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  • Manufacturer Warranty: Yes
  • Overall: 10cm H x 45cm W x 45cm D
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • BTU Output: 3500BTU
  • Overall Product Weight: 3.7kg
    • With a classic square design the ceiling heater offers an impressive heat output so you can enjoy your garden even when the sun goes down. Create the perfect ambience with the ceiling heater which provides LED light and warmth.

      Product Name Kalos Patio Heater
      Brand Kalos
      Product SKU ukd6be345ecab5789
      Category Patio Heaters
      Main Category Outdoor Heating

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Choosing The Right Humidor Humidifier

Those who smoke cigars, take their cigars seriously. For many, it is an indulgence in which they relish; a time to relax or reflect, celebrate or seal the deal. Whatever times or occasions one chooses to celebrate with a cigar, there is one thing they all have in common; their cigars must be fresh or the experience just isnt worth it.

Keeping Cigars Fresh

Humidity control is the primary way to ensure freshness for cigars. A humidor humidifier a device which adds just the right amount of moisture to the air of a humidor is a must have device for anyone who stores their cigars for longer than a week.
Collectors of fine cigars have invested a great deal of time and money into finding the finest manufactured cigars. To simply store those in a wooden box or jar would never do. These items must be stored in a properly controlled environment namely the humidor.

Sizes & Styles of Humidor Humidifiers

For a small collection of cigars a small container will do. Humidity still however needs to be properly regulated. Depending on the climate in which you live and the weather conditions, there may be enough humidity in the room air. Thats fine, but the enclosed container must also have the right conditions.

There are humidifier models designed to create the perfect atmosphere for any size humidor. Units can be installed in humidors holding between 25-30 cigars, or for those that hold 100 cigars. Even whole room systems are available for rooms holding thousands of treasured cigars.

Small, box sized humidifiers can run for several months without needing to be refilled with enough water to create the right amount of humidity. This allows you to fill the reservoir and basically forget about it for a long time.

For large collections those held in a full room humidor a much larger humidifying system is required. These generally hook up to a continuous water source, much like a household hot water tank would. Just as you turn on the faucet in your kitchen, the vaporizer part of the humidifier would turn on when humidity levels get too low for optimal freshness of the cigars. These electric pumps use a hepa filter to act as an internal purifier.

The Role of the Hygrometer

A hygrometer is the gauge that determines if there is enough humidity or not produced by the humidor humidifier. You can have the top, state of the art humidifier with endless and continuous water supply, but if the hygrometer isnt working then it is all for naught.

A hygrometer can be either analogue or digital and can work to control just humidity or temperature and humidity together as in the digital models. The right combination of both will give you the best overall results.

It is important to keep hygrometers well calibrated. A quick check periodically can ensure that you are getting an accurate reading of the true temperature and humidity. If you fail to have an accurate reading from the hygrometer, then too much or too little humidity will destroy your collection.

All About of Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters

Have you seen those parasol-like heaters at pubs and restaurants that enable them to attract customers during cooler spring or summer nights to stay outside on the curb or in the beer garden? These and similar types of outdoor heaters are available for your own garden and patio as well. Prolong your garden dinner parties well into the night and keep your guest warm!

If you do not have the space to store wood logs and install a fire pit , or if you do not have the patience to try and start a fire in a chiminea , maybe patio heaters are an option for you. There is a wide choice in size and design available , but patio heaters come in two basic forms: gas fueled and electric.

Gas Patio Heaters

propane  patio  heater

Electric Patio Heaters

electric  patio  heater

These types are often also called infrared heaters since the radiation they produce is infrared light. The advantage of infrared garden heaters is that they also work when there is wind that would usually "blow away " the heat or even blow out the flame of a gas patio heater. Infrared light does not need a carrier material (air) to travel. The process of warming you when sitting somewhere close to an infrared heater happens on you , where the light reacts with your skin and warms it.

Electric patio heaters can be mounted , standing or hanging. Wall-mounted heaters are the most common of the mounted types. Many people decide to buy patio heaters that are wall mounted to save the space a freestanding one would take up. Electric wall heaters cannot be tipped over by kids running around your garden.

Patio Heaters at

electric  patio  heater

Also pay attention to different additional features to chose from. Do you want to buy a portable patio heater? Maybe even one with wheels? Should it be environmentally friendly? Do you want to use it inside the house or in your garden and on your patio? Does it need a pilot light , a tipover switch or a safety shutoff?

Just pick your type of patio heater and the specific features and price range using the filters in the left-hand menu and keep your family and guests warm and cozy in your garden and on your patio. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Patio Heaters for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Patio Heaters that are right for your home. With great products like the Nitro Electric Patio Heater and the Outsunny Electric Patio Heater you're sure to find the right Patio Heaters that fit into your home.

16 of 39 Review For Kalos Patio Heater

  • Review by Bryan

    Bryan ( 2020-Mar-05 )


    Love this. A tree fell into our greenhouse so this is a good makeshift while we can't get out and have seedlings growing.

  • Review by Janice

    Janice ( 2021-Mar-20 )


    Very stylish and comfortable. Wider seat than usual rattan furniture. Bought for our balcony.

  • Review by Liz

    Liz ( 2020-Sep-16 )


    We haven’t finished decorating that’s why plastic is still on but it is so practical and looks really lovely.

  • Review by Elizabeth

    Elizabeth ( 2020-Jul-26 )


    Exactly what I was looking for - a deck box to keep chair covers in, as well as an end table to set a drink on!

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2021-Oct-20 )


    Ordered a combination of small and large. Very happy with how they look in a grouping on the wall.

  • Review by Ashleigh

    Ashleigh ( 2020-Jul-27 )


    For Went together well but needs two people to fit the lid. Main issue is that it is not weather-proof, heavy rain can blow in through the gap between the lid and the walls. It has has lots of places for wildlife to get in and set up home among the contents eg wasps and hornets, ants and mice which could either damage contents or give a nasty surprise if not regulary checked for. Soft furnishings would need to be kept in sealed vacuum bags to prevent mould from internal high humidity.Found condensation under the lid after chilly night. Not really designed for the British climate, unfortunately as it is a good size and appears strongly made. Otherwise it would be good value for money. Took nearly a month to arrive but probably due to Covid 19. More secure and easier to move around if it had locking points at each end of the lid which bends if you lift at the ends. There are hand holds at the ends but these are very shallow and not easy to lift by

  • Review by Helen

    Helen ( 2020-May-21 )


    I love my new furniture, looks lovely on my patio and quite comfy. Like the way you can change it around. Only thing to note is it’s quite complex to build, took my hubby 3 to 4 hours and the Ottoman is not a storage box in the way I expected but can still store things underneath it.

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2020-Apr-23 )


    Large watertight storage box capable of storing cushions for a 9 seater rattan lounge suite. Fast lead time. A small part was buckled and it was replaced within the week. Great customer service thank you!

  • Review by Alison

    Alison ( 2020-Oct-21 )


    These are great and easily assembled with just a screwdriver. Clear instructions with everything pre-drilled and extra screws and dowels included in the pack. Arrived a day or two early. Well packaged to prevent damage in transit. Would recommend.

  • Review by Kara

    Kara ( 2021-Feb-26 )


    Nice quality particularly cushions. Nice and light so can move them about easily.

  • Review by John

    John ( 2021-Jun-12 )


    Love it! It’s the perfect little swing for my backyard. Not a super huge fan of how the chain connects, but the price makes it worth it.

  • Review by Suzanne Elizabeth

    Suzanne Elizabeth ( 2021-Sep-19 )


    Love these chairs. The armless chairs sell out very quickly so decided to get the ones with arms and they go perfect with the other chairs. Very sturdy and comfortable. Love the color of the black and white. They fit perfectly around my table and they stack when you want to store them.

  • Review by Jonathan

    Jonathan ( 2020-Jun-07 )


    Really pleased with this shoe storage, very well made. Great instructions and easy to put together. Goes perfectly with the coat and and storage unit also purchased.

  • Review by J

    J ( 2021-Jul-07 )


    Perfect size, very sturdy and bonus that the middle lifts up to make a table. My only complaint is that its color is already fading in the sun. Im going to try waxing it to see if that helps, but overall Im pleased.

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2020-Jul-18 )


    built it in under 2 hours also extra parts very happy arrived 2 days early as well

  • Review by Sudeep

    Sudeep ( 2020-Jul-14 )


    We had already bought the wood effect version, for the hall, a decided it would make a good book shelf Niknak shelf for my daughters room. Easy to assemble. Great quality and sturdy

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