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Garden Lanterns

Garden lanterns are but one option among many when considering how to light the exterior of your home. Starting from the street and continuing around the property and through your garden , give the illumination of these areas the same amount of care and consideration you would for your home’s interior.

Just like interior lighting , outdoor lighting can be divided into categories according to task. Task or functional lights are directed towards specific activities , providing light for walking along paths in the evening , gardening by the moon in the greenhouse , or late-night grilling during the summer months. Outdoor ambient or mood lighting is all about creating a space with a mood that feels right for you , whether that’s warm and cosy , Hollywood lux , or cool and modern. Security lighting helps make your home appear lively and cheery , identify visitors to your property before you open the door to let them in , and give you the ability to see the edges of your property. A combination of all three are important to creating a space that’s equally welcoming , functional , and safe for you and your family.

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Hanging lanterns on your porch can gently illuminate the faces of visitors to your home and warn you of any unwanted guests. They can also show off a particularly pretty front door or any other features at the front of the house you may want to show off. They also have an aesthetic function and can help complete a particular look , whether that’s traditional , modern , or contemporary. Garden lanterns can do the same at the back of the house by highlighting specific features , such as a waterfall or shed , or keep visitors from accidentally stepping into your beloved raised bed of ornamentals.

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Shop online an outdoor lantern based on your style and functional needs , but also be aware of the durability of the lantern you’re choosing , as well as how waterproof and weatherproof it will be. Outdoor lights come with an IP rating (the Ingress protection number) that lets you know how well-protected your lantern is against weather and water. Garden lanterns should have an IP rating of at least four. Garden lanterns typically have a protective (and/or decorative) covering or dome , and many come encased in glass or plastic , making them extra sturdy and durable; an excellent choice for homes exposed to the harsher side of British weather. At Shop Outdoor Hanging Lights UK , we offer garden lanterns with a variety of different glass types , including clear glass lanterns , seeded glass lanterns , frosted glass lanterns , and beveled glass lanterns. The lanterns with clear glass emit a solid beam , perfect if you need to light a larger area and if the light doesn’t hang at eye level. An outdoor lantern with patterned glass provides a softer glow , excellent especially if you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors near your light.

shop  online  for  garden  lanterns  at  Shop Outdoor Hanging Lights

When you shop online at Shop Outdoor Hanging Lights UK for one of our best-selling garden lanterns , we hope you’ll find one that you love. That’s why we offer free delivery on all items over £40 and a variety of search tools to help you find what you’re looking for. Search amongst our new arrivals to find something on-trend and in season , or read the product reviews written by our customers on our best-selling , most popular garden lanterns to find a guaranteed great product. Search great brands like Roger Pradier , Savoy House , Faro , Hinkley and Aspect Design , or choose a garden lantern based on the kind of bulb you’d prefer (be it incandescent , fluorescent , solar , oil , gas , or candlelight). There’s never been a better time to Shop Outdoor Hanging Lights your outdoor lantern.

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