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  • Assembly Required: No
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Capacity: 0.5L
  • Material Details: Iron
  • Drainage Holes: No
    • Cool! With this unique design this hanging basket is the ideal hanging planter for every modern household. It is made of iron. How cool is that?

      Product Name Spatial Metal Hanging Basket
      Brand Present Time
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      Category Hanging Baskets
      Main Category Lawn Pots Planting

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Control Dust With The Touch Of A Button

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, more than 50 million Americans have allergies. Quite simply, an allergy is overreaction of the human immune system to a foreign protein substance that is eaten, breathed, injected or touched.

While you can't eliminate your body's reaction to allergies, you can limit its exposure to contaminants such as dust and pollen.

ODL's new Motorized Doorglass Blinds can help control dust from settling in your home as they are enclosed between two panes of insulated safety glass. As no dust and debris come in contact with the blinds, dusting is never required, which means reduced allergens in the home.

As the name alludes, the Motorized Doorglass Blinds are automated, meaning there are no strings or cords to fool with. The blinds operate at the touch of a button, which is integrated into the doorglass frame. As there are no cords, the blinds are a safe and worry-free option for homes with children and pets.

Motorized Doorglass Blinds meet ADA Accessibility Guidelines for maximum forward reach and operating force, adding another measure of convenience for homes that accommodate aging adults or disabled individuals.

As you think about ways to improve your home this spring, don't forget to take a look at your entry doors. It just may be it's time for an update. If so, the Motorized Doorglass Blinds are a great choice for controlling light and privacy as well as dust and pollen. They are available from many suppliers of fiberglass or steel entry doors for new home or retro-fit applications.

All About of Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

From Land's End to John O' Groats , Britain adores hanging baskets. Town squares , high streets and shopping centres are among the public places where these versatile containers can be spotted from early spring until the end of summer. However , town councils aren't the only ones to appreciate them. We offer a wide range of baskets , plant pots and containers that you'll love experimenting with at home.

So Many Choices!

2  piece  ceramic  hanging  basket

Whether you want to brighten up your front door , make a colourful indoor feature , or grow your favourite plants in the garden - we have a basket for you. They're made of versatile materials like ceramic , rattan , metal and woven fibre. These allow you to easily select the styles that fit your needs. Read on , and let us tell you our tips for choosing the best hanging planter.

Where to Hang Them

Hanging planters are supremely versatile so they look great in both indoor and outdoor locations. Traditionally , round containers would be hung in porches or by the front door using the appropriate hanging basket brackets. This is still one of the most popular options. If space is an issue , there are lots of contemporary styles to choose from. A single pot or tiered pots can be attached to walls instead of above the door. While elongated hanging planters offer a more streamlined alternative to the classic round basket.

How to Install Hanging Planters

The weight of its materials along with its soil and plant contents can make hanging planters heavy and so a strong and sturdy hook is essential. Before installing your hanging planter , follow these simple steps below:?

  • Before buying a hook , weigh your planter and planting on a bathroom scale.
  • Choose a hook that has a higher weight rating than your planter and planting. If your planter weighs six pounds for example , select a hook with a rating of at least 10.
  • Use a cordless electric drill to make a small hole where you'd like the planter to hang from. Ensure that the hole is smaller than the bolt going into it.
  • Insert the bolt into the hole , turning it clockwise to tighten it.
  • Hang your planter from the hook , gently tugging at it a couple of times to ensure that it's secure.
  • Choose a hook that swivels so that you can change the direction of the plants regularly. This will ensure that each section gets an even amount of sunlight.
  • Versatile Hanging Planters

    Eyes  Wide  Shut  Ceramic  Hanging  Basket

    The beauty of these stylish accessories is that they look great in so many settings. Pick a large hanging planter to suspend from shed eaves or brackets in the garden or opt for a series of smaller pots to create an artistic feature on patios or terraces. Modern hanging baskets are ideal for use inside the home too. Choose filled containers or use the correct type of liner to prevent leaks onto your floors. Let your creativity bloom. Shop our beautiful selection of artificial plants and flowers or get some inspiration on how to create DIY paper plants in our Ideas & Advice section.

    Make It a Feature

    Lounges , halls , and kitchens can all benefit from the addition of a few hanging planters. Nothing draws the eye to a beautiful dining table quite as well as a sophisticated floral arrangement; especially if it's suspended overhead. It's easy to achieve this effect with the right accessories including hanging basket brackets , hooks and fittings. The kitchen is a perfect choice if you're green-fingered. Get in on the micronutrients craze by filling a small pot or two with pea shoot , mustard , cress or sunflower shoot seeds then hang them in bay windows or from the walls. Within about 10 days you'll be ready to harvest your first crop for salads , soups or sandwiches.

    Pick Your Planter

    Bolo  Ceramic  Hnaging  Planter

    Take the easy route and choose pre-filled planters that don't need any care. Artificial plants and flowers look so realistic. They're perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms or areas that don't get much natural light. Or , if you just love to grow your own , the sky is the limit when you select the right hanging baskets. Firstly , take a look at how much space you have. Whether you're looking at a small corner of the patio , the kitchen window recess , or a large garden we have you covered. Larger planters work best in open spaces while contemporary shapes like oblongs and ovals look great framed by trellises , walls or fences.

    More Basket Beauty

    Once you've decided which hanging baskets best fit your needs , it's time to fill them up. Many are lined and ready to use so it's simply a matter of adding the correct growing medium and choosing plants. Lightweight coir growing fibre is ideal for rattan or woven hanging planters and is a wonderful base for herbs. Heavier wall hanging planters made from metal and ceramic allow you to be as adventurous as you wish. The extra weight means you can use good quality compost and take your pick from a vast range of plants that includes vegetables , herbs , grasses , and flowers. For an instant splash of colour why not try geraniums and marigolds? Just remember not to overfill the containers so that each plant has space to spread and flourish.

    19 of 30 Review For Spatial Metal Hanging Basket

    • Review by Lynn

      Lynn ( 2021-Oct-12 )


      Love these chairs. They match perfectly with our outdoor concrete table and are really quite comfortable.

    • Review by Stephen

      Stephen ( 2020-Jul-19 )


      Quite tricky to put together especially the back board which was very uneven and it doesnt seem to sit flat to the floor making it a bit wobbly. However it does look nice in my hallway.

    • Review by Pauline

      Pauline ( 2021-Jul-09 )


      I'd seen cheaper versions which weren't fully weatherproof, so went for this, but was disappointed that the faux rattan isn't as realistic/attractive as the less expensive ones, it actually looks a bit cheap! However hopefully it will last longer. Fingers crossed.

    • Review by Melissa

      Melissa ( 2020-Oct-03 )


      Sturdy and very large! Perfect for storing garden cushions and many other things! Finishing on lid a little messy but other than that, easily assembled and attractive

    • Review by Julie

      Julie ( 2021-Apr-04 )


      Unfortunately the product was faulty on arrival, the grey laminate was blown/bobbled on 4 out of the 6 shelf sections, this also caused them to be darker than the rest of the laminate surrounding it. Can't really comment on the finished article as it's tainted but customer service was very good and made resolving the issue very simple.

    • Review by Mark

      Mark ( 2020-May-17 )


      I have a small patio and hate clutter. I bought this in white and it's big enough to hold my clippers, gloves, fertilizers, small garden tools, barbecue tools and a bag of charcoal. It's sturdy enough for me to sit on while barbecuing. Perfect for my needs and looks nice. It's easy to put together following the instructions. A great deal and arrived in no time at all.

    • Review by Sena

      Sena ( 2021-Sep-17 )


      excellent value for money.. goes up in less than 10mins with clear and easy instructions. and delivered on time.

    • Review by Arthur

      Arthur ( 2021-May-09 )


      The first bench we were sent was faulty but following a phone call to a very helpful lady in, the faulty item was collected the next morning and a new one delivered that afternoon. Excellent service and the bench was easy to assemble, sturdy and looks great in the garden. Thank you

    • Review by Anthony

      Anthony ( 2021-May-28 )


      This bench was easy to assemble & is extremely sturdy. Good quality wood. It arrived super fast too so thank you!

    • Review by Anon

      Anon ( 2020-May-14 )


      Sturdy and fairly easy to put together. It is very large so check your measurements. It was just what we wanted.

    • Review by Lucie

      Lucie ( 2021-May-30 )


      Happy with delivery time, good quality, found two holes outa line could not put screw in no matter how you lined it up. One hole partly covered by plastic slat took ages to get screw in. One corner see picture damaged. Dont want replacement as took so long assembling it but would like a part refund Thank you Ruth Rampling

    • Review by Sam

      Sam ( 2020-Dec-25 )


      Really handy bench. Really love the fact you can sit on it and put your shoes on. Wrong colour sent, but wayfair offered money off, the one sent. Was happy with that.

    • Review by Neil

      Neil ( 2021-Oct-16 )


      Beautiful sturdy chairs. Easy to put together. One of the chairs was broken and customer service sent a replacement within a few days. Love the color. Not as weathered as pictured, but mother nature should take care of that. The wide arms of the chair are great for placing a glass or plate.

    • Review by Gretchen

      Gretchen ( 2020-Jan-31 )


      For me the quality of product is the most important factor,and this bench fell short. The material used and the color was not true to advertisement.

    • Review by Penelope

      Penelope ( 2020-Nov-11 )


      Great space saving greenhouse for a budget. With covid 19 and the children being home schooled this was just the ticket to do some work in the garden.

    • Review by Verified Customer

      Verified Customer ( 2021-May-07 )


      I absolutely love this! Perfect for my busy family with 4 children. Its very well made and was stress free putting it together. The shelfs are deep so my partners size 12 trainers fit without hanging over the edge. Very happy x

    • Review by Jamie

      Jamie ( 2020-Oct-27 )


      Lovely shoe storage for smaller hallways. We have a narrow hall and this fits perfect. It was very easy to put together as it was all numbered and all i needed was a drill. Would buy again! Taking one star off for my rating as two of the parts had cracks in it. However, this was made pretty much ininvisible when

    • Review by Brenda

      Brenda ( 2021-Jul-28 )


      Amazing quality. Easy to assemble. Love the gas strut lid.. very helpful. Very large and stores everything we need.

    • Review by Shirley

      Shirley ( 2021-Jun-13 )


      Great storage unit, easy to build (built on my own with minimal tools) and sturdy! Fits in the space perfectly! Was sick of the pile of shoes under the coats!!

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