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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Primary Material: Plastic
  • Pieces Included: 10x picket fence
    • This lawn edging can do more than just create clear boundaries between beds green spaces and paths. The decorative path edging highlights certain areas with its white stone look and gives your garden that certain something. You can arrange the 10 elements of the plastic fence in any order. Whether as a straight line square or circle you can choose the shape simply inserting the border into the ground using the ground anchors. Your garden will immediately look visually tidy.

      Product Name Kutcher 0.23m X 0.25m Lawn Edging (Set Of 10)
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk385374370bb25cf
      Category Garden Edging
      Main Category Lawn Pots Planting

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

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All About of Garden Edging

Garden Edging

Sprucing up your outdoor space? Details like garden edging can make a big difference. It's both stylish and practical - durable and low-maintenance. They prevent grass rhizomes from encroaching on flowerbeds and separate lawns from other parts of the property. You can use metal , timber and plastic edgings from the wide selections in our stores to really add some flair to your lawn.

Why Use Garden Edging?

Garden  Edging  by  Sol  72  Outdoor

Edging also acts as décor. Garden fencing creates subtle borders between different parts of your property. For instance , you can separate your lawn from the flower bed using log or metal rolls. Edging fences also serve as a barrier - preventing tree roots from penetrating parts of your garden or compound where they could damage property or deprive other plants of nutrients. They also help your garden resist erosion by acting as miniature dykes. Metal edgings prevent pets and livestock from straying into the garden.

Timber Edging

Wood makes for rustic-looking fencing. There are several types of timber edges ranging from round posts to square and oval shapes. All log edges are pressure or dip treated to protect them from pests and weather damage. Timber is easier to install than stone or brick constructions because it doesn't require trenches. Use galvanised corner braces to make joints at sharp edges by placing them on the inside of the edge and screwing them.

Stylish Metal

Metal  Garden  Edging

Crisp metal edges double up as outdoor décor. You can use them to separate lawns from flowerbeds. Metal structures are made of corrosion-resistant cast iron , aluminium or steel and covered with gloss for extra protection. They come in a variety of colours. Choose a different colour for each partition of the flowerbed. Metal edging sets are easy to install because they have spikes that attach to the ground without requiring trenches. Edging maintains borders without obstructing great views of the landscape. Metal ones give the impression of a fluid space with each fence décor leading to a new area on the compound.

Keep It Rolling

Rolls are great for edging circular spaces but you can also use them on partitions with sharp edges. They're versatile too. Use them to create artificial contours on the lawn and labyrinths in the flowerbed. Curved edgings create graceful round edges on the partitions in your garden. You can use edge sets to prevent the erosion and displacement of decorative stones on your pavements. Or install them for a contrast between the dark colours of your decking and the lush greenery of the lawn.

Before You Shop

Edwidge  Lawn  Edging

First , estimate the number of sets or the length of the roll to buy at Wayfair by measuring the length of the lawn or garden. Roll out a tape measure or rope around the area you want to fence. Make sure it covers all corners properly. Jot down the measurements. Most sets of metal , plastic and wood edging are ± 7 meters long , so divide the total length by 7 to see the number of sets you'll need to buy.

Putting Up Your Edging

To install garden edging , you need a square spade , a shovel and screwing tools. Create a shallow trench at the edge of the lawn using the spade. The trench should be 8 to 15 cm depending on the size of the edging. Use shallow trenches for short edgings and deep trenches for bigger edgings to make sure they hold firmly. Then arrange the edging material on the trench. Cover up the edging so that only the top third remains above the soil. Press the soil around the edge to make sure it's firm and compact. For plastic and metal rolls , insert a stake every 1.5 meters to hold it firmly in place.

Transform your garden

Evens  Border  Fence

Finish off your landscaping tour of Wayfair by selecting some gorgeous plant pots from the range of plastic , wooden , metal and concrete options available in our store. Hanging baskets , planter stands , garden arches , and boxes will look elegant on your patio or lawn after you've put up the edgings. Finally , pick up some fence panels to revamp your home from the entrance to the backyard.

20 of 44 Review For Kutcher 0.23m X 0.25m Lawn Edging (Set Of 10)

  • Review by Sue

    Sue ( 2020-Feb-24 )


    This small bench works perfectly for our outdoor shoe needs and was put together in no time flat.

  • Review by Mamie

    Mamie ( 2020-Apr-07 )


    Love this ....... it has saved our lovely patio set cushions from gathering mould or being eaten by little furry friends in the garage ..... it was quite easy to build and is really solid.

  • Review by Mamie

    Mamie ( 2020-Jul-05 )


    Easy to assemble prompt delivery very pleased with this product Fits all my garden furniture cushions in easily

  • Review by Casey

    Casey ( 2020-Nov-01 )


    Quick easy way to add pop to wall. Can be used for holding lots of items above a desk and still look attractive.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Mar-02 )


    Had this on my deck all winter long covered by a tarp and it still looks brand new. Washes off easily and is very sturdy. Color has not faded, but it is not in the direct sun light. Seat/Lid opens easily, but does not blow open in a strong wind. Very convenient for storing misc items used on my deck and keeps the items stored dry. Would highly recommend it.

  • Review by Lyndsey Franks

    Lyndsey Franks ( 2020-Sep-27 )


    I really really adore these bistro patio chairs. They work well with this beautiful outdoor table. I was pleasantly surprised the know that they are a metal base instead of wood. Such a classic and fun look!

  • Review by Brenda

    Brenda ( 2020-Apr-25 )


    Love these. Bought two. Were easy to put together and hold lots of storage. Also great extra seating.

  • Review by Penelope

    Penelope ( 2020-Jul-04 )


    Excellent sized storage box, large enough to hold all garden furniture cushions. The product is easy to assemble and is very sturdy.

  • Review by Craig

    Craig ( 2020-Oct-23 )


    Absolutely in love with my new garden sofa set! It looks amazing and delivery was really fast, it did take a good few hours to put together but it was so worth it

  • Review by Hayley

    Hayley ( 2020-Sep-20 )


    I bought the dark grey and love it. Just what i was after. Good quality, reasonably weighty with 2 drainage holes. Shame they have now sold out as I would like to buy 1 other.

  • Review by Barbara

    Barbara ( 2020-Jun-30 )


    This swing is just what I needed. Delivery was speedy. I was able to put it together by myself. Directions were simple and tools were perfect!

  • Review by Courtney

    Courtney ( 2020-Jun-06 )


    Absolutely top quality box, easy to assemble, robust, waterproof and nice and bid. Keter products always deliver

  • Review by Daniel

    Daniel ( 2020-May-29 )


    looks fabulous on my kitchen window ledge filled with all my favourite herbs.

  • Review by Lorraine

    Lorraine ( 2020-Nov-27 )


    smaller than it posted but pretty after putting plants into it.

  • Review by Helen

    Helen ( 2020-Jul-14 )


    Love this plant box heavy grey stone looking colour. Great price ready with drainage holes will buy again. Very quick delivery

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Mar-11 )


    Quality is great! Love the pop of color! Very sturdy! This bench really brought life to my boring porch. Received many compliments from families and friends. Definitely a great find. Instruction was terrible.. took me about one hour to put together. Also, this piece was pricier that expected but it looks good so Im happy.

  • Review by Claire

    Claire ( 2020-Oct-23 )


    It’s easy to assemble and looks good in our garden. However the cushions are poor quality and after little use are already losing their firmness and shape

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2020-Oct-07 )


    It was hard to put together with no instructions included. Pieces would not fit together easily.

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Jul-29 )


    Nice furniture. Fiddly to put together. Ut soon got the hang of it. Really pleased with end result

  • Review by Jonathan

    Jonathan ( 2020-May-24 )


    Looks lovely in our garden and has provided total protection for all our cushions through several downpours.

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