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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Type: Well lights
  • Overall: 8.5cm H x 6.3cm W x 6.3cm D
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Number of Lights (Per Product): 1
    • This well light offers a stylish and practical recessed uplight that provides a striking wash of light for highlighting trees walls and other outdoor features. Perfect for gardens and driveways.

      Product Name Castelli 1 Light LED Well Lights
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk7dadaffea194063
      Category Pond Lights
      Main Category Outdoor Lighting

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15 of 48 Review For Castelli 1 Light LED Well Lights

  • Review by Justin

    Justin ( 2020-Oct-21 )


    Needed something not too big for my cushions to store on my screen porch. It is the perfect size and also acts as a small table and is the right height for what I needed it for.

  • Review by Neil

    Neil ( 2021-Nov-02 )


    Bought 2019 Hopeless fittings Arms simply won’t screw in Sadly disappointed It is comfortable but not hard wearing

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2021-Apr-25 )


    So far so good, from ordering to delivery I had no issues. Building it up wasn't too bad, once you get into the swing of things it gets easier. Had it less than a week so can't comment any further, just that it looks nice, is comfortable, and just what I wanted.

  • Review by Sandra

    Sandra ( 2020-Jun-28 )


    Love these!! Smaller than expected, which is what I was looking for to hang in my RV. All the others I’ve found have been much too large.

  • Review by Catherine

    Catherine ( 2020-Aug-23 )


    First order required a replacement chair as damaged item sent out (no fault of delivery company) excellent customer service in handling problem and very good comms. Unfortunately after the items outside for 1 week there is rust markings already appearing on each piece of set. We originally didn't use a cover but it's certainly required as this obviously isn't even shower proof. Colour as shown in advertisement photos. Pretty bistro set however I wish it was a little more durable.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Jul-25 )


    Not the color I thought it was going to be, and during the assembly one of the screw holes was angled weirdly and too small so my boyfriend had to drill a bigger hole in the frame just so it would fit. I love it though! Wonderful addition to my backyard.

  • Review by RUTH

    RUTH ( 2021-Sep-08 )


    This storage box was a bit of pain to put together, and the lid doesn't close as easily as another Sol 72 Outdoor storage box I bought, but I'm happy with this purchase. It's just the right amount of storage for my small covered/screened in patio, and I like that the top is flat so it makes a good extra seat when needed.

  • Review by Glendiveflowers

    Glendiveflowers ( 2020-Jun-10 )


    easy to hang, easy to water, looks great!

  • Review by Lucie

    Lucie ( 2020-Sep-24 )


    Love these pots loads, they are pretty robust, however, I have 9 of them variety of the 3 colours, my fav. colour is the apple green but even up here in Scotland it has faded terribly.

  • Review by Jo

    Jo ( 2020-Feb-03 )


    We absolutely love this styish addition to our garden, looks fabulous, real !ly comfortable and stacks up for easy storage. Highly recommended

  • Review by Melody

    Melody ( 2020-Jul-24 )


    I purchased two of the storage units for my deck and they are perfect extra seating and for storing those cushions or small items in that you don't want to get wet.

  • Review by Lorraine

    Lorraine ( 2021-Jul-03 )


    I purchased 2 of these, I use them for double duty, I put towels in them for swimming and use them as extra setting on my porch.

  • Review by Davina

    Davina ( 2021-Jun-10 )


    Very happy with my new shed, strong and sturdy looks good too, took 1 person 5hrs to put together.

  • Review by Andrew

    Andrew ( 2021-Nov-21 )


    Easy to put together as all tools are supplied. Looks really nice at the top of my garden.

  • Review by Patrick

    Patrick ( 2021-Feb-12 )


    Cute, but very, very small. I had a hard time even finding succulents small enough to put in these. Like the nice touch of matching rose gold wall screws

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