature of the flow channel. The other reason is whether or not the unit is grounded or ungrounded. Consult your controller manufacturer to determine this.

* A performance issue. In a standard heater the resistance wire is evenly wound. To enhance performance, a distributed wattage heater is recommended. This is where the resistance wire is stacked at each end to compensate for the loss of heat due to various reasons. This allows for a more even heat curve.

Tubular Heating Elements

Tubular heating elements are inserted into a milled slot into the manifold. This allows for a more accurate location of heat at the areas that require the most (i.e., nozzle exits).Tubular heating elements are for the most part the heater of choice. They are reliable, relatively inexpensive and there is no extra cost for gun drilling the manifold. But more importantly, they perform the job well.
Tubular heaters do have two drawbacks. One is availability. It can take from six weeks standard delivery to as little as a week (if the manufacturer is running that diameter that week) to get a new part. Unlike cartridge heaters, tubular heaters have longer delivery times because of the machine setup time.
The other drawback is the design. If the manufacturer does not have a template of your system, it is extremely difficult to match some of the more complex layouts. For this reason, more companies are changing to highly flexible tubular heaters. These can be easily inserted into a manifold by anyone, resulting in shorter down time. This type of heater is capable up to 95 watts per square inch and is easily bent on site in minutes. A stainless steel plate or insulation plate is recommended to hold the heaters in place, and a dovetail design can replace this plate if a space is not available.
The thermocouple location should be maintained as explained above. If a problem arises with standard transfer heaters, it may be that the terminal area is not manufactured to bendable environment. Also, the slot may be too large or the diameter tolerance of the heater may be too wide, giving an uneven notch and an uneven temperature.
Nozzle Heaters

The torpedo system is one of the first hot runner heated nozzles introduced to the moldmaking industry. The concept is simple - a cartridge heater is inserted into a gun-drilled hole running through the center of several flow channels. When replacing a torpedo-style cartridge heater, several things should be remembered.

1. Does the hole have a flat bottom? This is important for the thermocouple to sense correctly, as air is an excellent insulator. With standard construction cartridge heaters, the disc end is concave due to the manufacturing process. To ensure an accurate measurement, a gun-drilled hole with a flat bottom and a flat bottom cartridge heater should be used to achieve optimum contact.

2. What is the diameter of the hole of the cartridge heater being inserted? It is important that close tolerances be maintained in this area. With the high watt density required within this type of heater, a centerless ground heater is highly recommended. Standard tolerances by most manufacturers are q 0.002″. With a centerless ground heater, a q 0.0008″ tolerance is achieved. This greatly increases the life of the unit due to more contact within the body of the nozzle, allowing a better transfer of heat from the cartridge heater to the nozzle body.

3. Where is the thermocouple located? The thermocouple must be located at the disc end to ensure proper temperature measurements.

4. What are the requirements for the internal thermocouple junction? As todays manufacturers of controllers have different requirements, consult your controller manufacturer for these specs if you do not already have them.

External Heating (Coil Heater)

Coil heaters have been introduced to the hot runner system - greatly increasing the cycle speed and the quality of the product produced. Due to an even heat around the nozzle body, the material is not subject to excessive temperature changes, resulting in less degradation of material. When replacing a coil heater, consider these points:

1. The profile of the heating element. A flat or square cross section is far superior to a round profile. This is because of contact - greater contact provides for easier nozzle control and faster recovery time. With a round profile-heating element, the only contact is at the zenith of the arch. But with a flat profile, the contact is across the entire surface of the heating element. A special manufacturing process is required to obtain this contact with the nozzle.

2. The correct pitch of the coil heater.> To achieve an even pitch across the nozzle, the coil heater needs to be wound tight at each end and spaced in the middle. This allows the heat to re-disperse over the nozzle, allowing for custom profiling and ensuring even temperatures across the flow channel.

3. Internal thermocouple location. The internal thermocouple should be located as close to the tip as possible.

4. The thermocouple junction. The unit must be speced out to match the controller being utilized.

5. The coil I.D. The coil I.D. should be smaller than the nozzle O.D. in order to achieve a good contact. For front load systems, a pressed-on or pushed-on sheath design is recommended if a clamping strap is too large to install.

All About of Pir Security Lights Motion Sensor Lights

PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights

When it comes to security lighting , PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights the best choices for the home. Our Motion Sensor Lights comes with perfected technology in minimalistic design. It is extremely reliable , can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and is the ideal solution for monitoring areas with precision targeting in front of your home or driveway. It also provides excellent quality of detection and can be tailored to the specific conditions on site. They are also extremely easy to install and super reliable. What’s more , you can find PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights in a huge variety of styles and shapes , which means they’ll make a great addition to the design of your house. Modern or traditional , halogen or LED security lights , offers the widest range of PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights that will help keep you safe and secure at home while adding to the beauty of your house.


ceiling  security  light  by  Steinel By far , PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights wall lights dominate the security light sector , but did you know that you could also opt for some ceiling ones instead? Naturally , the area where you want to place your PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights will mostly determine which kind to go for. Most homes feature outside walls without any sort of ceiling around , hence the great demand for wall-mounted outdoor PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights. Additionally , wall lights tend to stand out more , thus having more influence on the overall appearance of your home. Nevertheless , should you happen to have a porch canopy , a ceiling security light is a great choice.

Bulb type

outdoor  wall  security  light  by  Steinel The next thing you should take into consideration when shopping for PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights is the kind of bulb this will have. This aspect has implications on both the cost of your purchase and electricity bill as well as on the colour and feel of the light you will get. For example , an LED security light will be the most cost-effective over time , but it will also be slightly more expensive to buy at first than other types. As to the light temperature , LED PIR floodlight isn’t always cold white as most people think , but it can also be warm white , which means you are free to choose your favourite. Just consult the markings on the label to ensure you pick the one you want! On the other hand , a halogen PIR light will mostly emit a warm yellow glow , while a fluorescent one is more likely to shine in cool white tones. With a lifespan of about 25 years and 80% reductions in electricity consumptions , an LED PIR security light is the most efficient choice , but depending on your budget and on your design preferences , any of the other types will be worth the purchase.

Style and finish

outdoor  wall  security  light  by  Roger  Pradier  -  PIR  lantern As we mentioned before , PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights are also brilliant when it comes to decorating the outside of your home. Wayfair makes it really easy to target the exact style you’re looking for by ticking the corresponding boxes in the style filter on the left. So if , for instance , you were to look for an exquisite PIR lantern , simply select the traditional style and browse our selection. Conversely , if you're looking for a minimal , stylish and energy efficient choice that will look fantastic in a contemporary setting , opt for a motion sensor light in the Modern category. Last but not least , security lights are available in a wide range of finishes and colours. Black , white , silver and aluminium are pretty straightforward and represent the majority of options in security lighting. However , you can also find some nice alternatives in metallic. PIR Security Lights & Motion Sensor Lights , such as gold , chrome , rust or copper , which make for excellent accents for the outdoors. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Security Lights for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Security Lights that are right for your home. With great products like the Fye LED Outdoor Sconce with Motion Sensor and the Eliana Outdoor Fisherman Light with Motion Sensor you're sure to find the right Security Lights that fit into your home.

18 of 28 Review For Vejers 1 Light Outdoor Sconce With Motion Sensor

  • Review by Anthony

    Anthony ( 2020-May-07 )


    Great value and comfortable. My 19 year old daughter put it together on her own as a surprise for me... and did a great job! was impressed at the quality for the cost

  • Review by Mehta

    Mehta ( 2020-Jul-16 )


    Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly the efficiency of the delivery company & secondly the quality of the furniture. The instructions were easy to follow. Nice quality product!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Aug-20 )


    Adds a nice touch to any room even without faux plants in them.

  • Review by Anna

    Anna ( 2021-May-02 )


    Very very happy with my purchase! Items perfectly described in description & photos & have made a lovely addition to my front railings! Thank you for the speedy delivery as well! 5* service all round! Highly recommended!

  • Review by Sarah

    Sarah ( 2021-Apr-25 )


    Extremely small. Make sure to check the measurements before purchasing.

  • Review by Geraldine

    Geraldine ( 2020-Mar-12 )


    These are cute wall hanging planters and are very small. It’s hard to fit plants and soil into the tiny container. They are good quality...

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Apr-26 )


    These are really lovely bistro chairs, and I just love them. They are in the dining room, but can easily be pulled out to the porch where weather will not hurt them. We live at high altitude and the sun pours in on the furniture all winter long. It's great, I don't have to worry about the sun hitting the chairs. Real bamboo doesn't last in the sun, and leather/upholstery fades. They are comfortable (even more so with a thin pad) and very easy to keep clean around kids and animals. I have received lots of compliments on them. Pros: Really darling chairs! Easy to clean; easy to stack. Highly recommend them. Cons: Hmmm....not good for big butts.

  • Review by Alison

    Alison ( 2020-Jun-21 )


    Great box easily fits all my garden furniture cushion ( 15 ) with space for more, easy to put together with clear instructions.

  • Review by Stacy

    Stacy ( 2020-Oct-14 )


    Looks beautiful - well made - but didn't think they would be quite this small - otherwise it would deserve a 5 star!

  • Review by Catherine

    Catherine ( 2021-Feb-05 )


    This is a great swing for a small-ish outdoor space! I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the wood is (some reviews mentioned it not being smooth, but it is, and the stain on mine was pretty even. A few boards were scuffed but nothing bad.) Assembly was about what you’d expect - not too bad, directions are decent but like another review said, pay very close attention to which screws are which because they’re very close in size. I worried this wouldn’t weather well so I coated it with a full spray can of polyurethane. We’ll see. Really nice for the value!

  • Review by Ashleigh

    Ashleigh ( 2020-Feb-27 )


    Lovely set. Good quality. Cushions look great. Slightly smaller than I thought but still suit area.

  • Review by Laura

    Laura ( 2021-Apr-29 )


    My bench is a beautiful colour and so comfortable. From my husband's view it was really easy to build .

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Nov-04 )


    Very happy, great little set to enjoy your morning coffee and afternoon cocktails! Comfy and great quality, would highly recommend

  • Review by Tracey

    Tracey ( 2021-Jan-23 )


    Nice bench but the paint-stain started cracking off under a covered patio within a few weeks.

  • Review by Urszula

    Urszula ( 2020-Jun-20 )


    absolutely fantastic perfect fit for our new deck in our new home . Thank You

  • Review by S

    S ( 2020-Mar-22 )


    Easy to assemble....ideally you will need help with attaching the lid. Looks good and great size. Would definitely recommend this item . Delivered on time and kept informed whilst in transit.

  • Review by Jennifer

    Jennifer ( 2020-Nov-18 )


    It adds some lovely character to the house. It was lighter (in weight) than I had expected, but you obviously can’t tell that when it’s up, so really doesn’t matter. Overall, I’m very happy with them!

  • Review by JUDY

    JUDY ( 2020-Aug-22 )


    Looks cute in front of my pond. It’s held up since last summer. Got knocked down a few times from a storm but no damage. I honestly don’t see it lasting more then a few years as it’s cheaply made wood . It will definitely already need a paint job this summer. But it does it job and looks nice.

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