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  • Assembly Required: No
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Overall: 105cm H x 43.6cm W x 43.6cm D
  • Exterior Material: Clay
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal; Wood Burning
    • This traditional shaped Eckhardt Clay Charcoal/Wood Burning Chimenea is ideal for average sized patios and comes with a metal stand and matching clay lid. The finish on this chimenea is glazed. Chimalin AFC is a new and unique fire clay offering exceptional resistance to fire cracking. This chimenea is guaranteed 5 years against cracking due to thermal shock.

      Product Name Clay Charcoal/Wood Burning Chimenea
      Brand Gardeco
      Product SKU ukffb4d916c8dfd02
      Category Chimineas
      Main Category Outdoor Heating

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Framing Basement Walls

Framing basement walls can be a tricky endeavor. There are a number of different situations and obstacles that complicate the framing. As a result, stick building and improvisation are the key phrases when undertaking basement wall framing.

Perimeter Wall Framing

First, if you are planning to have a warm and comfortable basement, perimeter basement walls should be framed using 2x4 construction, just like the interior walls. By using 2x4 studs on the perimeter basement walls insulation can be installed to ensure a warmer room. If warmth is not a priority, and the installation of drywall is still required on the perimeter basement walls, then furring strips can be attached to the perimeter walls instead. Furring strips usually consist of 2x2s that are glued and nailed to the concrete basement walls.

Internal Wall Framing

The internal walls can be built on the ground and then simply raised in place, however due to inevitable variations in basement floor heights the walls should be built slightly shorter and then shimmed into place. If this is not done, you may have some difficulty raising the wall as it may get wedged between the floor of the basement and the ceiling/floor joists. Also, if the home is built on clay soil the basement floor may move slightly up and down based on the water content in the ground. If the home is built on clay soil, then you should use L-Shaped steel framing clips to attach to the walls and the first-floor floor joists. These clips will enable the walls to breath (move up and down), but give the support necessary to ensure the wall remains vertical.

When building basement walls there are typically many obstructions (pipes, duct work) that you need to build around. Thus, it is sometimes easier to stick build walls around these types of obstructions.

Stick Build Framing

To stick build walls, first nail a top plate perpendicular to the floor joists. Next, secure a bottom plate to the concrete floor using concrete nails and an adhesive such as Liquid Nails. Make sure you use pressure treated lumber on the bottom plate as it is in contact with the concrete and will wick moisture over time. The top and bottom plates should be parallel to each other. Use a plumb line to ensure they are parallel. Finally install 2x4 studs every 16 along the plates. Make sure you measure for each stud prior to cutting, as the floor to ceiling distances will vary.

Boxing in Ductwork

Soffits may need to be built if ductwork needs to be boxed in or if planning to install interior lighting. Soffits are not structural and thus can be framed using 2x2s. Similar to any wall framing, use two parallel 2x2 plates and connect them using vertical stud members. Secure a 2x2 top plate to the floor joists and then stick nail in a 2x2 stud on both ends of the top plate. Next nail the bottom plate to the two studs to create the basic wall. Finally, install on 16 centers, 2x2 studs along the entire length of the plates. Pending the situation you may need to build the same framing structure on the other side of the ductwork. Once you have completed the second soffit wall simply install 2 x 2 cross member stud pieces (lookouts) between the two soffit wall sections. You will want to make sure you use a chalk line and a level during this task to ensure the soffit walls remain straight. Again, as the soffit is being stick built, measure every stud prior to cutting.

Framing the Ceiling

If drywall is to be installed on the ceiling then you may need to add effectively a horizontal wall. Basically the same process is done as with building soffits, however 2x4s are used for providing clearance for pipes hanging below the floor joists. If there are no pipes or wiring hanging below the floor joists, then 1x3 strapping may be able to be used. Simply nail them perpendicular to the floor joists on 16 centers.

For more help on finishing your basement, see HomeAdditionPlus.coms Basement Remodeling Bid sheet. The Basement Remodeling Bid Sheet will help ensure that your basement remodeling project goes smoothly and you get the finished basement you are looking for. In addition, it will help to ensure that finishing your basement will be accomplished on time and on budget.

All About of Chimineas


Historically , chimeneas are woodburners that can be traced back to Spain and Mexico. The name can also be spelled chiminea. While they were originally used for heating as well as cooking , the purpose of modern chimineas is usually for outdoor heating. They serve as little to medium sized , often portable , outdoor fireplaces. Place them on your patio , add chairs and a little table and enjoy spring or cooler summer evenings outside in your garden without getting cold.

Material & Design


Most contemporary chimineas come in the traditional design , which can be described as having a ball or bulbous body part with a vertical chimney on top. The front is open to place wood or charcoal in as fuel and to draw in air. The chimney serves as a vent for the smoke. While the functionality is the same , there are also a few chimineas without the chimney and with a simple hole as smoke vent instead (looking more like fancy front-loading fire pits) , or chimineas looking like black steel obelisks or even ones with square designs.

Whatever the specific design , all chimeneas are free-standing , many of them portable.

The most common colour variations are black and brown. But you can also buy bronze- or steel-coloured , white , red , and even pink or blue chimineas. Just pick the material , design and colour for your new chiminea that seems most appealing and fits in best with your other garden furniture or patio style and design.

How to Fuel your Chimenea?

steel  chiminea  with  wood  logs

Another option is ethanol. Ethanol fuel does not produce smoke and enables you to use your chiminea indoors. But be careful when you fill it into the metal container and when you place it and burn it in your chiminea.

Cooking with a Chimenea

While most modern chimineas are simply used as outdoor fireplaces , some come with an additional BBQ grill as cooking feature. Place some steaks or sausages on the grill and enjoy the heat sitting next to your new chiminea while waiting for your dinner to cook.

Browse our outdoor heating category and discover other products like fire pits and patio heaters. Of course , you can also purchase indoor and tabletop fireplaces at loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Chimineas & Fireplaces for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Chimineas & Fireplaces that are right for your home. With great products like the Rizzi Steel Chiminea and the Flor Chimenea you're sure to find the right Chimineas & Fireplaces that fit into your home.

17 of 17 Review For Clay Charcoal/Wood Burning Chimenea

  • Review by Anna

    Anna ( 2020-Jun-14 )


    Ordered 2 for my kitchen as end chairs. They came fully assembled and packed very securely. Fairly comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. This chair is well built and pretty, very happy with this purchase.

  • Review by Andrew

    Andrew ( 2020-Aug-01 )


    They are great except the screws they come with are kind of thick and make a decent size hole in the wall.

  • Review by Lyndsey Franks

    Lyndsey Franks ( 2020-Mar-05 )


    ... But not exactly what I expected. I thought this would be more resin wicker than just resin carved to look like wicker

  • Review by Lucas

    Lucas ( 2020-Jul-28 )


    Such a beautiful set just perfect for my furlough days spent on my balcony Would highly recommend this set

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Sep-09 )


    Ordered 3 and they are really lovely planters but because they were not packed properly one was split so have only given 3 stars as they were delivered quickly and I did like the boxed insert that goes inside the planters. Tried to email but got no response.

  • Review by Regan

    Regan ( 2020-Jul-12 )


    Product came promptly, well packaged, and very easy to assemble. Larger than I thought/visualised so very good value for money

  • Review by Kendra

    Kendra ( 2020-Feb-18 )


    Looks good, but the metal hooks you attach to the plant basket that will hold it on the balcony kept springing off when assembling, so not sure how it will hold on my balcony and stay with a plant inside. Hoping with the weight of the plant it stays snugly fit to my balcony. Will see.

  • Review by Sue

    Sue ( 2020-Feb-09 )


    Perfect for keeping hall tidy - excellent value for money and so easy to put together I managed it all by myself!

  • Review by Yasmin

    Yasmin ( 2020-Sep-04 )


    WHAT A DEAL!!!!!! I got this amazing, expensive outdoor bench for about 70% OFF during one of Super Sales! That's why I'm addicted to - you can get unbelievable deals!!! Thank you!

  • Review by Aaron

    Aaron ( 2020-Sep-28 )


    I bought this lovely bench 2 weeks ago,, I'm truely delighted with it.. I received bench in excellent condition.. I was a little daunted by self asemblance, but found very easy to put together.. The bench looks great and is really good quality. Would really recommend this item to anyone looking to buy this item..

  • Review by John

    John ( 2020-May-29 )


    Really good unit, simple to put together instructions very clear. Ideal for small spaces to you can hold quite a lot of shoes and the added bonus you can use it as a stool as it’s very sturdy when built

  • Review by Bobby

    Bobby ( 2020-Mar-31 )


    great furniture set however quite difficult to assemble on your own. Great value and looks really good once put together includes all the cream cushions and lime green additional ones too. Very quick delivery ordered and received delivery the next day so great service :-) thanks

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Feb-12 )


    Nice quality particularly cushions. Nice and light so can move them about easily.

  • Review by Jamie

    Jamie ( 2020-Feb-11 )


    We wanted a bench that would stand out and represented our love of our hubby/dad/grandad who passed recently. It would be his 50th birthday this week and we’re so pleased with the bench and now fitted with a plaque that suits beautifully. Thank you wayfair

  • Review by Katherine

    Katherine ( 2020-Aug-13 )


    Fabulous, delivered a day early. I am a girl living alone and I was able to put together myself, just needed help to carry outside once built. Is huge and will take all the cushions from a large corner sofa set. Is sturdy enough to use top as a bar area as long as you are careful and don't overload. Furniture arriving tomorrow so very excited! Overall fab product with clear build instructions and excellent value for money.

  • Review by Ann Bowie

    Ann Bowie ( 2020-Sep-28 )


    Not fitted yet but quality looks really good. Solid metal frame and clear glass panes. These are quite big so will let out a lot of light - just measure they won’t be too big for you before buying!

  • Review by Lynn

    Lynn ( 2020-Jul-29 )


    Wow what a gorgeous set, just what I wanted for Sunny days in the garden to relax in, lovely colour combination. Great service from

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