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  • Bulb Base: E27/Medium
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Yes
  • Fixture Material: Metal
  • Fixture Finish: Black
    • Product Name Valentina 1 Light Outdoor Wall Lantern
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU ukf29df6cef7dade5
      Category Outdoor Wall Lights
      Main Category Outdoor Lighting

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All About of Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights can do wonders when it comes to transforming an outdoor space. From gardens to patios and balconies , the addition of lighting can create a wholly different atmosphere; ideal for relaxing , eating or entertaining. Of course , they can be just as effective as a security measure or lighting pathways and entrances at night. Regardless of the type you’re shopping for , you’re bound to find the wall lights for your outdoor space on We stock a vast range of lighting manufacturers , including Eglo , Roger Pradier and Endon Lighting , and boast an impressive choice of prices , styles and features , such as Solar and PIR. Just use the filter options on the left to discover the perfect options for you.
halogen  floodlight

Types of Outdoor Wall Lights: Task lighting , such as wall-mounted lanterns , are ideal for providing additional illumination to pathways or driveways. These can vary in brightness depending on the bulb , wattage and style of lamp , however they are typically purposefully bright as opposed to ambient. For a more atmospheric feel , ambient flush lights may be a better option. Security lights , on the other hand , are an effective way to deter unwanted attention at night. Regardless of the type you’re shopping for , most outdoor wall lights are also available in solar-powered form too.

outdoor  wall  light

Outdoor Solar Lighting: Solar lights operate on energy stored up over the day from the sun , making them a very cost-efficient and eco-friendly form of outdoor wall lighting. Typically they will light up at sundown , and remain glowing for several hours. The more sunlight they receive , the more energy they will have , therefore it’s good to position solar lights in sunny areas. As well as eco-friendly , solar outdoor wall lights could potentially save you up to 80% on the cost of electricity-powered lights , making them a great low-cost option too.

1  light  semi  flush  wall  light

Considerations when Shopping for Outdoors Wall Lights: As with the home , it’s worth noting down the areas which you would like to highlight , and where to position your lighting to do so. Wall-mounted flashlights and lanterns require a permanent attachment to a sturdy wall or fence , but the height can vary greatly. A wall mounted security light may be most effective placed high above ground , in order to spread light across a driveway. Ambient flush lighting on the the other hand , could be placed anywhere from just above ground level to eye-level. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Garden Wall Lights for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Garden Wall Lights that are right for your home. With great products like the Beudan Solar LED Outdoor Sconce and the Gorgi Curved Pir LED Outdoor Sconce with Motion Sensor you're sure to find the right Garden Wall Lights that fit into your home.

15 of 29 Review For Valentina 1 Light Outdoor Wall Lantern

  • Review by Monica

    Monica ( 2021-May-20 )


    Bought my pot to use a lily pad solar fountain in was perfect for this as no drainage holes in it.I like the pot because it's made of light material but looks substantial.

  • Review by Lindsey

    Lindsey ( 2021-Jul-11 )


    Great box easily fits all my garden furniture cushion ( 15 ) with space for more, easy to put together with clear instructions.

  • Review by Neil

    Neil ( 2021-Sep-16 )


    Easy to build, good instructions and looks great. Really pleased with it so far - looks brill in my hallway and means the kids aren’t sprawled on the floor taking their shoes off every day :)

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2020-May-28 )


    I love sitting outside on my swing watching the birds, squirrels, people walking by after a long day at work.

  • Review by Anne

    Anne ( 2020-Sep-19 )


    Great. Sturdy bench . Excellent value for money, the whole family loves it. Service fantastic too as delivered the day after ordering.

  • Review by Lindsey

    Lindsey ( 2020-Apr-02 )


    I received 4 of these darling Bistro Chairs on Tuesday and when I saw them I ran right upstairs and ordered 2 more chairs. They arrive today. Wow in only 2 days and free shipping on top of that. These chairs are perfect for the dining room of our beach house. When I first ordered the chairs a few weeks ago I wanted blue but after searching the entire web there were no blue ones available so I went with the red and I am so happy I did, fun color makes for a fun look. Pros: Fun, light weight, nice size for a small area, comfortable and very french looking.

  • Review by Sohrab

    Sohrab ( 2020-Aug-18 )


    Lovely Bench, very impressed. Well finished. Seats 3 easily and front to back length is good even for us 'shorties'

  • Review by Mark

    Mark ( 2020-Feb-14 )



  • Review by Ruth

    Ruth ( 2020-Feb-29 )


    These are a perfect wall accent for a smaller space. I put succulents in them and they fit perfect!

  • Review by Heather

    Heather ( 2021-Aug-29 )


    Really pleased with this shoe storage, very well made. Great instructions and easy to put together. Goes perfectly with the coat and and storage unit also purchased.

  • Review by Cheryle

    Cheryle ( 2020-Jun-15 )


    They were a bit small for the space I wanted to put them in but because I ordered 2 sets it worked out. They are of good quality and all the installation materials came with them.

  • Review by Gina

    Gina ( 2020-Mar-31 )


    Disappointed; though this set fits perfectly in my garden and is useable, delivery was delayed and upon construction we found numerous dents and scratches. We weren’t too concerned however a week or so later we noted rust appearing. We’ve had the set a couple of weeks only. First time using, unlikely to buy from them again. Such a shame.

  • Review by Pamela

    Pamela ( 2020-Sep-13 )


    Beautiful pot. Much bigger than I thought but that is a good thing. I am using it indoors and couldn’t be happier. Another amazing product from

  • Review by Kim

    Kim ( 2020-Jan-14 )


    Whilst the pots are well made and look nice. The colour of all 3 is not consistent with the largest pot looking as if it has only been painted once and one of the others being in between the brightest and dullest

  • Review by Janice

    Janice ( 2020-Jul-13 )


    Its a perfect bench for my porch! We love the color, and the pull up table in center to enjoy a nice drink or snack! It is a great size too!

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