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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 93cm
  • Number of Lights (Per Product): 1
  • IP Rating: 44
    • Product Name Armington 1-Light LED Decorative Light
      Brand 17 Stories
      Product SKU ukff06c2cdbc3bcf5
      Category Solar Lights
      Main Category Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Decorate The Outdoors

You dont have to limit yourself to decorating the inside of your home. Your patio and yard are extensions of your home, and have unique opportunities to allow you to express yourself and your sense of style.

Of course, they present unique challenges as well. Much of your outside decor will be seasonal. The furniture may have to be stored indoors in winter in some climates, and plants may die back.

Start out by thinking of what you would like to do in your patio and yard. Perhaps you enjoy barbequing, or maybe you have pool parties with friends. Maybe you just want a quiet sanctuary.

Start out by figuring out what will require the most space. If you love to have friends over, you may need a great deal of seating. Or, if you prefer to barbeque, maybe that dream grill will be the focal point. Perhaps you would like to install a fountain. In any case, whatever the focus will be you will likely want to place first, to ensure that other elements do not get in the way.

There are great options these days in outdoor furniture. Many are pretty much weatherproof, so you may not need to be quite so concerned with bringing it indoors in poor weather. Style is important too, and if you havent shopped for outdoor furnishings recently, the selection available, in terms of comfort and quality, may pleasantly surprise you.

Outdoor lighting has become easier to install and quite functional. It used to be that in order to light up your yard you would have to install wiring, a tedious process, or hire an electrician. Now, however, solar lighting has become quite functional and affordable. All you have to do is put the light where you want it, and let the sun charge it up for use. Not all solar powered outdoor lights will last all night; it depends on the brightness, time of year and so forth, but they are sufficient for many needs.

One of the most difficult parts of planning your outdoor decor is figuring out what to plant. A basic green lawn works with just about anything, of course, but it doesnt express your style very well... unless basic is your style. You will want to learn how to pick appropriate plants for your yard and garden.

You can plant both in the ground and in containers. Most often you will grow flowers in decorative planters, or perhaps a decorative shrub. The containers themselves can be a part of your decor.

As you plan the natural parts of your yard, consider whether you would like to have any seating out there. A stone bench makes a lovely and durable addition, for example. Statuary might also fit your style.

Fountains are very popular right now, and very relaxing to listen to. As with lighting, solar powered fountains are available and quite practical. They can be as simple as an urn spilling water into a container below to a series of small waterfalls. The sound of water splashing is a great way to mask noise from the outside world and most people find it very relaxing.

Whatever you do, dont skip decorating your yard as you decorate your home. Its a great place for entertaining or relaxing in good weather, or it can be a quiet sanctuary.

All About of Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights

There are a lot of advantages to purchasing solar powered lights in place of conventional landscape lighting alternatives. For one , solar lights require very little setup and installation - most solar lights (or panels) just need to be prodded into the ground , while other outdoor lights need to be properly wired and installed.

Another advantage with solar landscape lights is you save on electricity through the use of re-useable energy from the sun and a rechargeable battery. On top of this , some solar lights are also designed to be weather resistant.

Whatever outdoor solar lights you are looking for , we want to make sure that when you buy from , you're getting the one that's exactly right for you. Browse our extensive selection of solar lights and filter by type of light , bulb type , feature and more!

We have the following type of solar powered garden lights available:

Decorative & Accent Solar Lights

Solar Spot-Lights

For solar garden lights and illuminating small objects , you should look to use solar spot lights. Spot lights are used as task lights to illuminate gardens and small objects. Installation is easy with solar spot lights. Many can be staked , making it easy to put them around your garden. Some can be adjusted to point the beam in the direction of what you want to light , while others are non-adjustable but already angled. For solar spot lights that blend in with your garden , try browsing for solar rock lights – solar lights with a stone design disguised as rocks!

Solar Flood-Lights

Solar-powered flood lights on the other hand can light up large areas. For lighting up a front garden , back garden or driveway , browse our selection of solar flood lights. Flood lights can be mounted on a garage or house to cast a downward light.

Solar Step & Pathway Lights

Solar Lights for Patios and Stairs

Compared to low voltage or standard voltage options , solar lights are an easy alternative to add light to patios , railings and posts , or stairs. Just remember that the solar panel needs to be in a place that gets a lot of sunlight – which may be more challenging when it comes to staircases and railings.

If you are looking for solar patio lights , string lights are a great choice. Hanging solar string lights can add a decorative touch to your outdoor living space. For fairy lights , the solar panel is at one end of the string light. As such , it is important to position the solar string lights in a way that allows the solar panel to absorb a maximum of daylight. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Solar Lights for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Solar Lights that are right for your home. With great products like the 100 Multicolour LED Blossom Solar Fairy Lights and the Gilead Large Solar Power Lighthouse 1-Light LED Decorative and Accent Light you're sure to find the right Solar Lights that fit into your home.

21 of 11 Review For Armington 1-Light LED Decorative Light

  • Review by Ann

    Ann ( 2020-Jan-14 )


    Absolutely lovely set that fits perfectly on the balcony. Quite comfortable and easy cleaning cushions. Only tiny addition needed (or advice) would be to get clips to hold some of the seating together, if you are putting on decking or hard flooring as it may slide apart.

  • Review by Craig

    Craig ( 2020-Mar-30 )


    Use this for storing several pillows I use outside. The perfect container for this. Might have to order several more.

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Jun-11 )


    Pros - Good Quality for the Price (£320) - Easy one person build ( I'm pretty handy with flat pack stuff) - Adjustable feet to stop it rocking on uneven surfaces Cons - pillows and cushions are a bit plasticy they are not 'breathable' so get get sticky and sweaty in hot weather. But good to wipe clean and won't get drenched if the rain comes down when they have been forgotten outside Top tip - When building get all the screws in but leave them as loose as possible until all screws are in place. If you don't do this you will struggle to get all the screws in as the holes won't line up...

  • Review by Clive Bernard

    Clive Bernard ( 2020-Jun-04 )


    Love this plant box heavy grey stone looking colour. Great price ready with drainage holes will buy again. Very quick delivery

  • Review by Kirt Laverne

    Kirt Laverne ( 2020-Jan-09 )


    Well made. On my deck to store my pool water arobic equipment Adds another seat on the deck

  • Review by Keith

    Keith ( 2020-Jun-06 )


    Lovely boxes really nice sturdy pieces not filled them yet Excellent service from missing parts sent within 6 days and the correct ones

  • Review by Verified Customer

    Verified Customer ( 2020-May-04 )


    I think that the quality of the chair is very good, There was one assembly issue though. There's what I would call a blind nut that is supposed to fit in a predrilled hole. The holes weren't clean (there were splinters and the hole was also too small. There's no way the nut would fit in. Luckily I do have the tools I needed to clean out the hole and make it slightly larger.

  • Review by Cindy

    Cindy ( 2020-Sep-16 )


    Nice quality particularly cushions. Nice and light so can move them about easily.

  • Review by Pietro

    Pietro ( 2020-Aug-06 )


    Great value for money. Delivered within a couple of days. Seems good quality for the price. Fills a redundant spot on my deck perfectly

  • Review by John

    John ( 2020-Feb-22 )


    Comfortable rounded front and wide arms for holding your drink and a book. Pretty additions to our porch. Not quite tall enough in the back for my husband's tall torso (he can't rest his head) so we add a pillow for him. Happy with our purchase; good price for nice, solid chairs.

  • Review by Katherine

    Katherine ( 2020-Jan-17 )


    Below is my original review before I realised that the item sent to me isn't exactly the one described on the website - are selling something that is not as described, which is in breach of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I've emailed a number of times explaining in detail the differences between the two items and they respond like they haven't read the emails. Basically, be aware that the shape of the item is slightly different for the walnut and oak than shown in the pics - it is the shape as shown in grey option. The weight capacity they have listed on website as 110kg, is actually on the supplied instructions as 100kg - which is a difference of 1.5st (but neither of these options are particularly great for what also claims to be a 2 seater). The pdf instructions on the website are also different and state that there's an included wall strap to prevent from toppling, but this isn't the case in the item being sent. As mentioned in my original review, the finish is worse than the photos and the walnut colour is also a darker brown - but then it is a different item to the one shown so I guess that's the reason - although don't want to admit it is a different item. "Disappointing with how cheap this looks, was aware it was laminated chipboard but it looks worse than in pictures online. Ordered walnut colour but it's more a warmer, chocolate brown than shown online - the pictures look lighter (yes I'm comparing the walnut pictures, not the other colours) and may have matched with our floor a bit better. Every edge where two strips of laminate meet there is a line of a lighter colour, so on a dark brown unit there's all these light lines highlighting every edge - not a look i find appealing either. Also in a few places the edge of the laminate was quite jagged and rough looking, and in some places there was clearly a chip that had been filled in during the manufacturing process with some brown filler, but luckily they occurred on sides we could hide. The whole unit was fairly straightforward to put together with every part fitting together well enough - but not perfectly; however, the instruction's pages were printed in an odd order, so check the page numbers as you go. Once constructed it seems sturdy enough, but the instructions say it should only support 100kg in weight (just over 15 stone), but due to its width it looks like it could fit 2 people, so it's a bit feeble it can barely hold one large adult - going to have to potentially insult guests when they go to use it and you're only allowing certain people on it. The cushion is also quite disappointing, but other reviews had mentioned that, so I was prepared; it is wipe clean though."

  • Review by Carri

    Carri ( 2020-Oct-04 )


    we've had this little set now for about 3 years and cant fault it. Zero signs of wear or damage through use. The set stays out all winter under a small cover and cleans up well. really pleased with it.

  • Review by Joelle

    Joelle ( 2020-Aug-18 )


    First one came damaged, was replaced immediately. Not the easiest to put together but once we did, the quality is pretty good. Seems durable!!!

  • Review by Mark

    Mark ( 2020-Jul-16 )


    This box is perfect for my needs. It is used to hold towels and a few hot tub chemicals that are used daily, It also serves as a seat on our small deck where space is at a premium. Nice and sturdy. EASY to assemble. Very fast shipping from too!

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-May-08 )


    Absolutely beautiful bench! Exceeded expectations and much nicer then the picture portrayed. So nice I decided to keep it inside so as to not expose to the elements. Highly recommend!

  • Review by Cheryle

    Cheryle ( 2020-Jun-01 )


    This stylish unit sits elegantly in our hallway, accommodating more than 8 pairs of shoes. Clear and precise assembly instructions allowed us to have the unit in place in 15 to 20 minutes

  • Review by Rachel

    Rachel ( 2020-Jun-18 )


    Love my swing. Directions were a pain bc none of the parts are labeled to match the directions so it was hard to tell which leg was which. I had to take it apart on step 5 bc I had put it together wrong and used the wrong screws twice. However all of that was worth it in the end bc it was exactly what I wanted. Goes together well and seems to be well made. I hope to get many years use out of it. It is a little on the smaller side but definitely comfortable for 2 people.

  • Review by Jennifer

    Jennifer ( 2020-Jul-15 )


    excellent value for money.. goes up in less than 10mins with clear and easy instructions. and delivered on time.

  • Review by Lorraine

    Lorraine ( 2020-Jun-14 )


    The swing is a perfect addition to our newly done backyard! My expectations were all met. Plus my husband just assembled it in like an hour or an hour and a half. It swings smoothly too unlike some other swings that make you feel unsafe. Awesome buy for the price!

  • Review by Lee

    Lee ( 2020-Aug-03 )


    Beautiful sturdy chairs. Easy to put together. One of the chairs was broken and customer service sent a replacement within a few days. Love the color. Not as weathered as pictured, but mother nature should take care of that. The wide arms of the chair are great for placing a glass or plate.

  • Review by Parvinder

    Parvinder ( 2020-Mar-07 )


    Very , very pretty We loved My house looks very nice with chandelier Thank you

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