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  • Assembly Required: No
  • Country of Origin: Mexico
  • Overall: 90cm H x 54cm W x 54cm D
  • Exterior Material: Steel
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal; Wood Burning
    • Product Name Ellipse Chiminea
      Brand Gardeco
      Product SKU ukd72f2bb71c0f257
      Category Chimineas
      Main Category Outdoor Heating

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Heaters The Various Kinds And Usage

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All About of Chimineas


Historically , chimeneas are woodburners that can be traced back to Spain and Mexico. The name can also be spelled chiminea. While they were originally used for heating as well as cooking , the purpose of modern chimineas is usually for outdoor heating. They serve as little to medium sized , often portable , outdoor fireplaces. Place them on your patio , add chairs and a little table and enjoy spring or cooler summer evenings outside in your garden without getting cold.

Material & Design


Most contemporary chimineas come in the traditional design , which can be described as having a ball or bulbous body part with a vertical chimney on top. The front is open to place wood or charcoal in as fuel and to draw in air. The chimney serves as a vent for the smoke. While the functionality is the same , there are also a few chimineas without the chimney and with a simple hole as smoke vent instead (looking more like fancy front-loading fire pits) , or chimineas looking like black steel obelisks or even ones with square designs.

Whatever the specific design , all chimeneas are free-standing , many of them portable.

The most common colour variations are black and brown. But you can also buy bronze- or steel-coloured , white , red , and even pink or blue chimineas. Just pick the material , design and colour for your new chiminea that seems most appealing and fits in best with your other garden furniture or patio style and design.

How to Fuel your Chimenea?

steel  chiminea  with  wood  logs

Another option is ethanol. Ethanol fuel does not produce smoke and enables you to use your chiminea indoors. But be careful when you fill it into the metal container and when you place it and burn it in your chiminea.

Cooking with a Chimenea

While most modern chimineas are simply used as outdoor fireplaces , some come with an additional BBQ grill as cooking feature. Place some steaks or sausages on the grill and enjoy the heat sitting next to your new chiminea while waiting for your dinner to cook.

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18 of 28 Review For Ellipse Chiminea

  • Review by Colin

    Colin ( 2020-Feb-23 )


    The are just what I have been looking for. They have a useful water reservoir in the bottom and hook so you can hang them. Good price and excellent delivery.

  • Review by Lisa

    Lisa ( 2020-Jan-12 )


    The directions and supplied tools could be improved a lot but the bench itself is nice looking and not a bad setup

  • Review by Wendy

    Wendy ( 2020-Aug-16 )


    Good quality. As other reviewers have mentioned, they are on the small side, it doesn’t come with the larger one, and the screw has a decorative decorative cap. I didn’t use the anchor, but pre drilled with a similar sized screw and pushedhand tightened the rest of the way.

  • Review by Lawrence

    Lawrence ( 2020-Jun-25 )


    Wow what a gorgeous set, just what I wanted for Sunny days in the garden to relax in, lovely colour combination. Great service from

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-May-07 )


    Arrived on time very helpful courier . Pictures do not do it justice ! Nicer than I thought just need the weather now !

  • Review by Anon

    Anon ( 2020-Aug-04 )


    Look fab in Victorian porch. Good quality for money paid. Windows in lantern thick glass and overall look is expensive due to weight not flim flam.

  • Review by Cheryle

    Cheryle ( 2020-Jul-18 )


    My husband was needing something sturdy to take those dirty work boots off everyday and I wanted something more appealing and functional. This ticked both boxes. We're pleased with the bench and like the storage for shoes to clean up on tiny entryway-

  • Review by Lucie

    Lucie ( 2020-Feb-03 )


    Quick delivery. I haven't assembled it yet, as waiting for dryer weather, but it looks to be a beautiful piece of out door furniture.

  • Review by Tina

    Tina ( 2020-Feb-27 )


    Pros - Good Quality for the Price (£320) - Easy one person build ( I'm pretty handy with flat pack stuff) - Adjustable feet to stop it rocking on uneven surfaces Cons - pillows and cushions are a bit plasticy they are not 'breathable' so get get sticky and sweaty in hot weather. But good to wipe clean and won't get drenched if the rain comes down when they have been forgotten outside Top tip - When building get all the screws in but leave them as loose as possible until all screws are in place. If you don't do this you will struggle to get all the screws in as the holes won't line up...

  • Review by Molly

    Molly ( 2020-Mar-07 )


    The box has only just been assembled but it seems sturdy and well made. 4 stars because it has not really had a proper test.

  • Review by Penelope

    Penelope ( 2020-Apr-27 )


    I love them! They added to the look on my wall. Still playing with what put in them.

  • Review by Jason

    Jason ( 2020-Mar-31 )


    Sent as a present, was very satisfied with delivery service and quality of the pots was very good. Was very pleased with the. Thankyou .

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2020-Jan-17 )


    Still putting this piece together, but just from the assembly I can tell it will be sturdy. The wood color is beautiful and just as pictured. My 10 year old daughter helped me assemble the frame - the instructions are very easy to follow... we should have the bench assembled tomorrow and be swinging away in no time. Really looking forward to my new porch swing.

  • Review by Salina

    Salina ( 2020-May-07 )


    It's no frills, simple straight forward product. Once it arrived it felt a bit smaller than expected even though I have measured and used the measures provided. We bought it to be a window seating bench but it is a little bit too narrow for that which makes it uncomfortable so would not recommend for that use. Overall good product, arrived well packaged and with no damage at all.

  • Review by Patrick

    Patrick ( 2020-May-12 )


    Still putting this piece together, but just from the assembly I can tell it will be sturdy. The wood color is beautiful and just as pictured. My 10 year old daughter helped me assemble the frame - the instructions are very easy to follow... we should have the bench assembled tomorrow and be swinging away in no time. Really looking forward to my new porch swing.

  • Review by Geraldine

    Geraldine ( 2020-Aug-20 )


    It was easy to assemble. A lot of our friends asked where we bought it. They were impressed by the quality and design. Thanks

  • Review by Hayley

    Hayley ( 2020-Mar-13 )


    Exactly as described good quality (keter) assembly was easy just a screwdriver and a second pair of hands when fixing the lid on. It now has all the cushions from our corner suite inside of which was impressive.

  • Review by V.

    V. ( 2020-Aug-11 )


    Added the perfect touch to my powder room. Used fake succulents to fill

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