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  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Product Type: Pathway lights
  • Overall: 42.8cm H x 8.5cm W x 8cm D
  • Dusk to Dawn: Yes
  • Voltage: 1V
    • Product Name Arslan 1-Light LED Pathway Light (Set Of 3)
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk25d9343cf6bec4f
      Category Solar Lights
      Main Category Outdoor Lighting

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All About of Solar Lights

Outdoor Solar Lights

There are a lot of advantages to purchasing solar powered lights in place of conventional landscape lighting alternatives. For one , solar lights require very little setup and installation - most solar lights (or panels) just need to be prodded into the ground , while other outdoor lights need to be properly wired and installed.

Another advantage with solar landscape lights is you save on electricity through the use of re-useable energy from the sun and a rechargeable battery. On top of this , some solar lights are also designed to be weather resistant.

Whatever outdoor solar lights you are looking for , we want to make sure that when you buy from , you're getting the one that's exactly right for you. Browse our extensive selection of solar lights and filter by type of light , bulb type , feature and more!

We have the following type of solar powered garden lights available:

Decorative & Accent Solar Lights

Solar Spot-Lights

For solar garden lights and illuminating small objects , you should look to use solar spot lights. Spot lights are used as task lights to illuminate gardens and small objects. Installation is easy with solar spot lights. Many can be staked , making it easy to put them around your garden. Some can be adjusted to point the beam in the direction of what you want to light , while others are non-adjustable but already angled. For solar spot lights that blend in with your garden , try browsing for solar rock lights – solar lights with a stone design disguised as rocks!

Solar Flood-Lights

Solar-powered flood lights on the other hand can light up large areas. For lighting up a front garden , back garden or driveway , browse our selection of solar flood lights. Flood lights can be mounted on a garage or house to cast a downward light.

Solar Step & Pathway Lights

Solar Lights for Patios and Stairs

Compared to low voltage or standard voltage options , solar lights are an easy alternative to add light to patios , railings and posts , or stairs. Just remember that the solar panel needs to be in a place that gets a lot of sunlight – which may be more challenging when it comes to staircases and railings.

If you are looking for solar patio lights , string lights are a great choice. Hanging solar string lights can add a decorative touch to your outdoor living space. For fairy lights , the solar panel is at one end of the string light. As such , it is important to position the solar string lights in a way that allows the solar panel to absorb a maximum of daylight. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Solar Lights for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Solar Lights that are right for your home. With great products like the 100 Multicolour LED Blossom Solar Fairy Lights and the Gilead Large Solar Power Lighthouse 1-Light LED Decorative and Accent Light you're sure to find the right Solar Lights that fit into your home.

15 of 22 Review For Arslan 1-Light LED Pathway Light (Set Of 3)

  • Review by Joyce

    Joyce ( 2020-Feb-07 )


    These are very cute. They are not very big but perfect to pair together on my gallery wall.

  • Review by Yonita

    Yonita ( 2020-Mar-30 )


    Lovely and easy to assemble. Its flat packed but good instructions and is big inside. Good purchase and good price.

  • Review by Patrick

    Patrick ( 2020-Mar-30 )


    Mine arrived today. Quality is ok at the sale price (£195.99) but would be very disappointing at full price. The main problem is that they are quite small and low seated chairs. There is no sense of scale on the website product photos as they're all photoshopped against fake/stock backgrounds. It's something retailers should not do. So the chairs are not suitable for tall people, larger people or those who may struggle standing up from a small chair. They are certainly not luxury spacious seats to lounge on the patio in. Which is what I was hoping for. They look nice enough but eed to be 30-50% bigger.I wouldn't recommend buying them and I hope to return them.

  • Review by Mrs

    Mrs ( 2020-Feb-06 )


    Nice plant pot, really good colour and shape to it is brilliant. Two separate pieces so can weight the bottom and take the top part out for easy access and cleaning. I added bay trees to them and they look amazing within these. Very well priced.

  • Review by Keith

    Keith ( 2020-Jun-05 )


    We really have enjoyed this piece, but it has faded fast under the sun light.

  • Review by Lisa

    Lisa ( 2020-Mar-05 )


    Needed something not too big for my cushions to store on my screen porch. It is the perfect size and also acts as a small table and is the right height for what I needed it for.

  • Review by Guerda

    Guerda ( 2020-Jun-13 )


    Perfect for keeping hall tidy - excellent value for money and so easy to put together I managed it all by myself!

  • Review by Della

    Della ( 2020-Feb-02 )


    It was not the sort of thing that could be put together without someone to help. I like the style of the bench, but the finish is not great, and I can already tell this will fade in the sun pretty quickly. It looks like a grayish blue.

  • Review by Christina

    Christina ( 2020-Apr-17 )


    Good quality plastic plant pots. They have a smaller pull out pot inside with retractable handles. Very pleased with my purchase and happy with the whole service and delivery experience.

  • Review by Lily

    Lily ( 2020-Jul-10 )


    Very useful bench and shoes storage for narrow space in my hallway. Easy to assemble took less 1 hour with 2 person. Happy with my purchased!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Mar-15 )


    I love this unit I have used it in my daughters room and it’s fab for toy storage with a lovely seat for her to sit on too, instructions were easy to follow and I built it alone in under an hour. I would definitely buy again!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Mar-06 )


    Easy to snap together. Have been using the past two summers without any problems. Handy for grandsons toys on our deck.

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2020-Mar-07 )


    I bought this as a present for my daughter-in-law, she loved it. Looks good and seems excellent quality, although not been used yet. Grey wood darker than expected from photos but still looks good.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Mar-17 )


    Bigger than I expected which is great, lovely colour and solid sturdy materials it made of, it looks amazing in my garden with my small tree in it

  • Review by Sue

    Sue ( 2020-Jan-13 )


    Fantastic product! Lots of room for cushions and they have come out of the box in the spring good as new!

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