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About Fire Pits

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Fire Pits

An outdoor fireplace helps to keep you and your guests warm and cosy long after the sun has gone down. Electrical and propane patio heaters , traditional clay or more modern cast iron chimineas , fire baskets and fire pits are among the most popular models. If you’re looking for an open outdoor fireplace , fire pits and fire baskets are the best option (other than a bonfire , of course). Read our top tips below to find your next outdoor fireplace.

Fire Pit & Fire Basket Design

steel  fire  pit

Both fire pits and fire baskets are open , freestanding fireplaces you can set up outside in your garden or on your patio. The basic design of most fire pits is a fire bowl or deep tray in which you place your wood logs or charcoal pieces. Fire baskets - as the name already suggests - hold their wooden fuel in open baskets. Both items usually come with feet attached to lift them off the ground. Fire baskets have an additional tray below their basket to catch ash and coal pieces that fall from the basket to the ground.

The most common finish for both fire pits and fire baskets is black , but you can also find them in steel , iron , brown and less common colours like red , amber or even pink and purple. When it comes to materials , the most common types are steel , cast iron and iron , but there are also models made of clay or concrete. Cast iron fire pits are light in weight , making them easy to move around.

What Fuel can be Used in a Fire Pit?

Since fire pits are usually made of steel or cast iron , which can stand higher temperatures and have a closed bowl to hold even small pieces , you can fuel them with both wood and charcoal. Fire baskets might not be able to hold smaller pieces of charcoal. Use wood instead.

Fire Pit Features

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Portable Fire Pits: Easily move your portable fire pit to a new place in your garden or from one side of the patio to the other.

Spark Screen: Spark screens are very useful. They are hemispherical lids made out of a fine metal mesh. Place them over your fire pit and you and your loved ones and guests are protected from any sparks ejected into the air from the fire pit.

Wood Grate: Some fire pits come with a wood grate. A wood grate is made out of metal and is placed into the bowl of the fire pit and holds wood logs in place.

Another heating option for your outdoor area is a fire pit table , which provides warmth whilst at the same time offers space for eating and drinking.

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