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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Overall-Imperial: 56.3'' H x 28.74'' W x 37.4'' D
  • Overall-Metric: 143cm H x 73cm W x 95cm D
  • Product Type: Hobby Greenhouse
  • Panel Material: Polyethylene film
    • Product Name Senger 1m W X 0.7m D Greenhouse
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uka75d31ee7e81060
      Category Greenhouses Cold Frames
      Main Category Lawn Pots Planting

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All About of Greenhouses Cold Frames

Greenhouses & Cold Frames

Are you an enthusiastic hobby gardener who seeds , weeds , trims and mows away in the garden but sometimes British climate just does not do it for you? Do not despair , there is help to survive cold , wet summers: cold frames and greenhouses!



The climate produced in greenhouses is not based on the exact same processes as the well-known "greenhouse effect ". The greenhouse effect is the absorption and emission of thermal radiation by greenhouse gases like the famous ozone , water vapor , methane or carbon dioxide. This process is very important to keep the Earth warm. Without the gases , radiation from the surface would just disappear into space. But too many of them cause the greenhouse effect and overheating.

Greenhouses on the other hand become warmer due to sunlight shining into the greenhouse through the transparent roof and walls , heating up the soil , vegetation and thereby air. The air stays warm and even increases in temperature because it cannot escape via convection and mix with cooler air as it would on the outside. When the temperature or humidity in a greenhouse gets too high , you simply open the door or a window on top. The hot , humid air can escape and the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse decreases again.

Cold Frames

wooden  cold  frame

Cold frames are useful if you do not have enough space for a bigger greenhouse , or simply only need a space to grow a few seedlings before transplanting them to open flower or vegetable beds.

Conservatories and sunrooms

Your conservatory is a type of greenhouse as well. Big glass windows or roofs let sunlight inside and heat up the air. You can feel like you’re sitting outside and enjoy garden views but stay warm , even when the actual temperature outside is much lower.

Buying a Greenhouse , Cold Frame or Growing Rack

cold  frame ,  greenhouse

Our hobby greenhouses are covered in polyethylene film or have transparent panels made of transparent materials like glass or polycarbonate. Most of their frames are made of aluminium or steel.

If you are looking for something bigger for many plants and flowers , a commercial greenhouse with dimensions of up to six or seven metres in length or width might be the best option for you instead of several smaller hobby sized greenhouses.

For the other end of the spectrum , when you do not have a lot of space available or only need to grow a few plants in a microclimate , have a look at our selection of cold frames , growing racks and mini greenhouses. Some of the mini greenhouses are folding constructions. They can be easily folded up and packed away when you do not need them. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Greenhouses for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Greenhouses that are right for your home. With great products like the Tyree 200 x 80cm Greenhouse and the Jeremiah 2 Ft W x 4 Ft D Mini Greenhouse you're sure to find the right Greenhouses that fit into your home.

17 of 44 Review For Senger 1m W X 0.7m D Greenhouse

  • Review by Beaulah

    Beaulah ( 2021-Apr-08 )


    Absolutely love it, comfortable seating and wipeable covers , love the green cushions

  • Review by Janice

    Janice ( 2021-Oct-02 )


    Looks great. Color faded a bit after the first season with them, but I guess that is expected in the outdoors.

  • Review by Sandra

    Sandra ( 2021-Oct-21 )


    Well packaged, individual bags of nuts, bolts, and instructions easy to follow. Feels solid and looks good.

  • Review by Greg

    Greg ( 2021-Jun-26 )


    The Volusia Wooden Garden Bench exceeded all of our expectations, especially given the reduced price which we assumed was because of the less than perfect non-durable finish it came with. Thus we rectified this situation by revarnishing it ourselves, much to our satisfaction. We are very pleased with the purchase. It is well designed and easy to assemble. The pop-up tray-table in the center is a real plus, not often found with most outdoor benches.

  • Review by Flat28

    Flat28 ( 2020-Apr-12 )


    Fantastic purchase, keeps everything dry and super easy to build great service from purchase through to delivery.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jun-28 )


    Absolutely love our corner sofa set, nice colour with good finish and comfortable to relax on! Every chance we get we’re using them!

  • Review by Jeannette

    Jeannette ( 2020-Jul-18 )


    WHAT A DEAL!!!!!! I got this amazing, expensive outdoor bench for about 70% OFF during one of Super Sales! That's why I'm addicted to - you can get unbelievable deals!!! Thank you!

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2020-May-02 )


    Just what I needed for all the garden cushions. Easy to assemble and nice sturdy design. It’s massive too!

  • Review by Barbara

    Barbara ( 2021-Apr-03 )


    Color was a bit darker than what we were expecting but we didn’t hate it. Still looked good with the rest of our patio furniture.

  • Review by Claudette

    Claudette ( 2021-Nov-19 )


    Great value and comfortable. My 19 year old daughter put it together on her own as a surprise for me... and did a great job! was impressed at the quality for the cost

  • Review by Bianca

    Bianca ( 2021-Apr-20 )


    Easy to assemble....ideally you will need help with attaching the lid. Looks good and great size. Would definitely recommend this item . Delivered on time and kept informed whilst in transit.

  • Review by Elizabeth

    Elizabeth ( 2021-Dec-31 )


    Arrived on time, easy to put together, nothing missing, very comfortable, would definitely purchase again.

  • Review by Ellenor

    Ellenor ( 2021-Dec-27 )


    Very happy, great little set to enjoy your morning coffee and afternoon cocktails! Comfy and great quality, would highly recommend

  • Review by Teresa

    Teresa ( 2020-Aug-20 )


    There are just the two of us living at home so this is a very comfortable and useful set for us. It’s also very well-made, the cushions match beautifully with all the green, garden plants around and it looks quite wonderful on our patio.

  • Review by Karen

    Karen ( 2021-Mar-17 )


    perfect for keeping all the shoes tidy in my busy household, fantastic piece of furniture and amazingly easy to build, good quality piece of furniture well worth what I paid for it recommend highly to anyone contemplating buying this item

  • Review by Maria

    Maria ( 2020-Jan-30 )


    Easy to hang, cute, looks great with a variety of air plants. What else could you need?

  • Review by Joan

    Joan ( 2020-Nov-07 )


    This sofa set is great. Easy to put together and is comfy! Good price too

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