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  • Assembly Required: No
  • Country of Origin: Poland
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Yes
  • Exterior Material: Steel
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal; Wood Burning
    • Product Name Nayeli Steel Wood Fire Pit
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU ukfc02f488fc1dc39
      Category Fire Pits
      Main Category Outdoor Heating

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Floor Sound Insulation A Step Toward Quieter Floors

Unless you live alone you are probably well aware that the noise from one family member can easily be heard beyond the walls of the room they are in. Even worse is hearing loud stereo systems, the washing machine and dryer or children who dont want to settle down for bed seeping through your flooring and into the rooms below. There is a solution to noise overflow within your home and one of the best preventative measures is floor sound insulation.

Where To Install Floor Insulation

It may seem obvious that floor insulation should be installed in the floor. Its not rocket science, right? Well, there is a little more to it than that. Ideally, floor insulation should be installed during the construction phase of a home to be the most effective. Your choices in materials include regular fibreglass insulations that have been used on your exterior walls, ceilings and in the attic. You can also install corking or rubber based floor insulations at this point.

Floor sound insulation installed during construction allows the materials to be placed between the flooring layers. The joists between floors support and plywood base and then additional sub-flooring. By adding insulation here, you are able to add thicker materials that may offer better sound proofing.

You can still improve the noise level in an existing home. The best time to install it is if you are replacing the carpet or other flooring or need to repair the flooring in a specific room. Many home improvement projects will wield better results if some updating in what is not seen is done at the same time as the cosmetic updates. Floor sound insulation addition is one such example.

When old floor coverings have been removed, new floor insulation can be added directly to the top of the sub-flooring. This can be placed under, carpet, vinyl floors, wood, or ceramic tile. It doesnt matter what type of flooring is going on top. What does matter is what type of insulation you use to sound proof.

The best, meaning the thinnest insulation with the most noise reduction capabilities is going to be some sort of self contained material. Fibreglass insulation is that loose pink or yellow fluff that has a paper backing. It is best for walls and ceilings. For floors a rubber or cork insulation will provide the most durable under lying material. It will also not raise floors significantly and will allow such materials a vinyl to go down smoothly.

Why Go to the Trouble

As a house ages, the creaks and noises seem to increase not too much differently than an aging body! By adding floor sound insulation as part of your next DIY project you are giving the floors more stability that will not only reduce the amount of noise seeping from the rooms above, but will help quiet squeaky floors that have had their screws come a little loose over the years or whose boards may have warped a bit.

Consider soundproofing an investment in your house. The value will be increased as you improve the quality of noise control.

All About of Fire Pits

Fire Pits

An outdoor fireplace helps to keep you and your guests warm and cosy long after the sun has gone down. Electrical and propane patio heaters , traditional clay or more modern cast iron chimineas , fire baskets and fire pits are among the most popular models. If you’re looking for an open outdoor fireplace , fire pits and fire baskets are the best option (other than a bonfire , of course). Read our top tips below to find your next outdoor fireplace.

Fire Pit & Fire Basket Design

steel  fire  pit

Both fire pits and fire baskets are open , freestanding fireplaces you can set up outside in your garden or on your patio. The basic design of most fire pits is a fire bowl or deep tray in which you place your wood logs or charcoal pieces. Fire baskets - as the name already suggests - hold their wooden fuel in open baskets. Both items usually come with feet attached to lift them off the ground. Fire baskets have an additional tray below their basket to catch ash and coal pieces that fall from the basket to the ground.

The most common finish for both fire pits and fire baskets is black , but you can also find them in steel , iron , brown and less common colours like red , amber or even pink and purple. When it comes to materials , the most common types are steel , cast iron and iron , but there are also models made of clay or concrete. Cast iron fire pits are light in weight , making them easy to move around.

What Fuel can be Used in a Fire Pit?

Since fire pits are usually made of steel or cast iron , which can stand higher temperatures and have a closed bowl to hold even small pieces , you can fuel them with both wood and charcoal. Fire baskets might not be able to hold smaller pieces of charcoal. Use wood instead.

Fire Pit Features

fire  pit  with  grill

Portable Fire Pits: Easily move your portable fire pit to a new place in your garden or from one side of the patio to the other.

Spark Screen: Spark screens are very useful. They are hemispherical lids made out of a fine metal mesh. Place them over your fire pit and you and your loved ones and guests are protected from any sparks ejected into the air from the fire pit.

Wood Grate: Some fire pits come with a wood grate. A wood grate is made out of metal and is placed into the bowl of the fire pit and holds wood logs in place.

Another heating option for your outdoor area is a fire pit table , which provides warmth whilst at the same time offers space for eating and drinking. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Fire Pits for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Fire Pits that are right for your home. With great products like the Raleigh Stainless Steel Charcoal/Wood Burning Fire Pit and the Potrero Stainless Steel Charcoal/Wood Burning Fire Pit you're sure to find the right Fire Pits that fit into your home.

15 of 41 Review For Nayeli Steel Wood Fire Pit

  • Review by Kristen

    Kristen ( 2021-Oct-07 )


    Purchased with the larger size for 3 in total. They made a great little grouping. My office had a spot that needed some greenery .

  • Review by 16 Castle

    16 Castle ( 2021-Feb-25 )


    Good quality,good finish. Still to build it so hopefully it will be straightforward. Prompt delivery by friendly, helpful courier.

  • Review by Tully

    Tully ( 2021-Mar-21 )


    They seem like decent quality, but there's a small rust spot even on the gold metal. I thought the gold color would cover that up, but it doesn't. Also these are SO SMALL. Not at all what I expected.

  • Review by Oliver

    Oliver ( 2021-Nov-27 )


    I love my new ZipCode Design 2 seater conversation set which arrived in perfect order last week. It looks very attractive ,well made and the chairs are very comfortable. I will undoubtedly spend more time outdoors this summer relaxing and imagining that I am on holiday somewhere exotic! English summer do not let me down!

  • Review by Geraldine

    Geraldine ( 2021-Nov-17 )


    Poor. The main 22 screws where missing had to wait a week for them to be delivered. The top had a hole on it so the waterproof bit went out the window. Waited 2 weeks for that to be delivered then I received another top a week later ‍♀️e This item was out of stock hence why I had to wait for replacement parts. I would still only give it 510 the lid is flimsy when opening and closing it.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Jul-02 )


    I use this for the pool chemicals. Its perfect. Its actually a little bigger than I thought it would be which is even better! You can put this together in 5 min w/ no tools! Very sturdy!

  • Review by Sam

    Sam ( 2021-Oct-03 )


    It was the exact thing I need to put in my garage to hold the small tools I keep. I know exactly where they are and the chest is nice to look at and strong.

  • Review by Melody

    Melody ( 2021-Jun-10 )


    Sturdy weatherproof and great for putting your feet up after a hard days gardening

  • Review by Ellenor

    Ellenor ( 2020-Jul-20 )


    Fast delivery and good value for money. We love our sofa set. The instructions were easy to follow. L from London

  • Review by Steve

    Steve ( 2020-Dec-05 )


    Pros - Good Quality for the Price (£320) - Easy one person build ( I'm pretty handy with flat pack stuff) - Adjustable feet to stop it rocking on uneven surfaces Cons - pillows and cushions are a bit plasticy they are not 'breathable' so get get sticky and sweaty in hot weather. But good to wipe clean and won't get drenched if the rain comes down when they have been forgotten outside Top tip - When building get all the screws in but leave them as loose as possible until all screws are in place. If you don't do this you will struggle to get all the screws in as the holes won't line up...

  • Review by Fi

    Fi ( 2020-Jun-01 )


    Just a perfect wee set of seats to finish a small sitting area out the back of house and comfy!!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Sep-11 )


    A solid tv unit with ample storage and looks very classy. Lots of compliments when people see it! Take a bit of time to put together but very happy with purchase.

  • Review by JANE

    JANE ( 2020-Mar-12 )


    I hung these in my dining room, and put some artificial succulents in them. They look awesome!

  • Review by Jo

    Jo ( 2021-Aug-18 )


    I prefer Keter boxes and I think they are good quality. Excellent size box... it’s big which is what I wanted..... so make sure you measure. Very easy to put together. I did it on my own (49 yr old woman). Delivery was a day later than when ordered but I was kept fully informed

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2020-May-07 )


    looks fabulous on my kitchen window ledge filled with all my favourite herbs.

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