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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Overall: 200cm H x 150cm W x 50cm D
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Installation Required: Yes
  • Overall Product Weight: 30.1kg
    • Product Name Maliah Gate Arch
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk3a3d91a02043d25
      Category Garden Arches
      Main Category Lawn Pots Planting

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Composite Decking The Ultimate Choice In Materials For Your Deck

Composite decking is material that is made from recycled or pure plastic and recycled wood. The recycled wood used to make the composit material is usually wood fiber or sawdust. Some manufacturers use recycled pop bottles as part of the plastic component for this kind of decking material. Even though the prices of composite material are high, using composite decking as your choice of material for your deck has advantages that far outweigh the use of wood.

The composite decking material looks just like a plank of wood in size and shape. You can work with the planks of composite decking just as you can with wood decking, by sawing and fitting the ends together. You can cut the ends in any shape you wish, such as rounded, or you can use your router to give the composit decking a decorative appearance. If you check out the composite decking prices, you should also ask if the decking is suitable for this type of styling. Some of the brands of composite material for decking will develop air bubbles if you rip a piece of the plank and expose the surface.

Composite decking planks are colored all the way through. The type of composit decking material you buy will determine how much the material will fade over time. In the first 10 to 12 weeks, you should expect to see some fading of color from the composite decking material, but this is a natural process as the decking becomes acclimatized to the temperature and humidity. If you purchase some of the composit decking that has hollowed edges, you need to pay attention to how the exposed ends are treated. Some of them have individual caps, while others just have a square end. In order to add a decorative edge to some of the composite planks, you may have to use a skirt edge on the decking.

When you use composite decking, you still have to build a wooden frame. You also have to look at the spanning ability of the composite decking material you want to purchase. This means reading about the ability of the composit decking to carry a specific load across a specific joist spacing. You should also compare different composite decking prices among retailers because one retailer may offer a cheaper price than another for the same brand of decking.

Installing composite decking material to the wooden frame is not a difficult process. The typical method of fastening composite decking is to use a nail or a screw. You can use galvanized nails, decking screws or stainless steel screws. Most experts recommend that you bury the screw below the surface of the deck. If you use hollow planks in your composit decking, the most common method of installation is by inserting the screws in oversized holes that you drill through the composite decking. Then you can fill in the holes with plugs of the same color as the decking.

All About of Garden Arches

Garden Arches

Garden arches are a great way to add height structure and a special ornament to your garden - even if you lack space.

garden  arch  with  climbing  roses

Single garden arches can also be used as dividers. Place one at the end of your patio or between the bushes and the hedge on the lawn before you enter the part with the vegetable beds.

Whilst plastic garden arches exist , the two main materials used are wood and metal. Decide yourself which material is the best choice for your garden and personal style.

Wooden Garden Arches

round  wooden  garden  arch

The timber used in wooden garden arches is usually pressure treated to protect it against the weather and increase its life expectancy. Some are sold painted as well. Alternatively , you can paint yours in the colours you like to either stand out or blend in perfectly with the vegetation of your garden and your other furniture and design.

Metal Garden Arches

steel  garden  arch

Additional Features

steel  gate  garden  arch

Another special type is the half arch. Place one or several of them against the side of the house and roses climb up on them.

At , we sell a wide variety of wooden and metal garden arches to chose from. Have a look around and pick the height , width , material , colour and design that is most attractive to you. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Garden Arches for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Garden Arches that are right for your home. With great products like the Avalon Arch with Gate and the Rose Bamboo Arch you're sure to find the right Garden Arches that fit into your home.

15 of 26 Review For Maliah Gate Arch

  • Review by Diane

    Diane ( 2020-Aug-08 )


    Love this ....... it has saved our lovely patio set cushions from gathering mould or being eaten by little furry friends in the garage ..... it was quite easy to build and is really solid.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jun-07 )


    Needed something not too big for my cushions to store on my screen porch. It is the perfect size and also acts as a small table and is the right height for what I needed it for.

  • Review by Barbara

    Barbara ( 2020-Jul-16 )


    its fine, just needs something to tie it to the floor and wall to keep it from blowing away in the wind

  • Review by Anita

    Anita ( 2020-Oct-24 )


    This is the second keter shed I've ordered. They are excellent quality and easy to assemble. No maintenance needed keeps everything dry.

  • Review by RUTH

    RUTH ( 2020-Jul-01 )


    I’m in love with this product. Easy to assemble, looks sleek and is so useful. A great addition to my home and definitely recommended.

  • Review by Sandy

    Sandy ( 2020-Mar-18 )


    Great lights, very sleek look and were nicely packed. Very chuffed with the purchase.

  • Review by Glynis

    Glynis ( 2021-May-11 )


    First time gardeners... Go and buy!! such good value for money compared to others exactly like it and came in two days of ordering it! couldn't believe how easy it was to assemble, did it with no help. I have put two half bags of soil in the bottom on each side, to weigh it down other wise it will blow away.

  • Review by Mark Richard

    Mark Richard ( 2021-Jan-25 )


    I absolutely love this porch swing, and I was able to put it together fairly simply - the biggest issue was that I was sent the wrong hardware and was short one big bolt so I had to go to Home Depot and try to find a semi-appropriate match. I found one that has ended up working but is a tad shorter than the others and is silver rather than brass, which is a bit annoying. That said, overall the swing is getting regular use and looks beautiful (the wood is finished very well).

  • Review by Monica

    Monica ( 2020-Jul-14 )


    I love my bench!!!! It was the perfect addition to my patio! I drink my coffee sitting out there every morning.

  • Review by John

    John ( 2020-Jan-28 )


    It’s awesome!! We had our first guests the other night since we have this swing, they were amazed how pretty and comfortable it is. Moreover, it makes our deck look much fancier;) We definitely recommend it.

  • Review by Deb

    Deb ( 2021-Apr-28 )


    The seat came broken and I realized it after assembling the swing frame. Hopefully the other parts don’t fall apart.

  • Review by Barbara

    Barbara ( 2021-Jan-11 )


    So pleased with this garden sofa set! Was really easy to assemble and looks lovely. Ordered a lot from wayfair recently and they never disappoint!

  • Review by Catherine

    Catherine ( 2021-May-07 )


    One the hole it is ok. I had a lot of trouble with the centre joining uprights. They would not click into place on the roof or floor no matter which way up they were. Spent over a hour and a half with the first centre joining upright before giving up and making it do with the way it was. It would have been nice to have a few more options on the walls for fixing shelves.

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Jan-22 )


    These hanging plant holders are adorable. Very clean and adds an unusual element to an art wall.

  • Review by Mark

    Mark ( 2020-Jun-03 )


    Easy to wire up, the hanging chain can be shortened and the electric cable re-threaded into the holding ceiling bracket without to much hassle.

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