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  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Overall: 29cm H x 60,5cm W x 60,5cm D
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Overall Product Weight: 2,9kg
  • Safety Shut Off: Ja
    • The electric ceiling heater Heizsporn will allow you to enjoy convivial gatherings or cosy evenings on your terrace or garden at any time of the year. Gone are the days when you could only sit outdoors with a runny nose wrapped in thick blankets from October onwards. This ceiling-mounted heater will keep you nice and warm even on the coldest days. The heater can also be installed above a changing table to keep your baby nice and warm.

      Product Name Heizsporn Ceiling Mounted Electric Patio Heater
      Brand Blumfeldt
      Product SKU uk60bada31f28a158
      Category Patio Heaters
      Main Category Outdoor Heating

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Having Natural Stone Installed In Your Property The Pitfalls

This last year has seen a large increase in the number of people having natural stone, marble, granite, limestone, sandstone or slate fitted into their homes either as work surfaces or as flooring. No man made product can rival the beauty of well presented natural stone with its myriad of colours and patterns which are unique to your individual stone.

With this increased interest in returning to natural stone products has come an avalanche of products to clean, shine and seal the stones. Importers, tile retailers, builders and chemical firms have all jumped on the band wagon and see big profits in natural stone. Unfortunately it would seem that very few of these companies have any understanding of the products they are selling or fitting or advising customers to purchase.

In the past most of our work was concerned with restoring old marble, granite or limestone but increasingly we are getting called out to deal with brand new tiles which have developed problems.

Some of these problems are;

Tiles being laid so that there is significant lippage between them
Grouting gaps being too large
Tiles smeared with grout after sealing
Incorrect sealant being used
Acrylic sealants being applied
Polish or wax being applied to the surface
Marble and limestone being used in kitchens
Slate being used in showers
Not sealing the stone
Applying a seal and then assuming that it is now protected from all possible sources of damage
Discolouring of the tiles because sealant is left on the surface
Use of acidic cleaners in the builders clean
Poor or non existent care and maintenance programmes provided to the client

How do you ensure you are not left with a big bill after the builders have moved out?

Buy your tiles from a supplier that provides good advice and has an installation service,
Research the topic prior to purchase so that you can ask pertinent questions. If you get suspect or glib answers walk away and shop elsewhere
Do not simply go for the cheapest, they may prove to more expensive in the long run
If possible retain some of the money until the job is completed to your satisfaction. That way if there is a problem you can insist on it being rectified.

Your biggest protection is to get acquainted with the properties of natural stone and its care and maintenance before setting out to purchase your preferred stone type. You can do this by carrying out the appropriate search on the Web.

All About of Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters

Have you seen those parasol-like heaters at pubs and restaurants that enable them to attract customers during cooler spring or summer nights to stay outside on the curb or in the beer garden? These and similar types of outdoor heaters are available for your own garden and patio as well. Prolong your garden dinner parties well into the night and keep your guest warm!

If you do not have the space to store wood logs and install a fire pit , or if you do not have the patience to try and start a fire in a chiminea , maybe patio heaters are an option for you. There is a wide choice in size and design available , but patio heaters come in two basic forms: gas fueled and electric.

Gas Patio Heaters

propane  patio  heater

Electric Patio Heaters

electric  patio  heater

These types are often also called infrared heaters since the radiation they produce is infrared light. The advantage of infrared garden heaters is that they also work when there is wind that would usually "blow away " the heat or even blow out the flame of a gas patio heater. Infrared light does not need a carrier material (air) to travel. The process of warming you when sitting somewhere close to an infrared heater happens on you , where the light reacts with your skin and warms it.

Electric patio heaters can be mounted , standing or hanging. Wall-mounted heaters are the most common of the mounted types. Many people decide to buy patio heaters that are wall mounted to save the space a freestanding one would take up. Electric wall heaters cannot be tipped over by kids running around your garden.

Patio Heaters at

electric  patio  heater

Also pay attention to different additional features to chose from. Do you want to buy a portable patio heater? Maybe even one with wheels? Should it be environmentally friendly? Do you want to use it inside the house or in your garden and on your patio? Does it need a pilot light , a tipover switch or a safety shutoff?

Just pick your type of patio heater and the specific features and price range using the filters in the left-hand menu and keep your family and guests warm and cozy in your garden and on your patio. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Patio Heaters for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Patio Heaters that are right for your home. With great products like the Nitro Electric Patio Heater and the Outsunny Electric Patio Heater you're sure to find the right Patio Heaters that fit into your home.

19 of 9 Review For Heizsporn Ceiling Mounted Electric Patio Heater

  • Review by Craig

    Craig ( 2020-May-16 )


    The look is great. The quality of the rattan is not that great (not strong) and the cushions are soaked in fire-retardant which is really not eco-friendly nor good for the body. It started dripping off when the rain hit the cushions.

  • Review by Radhika

    Radhika ( 2021-Apr-12 )


    Solid piece, I was pleasantly surprised on the quality and look of it considering the price. Nice cushion for the top and assembly was easy.

  • Review by Angela

    Angela ( 2020-Jul-07 )


    Looks amazing! The quality of the material just comes through in real life much better than in photo.

  • Review by Carolyn

    Carolyn ( 2021-Oct-01 )


    Exactly as it says on the tin. Looks great, comfy, weatherproof and the focal part of my garden ........ happy TY

  • Review by Keith

    Keith ( 2021-Jan-14 )


    They’re REALLY small. But they’re nice. I got the two larger ones and I’m glad I did because these alone wouldn’t have filled up my space

  • Review by Stephen

    Stephen ( 2020-Feb-13 )


    It's a lovely finish, sturdy and nice quality. However not all the holes had been pre-drilled for the back panel and most importantly the dimensions say this unit is 140cm wide however as you can see its actually only 104cm when built so rather disappointed as wanted it to fill this space fully and since I paid £85 I feel it should have been cheaper for the size of the unit

  • Review by Lynn

    Lynn ( 2021-May-31 )


    Very nice furniture set looks lush in my garden fairy simple to put together my husband did it in a couple of hours ☺️

  • Review by Guerda

    Guerda ( 2021-Feb-18 )


    Delivered quickly , very straightforward to put together. Box is sturdy ,colour and material excellent. Hinge mechanism on the lid is superb. Have had torrential rain it has proved to be fully water tight. My only recommendation is that it could be designed to have a half size shelf to go in it .Otherwise fantastic purchase.

  • Review by Mark Richard

    Mark Richard ( 2020-Sep-18 )


    I have been looking for a small white storage bench for my condo deck. Off-white was available elsewhere. So was white but at an exorbitant price. Finally found them here. They require assembly but it's really easy and requires no tools. Took me maybe 20 minutes to put two of them together. Really nice!

  • Review by Dorothy

    Dorothy ( 2020-Apr-06 )


    Lovely,stylish, easy to assemble Perfect for the kids tiny trainers to my boots, comfy seat, makes putting kids shoes on easier rather than balancing on 1 foot love my hall way space now since buying this Came early too ❤️

  • Review by Radhika

    Radhika ( 2021-May-11 )


    I have the larger deck box and purchased this to match. We use them for recycling. Super for the two jobs and looks great on our patio while doing double duty. I keep mine lined with jumbo garbage bags so on trash day it is so easy to recycle.

  • Review by Rita

    Rita ( 2021-Jun-17 )


    Very good product , straight forward to assemble with easily identifiable instruction marked on the pieces . Definitely recommend

  • Review by Ellen

    Ellen ( 2021-Apr-17 )


    Lovely and easy to assemble. Its flat packed but good instructions and is big inside. Good purchase and good price.

  • Review by Maria

    Maria ( 2021-Jul-31 )


    These are such comfortable chairs! I bought them as accent chairs for my living room. Beautifully made and a wonderful addition.

  • Review by J

    J ( 2021-Feb-06 )


    Bit tricky and time consuming to out together needs a good screwdriver or two but very nice height to sit on

  • Review by Andrew

    Andrew ( 2021-Feb-03 )


    Fantastic box ideal for storing all my Rattan furniture cushions in. Can fit 2 x Chairs and 1 x corner sofa cushions in it. Packaging was damaged on arrival but all contents were intact. Easy to assemble and excellent quality.

  • Review by Pauline

    Pauline ( 2021-Mar-29 )


    It was not the sort of thing that could be put together without someone to help. I like the style of the bench, but the finish is not great, and I can already tell this will fade in the sun pretty quickly. It looks like a grayish blue.

  • Review by Allan

    Allan ( 2021-Feb-27 )


    Very nice just the chairs are lower than you expected ( old people would struggle)

  • Review by Barbara

    Barbara ( 2021-Jan-05 )


    We really like this lantern. it goes perfectly in our porch, just the size and weight; it ws so reasonable too. great purchase

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