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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Overall: 18cm H x 19cm W x 19cm D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.38kg
    • The solar LED garden light is an ambient outdoor lamp with an elegant look that will create a nice atmosphere in your garden when dusk comes! You do not need power cables! Only enough sunlight so the replaceable battery can be charged via the solar panel during the day. As soon as it starts to get dark the light will turn on automatically. Depending on the number of hours of sunlight that day the lamp will burn for about 6 hours. This solar light is equipped with two filament LEDs.

      Product Name Madalyn Silver Solar Powered LED Outdoor Hanging Light
      Brand Freeport Park
      Product SKU uk649985276c3fc6e
      Category Camping Lights
      Main Category Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Creating Your Media Room

Media rooms are a great gathering space for family movie night, for some hot competition in the ultimate gaming experience, or just someplace to kick back, listen to music and surf the Internet. Here are some hints about setting up your perfect Music and Home Theater environment.
What you'll need
You can have an entirely affordable Home Theater with a setup as simple as a TV set, a pair of stereo speakers, and a DVD player. But usually a Home Theater is a little more elaborate if your goal is to duplicateon a smaller scale, of course the integration of picture, drama, and sound that you experience in a movie theater.

Surprisingly, even a basic home theater system can deliver remarkably enhanced playback of DVDs, videotapes, and even TV shows like "CSI" or "Smallville" that are recorded and broadcast in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.

A basic home theater system consists of a pair of front speakers on either side of the TV, a center-channel speaker on top (or beneath) the TV set to anchor the actors dialogue at the TV screen, a pair of smaller surround speakers to either side of your seating that carry all the effects and ambient sound of a movie or TV show, and the movie score. Most home theater systems add a subwoofer for the deep bass sounds. Thats six speakers in all, but they dont need to be big. You must add a Dolby Digital Surround Sound Audio/Video receiver, which contains all the necessary circuitry.

Electronics stores are happy to help you figure out what will work best in your home..
The Big Question: What type of TV?
CRT "direct-view": The original TV technology set has been refined over the past half-century to an impressive and affordable level. However, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ruled that all TV broadcasters in the US must convert to digital broadcasts and turn off their analog transmitters by 2009. Your old CRT TV set will not receive those digital broadcasts without a special set-top adaptor. Digital CRT sets deliver stunning high-definition images, although maximum screen size is limited to about 40 inches. Most digital cable boxes and small dish satellite tuners have the option of HDTV reception (with an upgraded dish). Big-screen CRT sets use rear-projection (RPTV), which looks best in dimly lit or darkened rooms, although new RPTVs are remarkably bright.

Plasma panels: Three to five inches thick and from 42-60 inches in diagonal screen size, flat plasma panels are so bright you can view them in a well-lighted room, and they remain clear and bright over a wide viewing angle. However, they use a lot of power, run fairly warm and are subject to burn-in if youre not careful (an image permanently imprinted on the screen).

LCD flat-panel display: An LCD flat panel is like your computer screen, with a maximum screen size of about 37 inches. LCD flat panels are capable of very accurate color and HDTV resolution, but LCDs still have trouble producing a true black, and they arent viewable over as wide an angle.

DLP rear- and front-projection TV: The very latest. DLP is remarkably compact and capable of bright images with blacks that are the equal of plasma and better than LCD-based displays. DLP is still an emerging technology and some images can be subject to a "rainbow effects".

Choose the Right Screen Size for your Room
Where you sit determines the clarity of the picture on the TV. If all you watch are true HDTV images, then you can sit as close as twice the diagonal screen size about 8 feet away for a 46-inch or a bit more for a 50-inch diagonal screen. However, until the final conversion to all-HDTV broadcasting is complete, a lot of your TV viewing may well be conventional analog TV, and those images may look awful up close.

If you watch regular non-HD TV sitting too close to a big screen, youll see all the flaws. Figure on three times the diagonal screen size as a minimum viewing distance from standard TVs. So if you want a 60-inch diagonal screen, you should be 15 feet away to watch regular TV and still be pleased with the picture. For HDTV or DVDs, the picture will be great at that distance.
Comfortable seating
Of utmost importance in your media room is the quality of seating. You know youll be sitting there for at least the length of the game or movie. And its often the place you will come to unwind, so make sure couches or dedicated theater seats allow you to watch the screen in the way thats most comfortable for you.
A note of caution with media room furniture:
When you put a tower speaker (or a bookshelf model) inside a wall unit, credenza, or entertainment center, the way the sound bounces off the surfaces in the wall units cavity may produce some sound anomalies and unmusical colorations. Of course, if your partner detests seeing large speakers and wants them hidden away, youll probably never even notice the slight difference in the sound.
Have fun.
I have a friend with a true home theater, complete with gold twisted cord at the entranceway and a red velvet curtain that swishes away to reveal the huge screen. Its truly an experience lounging on those plush couches and watching "Lost" . . . and the popcorn is free!

20 of 44 Review For Madalyn Silver Solar Powered LED Outdoor Hanging Light

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2020-May-30 )


    Very comfortable, if a little on the low side. I use this on my balcony, and it fits in perfectly.

  • Review by Mark

    Mark ( 2020-May-18 )


    The bench is very nice looking, sturdy and the table in the middle is an awesome feature. The 3 stars rating is due to the fact that putting the bench together was terrible. I ordered this bench due to the reviews that said putting it together was easy, but the directions were not helpful and most of the slots did not match up. It was a nightmare!

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Jan-14 )


    Really easy to put together and great for the price

  • Review by Katy

    Katy ( 2020-Jan-17 )


    Received them very quickly. Look great on my patio. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Review by Farooq

    Farooq ( 2020-Jun-24 )


    Good price assembly simple quality ok we wanted attractive units rather than plain storage units.

  • Review by Judith

    Judith ( 2020-May-27 )


    Very easy to assemble with clear instructions in the Manuel provided. Arrived on time and with everything needed in the box. Very happy with the end result. It's a very spacious storage box that perfectly fits in our garden. Looks good too!

  • Review by Paul

    Paul ( 2020-May-25 )


    The first bench we were sent was faulty but following a phone call to a very helpful lady in, the faulty item was collected the next morning and a new one delivered that afternoon. Excellent service and the bench was easy to assemble, sturdy and looks great in the garden. Thank you

  • Review by Annue

    Annue ( 2020-Jan-26 )


    Absolutely love our new swing. Arrived very quickly, even in the middle of the quarantine - easy to assemble and looks lovely in our garden. Really solid piece of garden furniture!

  • Review by Claudine

    Claudine ( 2020-Jan-27 )


    These are very high quality, but are much, much smaller than I had anticipated from the pictures online. I love them, just wish they were a bit larger!

  • Review by Stephen

    Stephen ( 2020-Apr-11 )


    Absolutely love it, great quality easy to assemble and looks great

  • Review by Donna

    Donna ( 2020-May-07 )


    Great size for all my outdoor cushions. Built it my myself in just under an hour. Relatively straight forward build, it hasn’t rained yet so hopefully will prove to be waterproof when it does!!

  • Review by Jenny

    Jenny ( 2020-Mar-04 )


    These are exactly what I needed, I wanted something long but low, these are on the edge of my decking to stop people falling Perfect and great packaging too

  • Review by Mehta

    Mehta ( 2020-May-13 )


    Great start to my new garden. Look great as they blend with the colour of my fence. Really worth the money. Only thing I would add is it would be good if you could order them in a smaller quantity.

  • Review by Emma

    Emma ( 2020-Jun-22 )


    Great sofa looks expensive! Bit fiddly to put together but my husband managed it even with his big fingers! Highly recommend.

  • Review by Diane

    Diane ( 2020-Apr-24 )


    These are very modern and perfect for filling in a small area.

  • Review by Neil

    Neil ( 2020-Apr-06 )


    Really pleased with our green house it was really easy to put together with step by step instructions. This is the perfect size for us as we are only beginners, it’s very sturdy and it’s great that you can buy replacement covers, can’t wait to see our first plants grow.

  • Review by Lindsay

    Lindsay ( 2020-Jan-25 )


    Won't use these until spring/summer so it's a little hard to rate. Nice looking and went together very easy. Will put cushion on top for extra seating.

  • Review by Joe

    Joe ( 2020-Jan-30 )


    Very pleased sturdy ,easy to build,good colour looks more expensive than it was, and excellent delivery

  • Review by Ken

    Ken ( 2020-Jan-14 )


    These are so elegant and love they are faux wicker with faux bamboo. I needed to buy these for a client's doctor's office so they need to stand up to all ages, weather and needs and this nails it on the head. Thank you I highly recommend these dining chairs and they are stackable!

  • Review by Cindy

    Cindy ( 2020-Mar-07 )


    Not the greatest quality and is a little unsteady but would recommend for anyone who needs a nice looking shoe rack for their hallway. (Top tip - might need a drill to make some of the holes on things like the back piece as they're not all premade for you.)

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