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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Overall: 70.5cm H x 38cm W x 40cm D
  • Exterior Material: Cast iron
  • Fuel Type: Wood Burning
  • Overall Product Weight: 24.2kg
    • Product Name Constant Cast Iron Wood Burning Chiminea
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU ukad3c80f45373179
      Category Chimineas
      Main Category Outdoor Heating

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Considerations for purchase of Double Glazed Windows and Doors

When we start discussing homes, we are more interested and excited talking about what we have done to our homes. The way we have decorated and maintained the elegance and beauty in our home.

We love each and every corner of our dream house and want to talk more and more about it. It gives a fantastic and exuberant feeling talking about the place where we live and spend most of our time. But when it comes to redesigning or remodelling our home, we start to think about what will be best to give it the most attractive and different look.

The most important part is windows and doors, which helps drastically in changing the look of the house. At present, one of the most demanded products are glazing windows and doors. They are extremely efficient, attractive and contribute to the security of the home. But before buying any double glazing we should always do extensive research on the marketplace and keep these things in mind.
Double glazing is very efficient in cutting your heat loss to half. They are highly efficient, in general terms double glazing means two panes of glass placed several millimetres apart in order to form the window having air trapped within. Double glazing also decreases the noise level from outside and eliminates internal condensation.

Before buying double glazing, one should research the marketplace thoroughly for the best deal. Request quotes from as many different suppliers as possible and review the different ranges of double glazed windows and doors. One should compare the price difference from a quality perspective, maintenance and services.

What one should always keep in mind when looking for a double glazing company:

1) What services they are offering.

2) Are they authorised to sell double glazed products.

3) Do they provide maintenance and installation.

5) A satisfied customer list with their phone numbers.

6) Ensure that they are a member of the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA), this will mean that they will comply with all relevant UK building regulations.

After deciding which company to use, one should be very clear with the price issue. A detailed price description should be given detailing the double glazing product along with maintenance and installation cost. What will the extra cost be if more work is needed? When the start and end date of the work will be, along with the payment terms and conditions.

When you are discussing payment terms and conditions, you must be clear on how payment is to be taken, either as one payment or on instalment. Be sure about everything you are doing. Consult previous customers and take feedback about payment issues.

So if you are interested in converting your windows and doors to double glazing, keep these points in mind and get the best from the market.

All About of Chimineas


Historically , chimeneas are woodburners that can be traced back to Spain and Mexico. The name can also be spelled chiminea. While they were originally used for heating as well as cooking , the purpose of modern chimineas is usually for outdoor heating. They serve as little to medium sized , often portable , outdoor fireplaces. Place them on your patio , add chairs and a little table and enjoy spring or cooler summer evenings outside in your garden without getting cold.

Material & Design


Most contemporary chimineas come in the traditional design , which can be described as having a ball or bulbous body part with a vertical chimney on top. The front is open to place wood or charcoal in as fuel and to draw in air. The chimney serves as a vent for the smoke. While the functionality is the same , there are also a few chimineas without the chimney and with a simple hole as smoke vent instead (looking more like fancy front-loading fire pits) , or chimineas looking like black steel obelisks or even ones with square designs.

Whatever the specific design , all chimeneas are free-standing , many of them portable.

The most common colour variations are black and brown. But you can also buy bronze- or steel-coloured , white , red , and even pink or blue chimineas. Just pick the material , design and colour for your new chiminea that seems most appealing and fits in best with your other garden furniture or patio style and design.

How to Fuel your Chimenea?

steel  chiminea  with  wood  logs

Another option is ethanol. Ethanol fuel does not produce smoke and enables you to use your chiminea indoors. But be careful when you fill it into the metal container and when you place it and burn it in your chiminea.

Cooking with a Chimenea

While most modern chimineas are simply used as outdoor fireplaces , some come with an additional BBQ grill as cooking feature. Place some steaks or sausages on the grill and enjoy the heat sitting next to your new chiminea while waiting for your dinner to cook.

Browse our outdoor heating category and discover other products like fire pits and patio heaters. Of course , you can also purchase indoor and tabletop fireplaces at loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Chimineas & Fireplaces for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Chimineas & Fireplaces that are right for your home. With great products like the Rizzi Steel Chiminea and the Flor Chimenea you're sure to find the right Chimineas & Fireplaces that fit into your home.

16 of 19 Review For Constant Cast Iron Wood Burning Chiminea

  • Review by Ray

    Ray ( 2020-Oct-28 )


    They were small, but just the right size for my collage wall in the kitchen

  • Review by Salima

    Salima ( 2020-Apr-25 )


    shipped right on time. shipping gives an hourly window, so you're not waiting around at home all day. great quality furniture. feels solid. comfortable. has adjustable feet

  • Review by JUDY

    JUDY ( 2020-Nov-14 )


    Added the perfect touch to my powder room. Used fake succulents to fill

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Jul-02 )


    We purchased various sizes for different areas of the yard/patio. This one held up just fine. The box still closes properly and hasn't warped in any way over the season.

  • Review by Patrick

    Patrick ( 2020-Nov-01 )


    Love, love, love this bench. It's exactly what I wanted for the courtyard. The care instructions recommended using wax to maintain the wood and suggested not to let bird droppings or leaves sit on it for any length of time which may be more fuss than some people are willing to give their outdoor furniture but wooden outdoor furniture requires extra TLC. If that's too much then let me say it would look beautiful indoors as well.

  • Review by Flat28

    Flat28 ( 2020-Mar-09 )


    To start with, delivery was a day earlier than stated, so already off to a great start! The bench was easy to put together with two people, and really solid. It’s lovely and comfy to sit on too! Excellent value for money, it looks like it was much more expensive with its classic lines and quality finish. We love it!

  • Review by Laura

    Laura ( 2020-Jun-13 )


    Ordered 3 and they are really lovely planters but because they were not packed properly one was split so have only given 3 stars as they were delivered quickly and I did like the boxed insert that goes inside the planters. Tried to email but got no response.

  • Review by Gina

    Gina ( 2020-Aug-11 )


    Easy to put together, lovely to use. Looks way more expensive than it actually is, and is super comfortable Going to get a lot of use out of this set this summer and beyond

  • Review by Claudette

    Claudette ( 2020-Sep-20 )


    The bench is very nice looking, sturdy and the table in the middle is an awesome feature. The 3 stars rating is due to the fact that putting the bench together was terrible. I ordered this bench due to the reviews that said putting it together was easy, but the directions were not helpful and most of the slots did not match up. It was a nightmare!

  • Review by Samantha

    Samantha ( 2020-Jan-09 )


    The pot arrived promptly, aS appropriately wrapped, is good quality and exactly as described. It now sits proudly in my garden adding colour and interest. Very pleased with my purchase.

  • Review by Amy

    Amy ( 2020-Sep-19 )


    Well made, sturdy and good instructions and tools supplied to put together. Very pleased with the finished product.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Aug-21 )


    Beautiful! They arrived exactly as expected. They did look small at first but they fit tall adults just fine. Perfect for my front porch!

  • Review by Julia

    Julia ( 2020-Jun-07 )


    We haven’t finished decorating that’s why plastic is still on but it is so practical and looks really lovely.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Nov-13 )


    These chairs are comfortable and look great but beware the assembly is not simple. The holes required were not all drilled correctly and the back slats were badly attached. I bought the last in stock so did not want to return them, but with extra tools and drill we are now very pleased with them

  • Review by Lindsay

    Lindsay ( 2020-Nov-11 )


    I bought 2 of the 50cmh pots, the look great, much more expensive than they cost. They have an inner liner with handles so you can lift the plant out to water etc. Delivery was really quick too.

  • Review by Lisa

    Lisa ( 2020-Jul-06 )


    Good sturdy box Easy to put together Ideal size for our garden sofa cushions Overall very pleased

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