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  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Primary Material: Metal
    • Product Name Diamondine 5' X 4' (1.38m X 1.26m) Metal Woodland Gate
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
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Get Your Dream Dining Room with the Right Furniture Pieces

Unplanned dining room is a typical sight where everything hangs in tedium. There is little continuity and the space ends up looking like a big mess with unlikely outcomes such as an awkward sitting arrangement with no space to move around, or the discomfort the host faces while serving. Once you pay attention to basic areas of your dining area, you can start thinking about modern dining room furniture that compliments your home, and not just stands there not to knowing where it fits. To avoid an odd situation, look up to the basic.

Watch out for clear yes situations; recheck the list below to assure that you,
Measure the complete dining area with the furniture articles it already occupies like buffets and console tables
Estimate the number of people (how many will dine?)
Round up on an ideal size (the shape will fit in)
Guesstimate your need. Do you need it for small get-together/family gatherings?

Once you have the sorted out the details, you can think of a table shape that compliments the area. Traditional rectangular shapes are ideal for big families, but there are more shapes available. And contemporary dining room sets fill in the norms of modern day lifestyle, fitting in snugly; and leaf tables can also sit as a daytime console table in a corner. If you like regular features in your dining room, you can get a set that bespeaks the theme and fits the space conveniently, allowing room to move about.

Extendible tables are a smart idea for hosting parties and seating more people, and then there are outdoor dining tables that can be used indoors with ease. So, depending on your lifestyle, get a table that is practical and approachable. You can also match up a table with designer dining chairs that come in sleekest of material and designs to suit your taste for novelty.

Here go a few general rules you should pay attention to while purchasing dining furniture,

An average diner requires about 18 to 24 of space away from the table to comfortably pull the chair and sit in.

As to the space between two diners, the ideal one would be 24-30 to prevent brushing of elbows and any awkward bump ins.

There must be sufficient space for the host to be able to serve. So you need at least a distance of 4-5 feet for the

person to move about.

Dinner buffets should be placed well within reach for convenience.

Ready dining sets free your mind from the hassle of finding the right matching furniture that compliments. The enthusiast and connoisseur can still enjoy the innovation when it comes to mixing and matching furniture. Then there are regular tables in fancy shapesround, oval, square and more unusual shapes designed for smaller families. Pay attention to the chairs closely.

You dont want a snobbish furniture piece sitting wobbly around the table. Also work on practical aspects; it would be a better idea to avoid fabric chairs when you have growing kids at home. Stain-resistant chair upholstered in micro fabric and leather chairs are easy to clean.

Apart from the in stock dining designs, you must pay attention to dining room storage that includes,

Curios: Independent display unit with a central glass front and wooden/glass sides

Dinner Buffet: Used as storage furniture for your precious china and glitters, you can display and use the buffet by placing it near the dining table. The top of the buffet is normally used as service area and in modular homes; its a blessing to have a buffet around.

Sideboard: Equipped with a wide drawer, the table comes with cabinets on both sides. The furniture is mainly used for storing serving dishes and platters as well as for serving food.

Server: Quite like the sideboard but minus the cabinets, it is used to place food on the table before serving it on the table. A server is a shallow table with drawers.

All About of Garden Gates

Garden Gates

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or even some extra green space around your house , then a garden gate is a must. A gate serves to create a boundary between your personal space and the outside but it can do much more than just that. Whether you live in a terraced house with a small front garden separating it from the street or in a large country house with a long driveway , the garden gate is the first thing your visitors see. It is also a practical way to separate different sections in your back garden to hide unsightly bins or to create a space for you pets to roam freely. Set the right tone with a beautifully crafted gate and make a good first impression!

Garden Gate Materials

metal  garden  gate

The style of the gate is largely determined by the material. Most are made of either wood or metal , which both have their specific advantages. Bigger models tend to be made of wood because of the weight and price as well as for the ease of installation. Smaller garden gates , usually the size of standard doors , are typically more ornate and made of wrought iron.

Wooden Garden Gates

wooden  garden  gate

Their main advantage is the lower price point and the simple , natural look which is perfect for minimalist and modern gardens. They come in a variety of sizes , but should they not fit your required measurements perfectly , they can be easily adjusted with a few simple tools. Despite their classic style , wooden garden gates are anything but boring – choose a featheredge or overlap model for a seamless look and added privacy thanks to the uniform design.

Lattice or trellis gates are timelessly chic and will elevate any garden with their elegant form. The delicate grid pattern works well in minimalist and French-style gardens , casting beautiful shadows throughout the day. Trellis gates work best in smaller sizes or as a garden gate – their structure might be too fragile for a driveway gate. A picket gate integrated into the fence makes for a seamless look in classic suburban style.

Metal Garden Gates

metal  single  door  garden  gate

Metal gates come in an even greater variety of styles. Nothing can beat the regal elegance of a large , wrought iron driveway gate – a quick and sure way to elevate the look of your grounds. However , iron gates look just as fabulous in smaller sizes. carries a selection of ornate styles as well as simple , streamlined models in geometric shapes.

Wrought iron allows for twirling and curving details to be incorporated into the gate design. An iron model can last you a lifetime , however , it requires proper care just like wooden gates due to constant exposure to sun and rain.

Care and Maintenance

metal  double  door  fence  gate

Whether you choose a treated or an unfinished garden gate , you should pay some attention to the proper maintenance of the material. Untreated models allow for more creative freedom in personalising your gate , as you can paint it or stain it any colour to match your fence or the facade of your home. Treated gates come in a variety of neutral shades , guaranteed to blend seamlessly into any garden.

However , they require regular maintenance to remain in good condition and to keep their original shade. Applying a few coats of wood oil 2 to 3 times a year will help to protect your garden gate from weather conditions and UV rays. Metal gates should be regularly cleaned with warm , soapy water to prevent early rusting and paint chipping. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Gates for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Gates that are right for your home. With great products like the Brizendine Premium Scroll Single Garden Metal Gate and the Seelinger Garden Arched 3' x 5' (1m x 1.5m) Wood Gate you're sure to find the right Gates that fit into your home.

16 of 21 Review For Diamondine 5' X 4' (1.38m X 1.26m) Metal Woodland Gate

  • Review by Claudette

    Claudette ( 2021-Feb-16 )


    Excellent quality and look really expensive. Delivery was alot faster than expected. Love them

  • Review by Luann

    Luann ( 2020-Jul-28 )


    Easy to wire up, the hanging chain can be shortened and the electric cable re-threaded into the holding ceiling bracket without to much hassle.

  • Review by Rajiv

    Rajiv ( 2021-Feb-11 )


    Easy to put together (better with 2 as panels quite big) Great capacity Delivered on time. Delivery man pleasant

  • Review by Tracey

    Tracey ( 2020-Jul-04 )


    I'd seen cheaper versions which weren't fully weatherproof, so went for this, but was disappointed that the faux rattan isn't as realistic/attractive as the less expensive ones, it actually looks a bit cheap! However hopefully it will last longer. Fingers crossed.

  • Review by Erin

    Erin ( 2020-Jun-01 )


    Easy to assemble. Quality materials. Does the job nicely. Plants look great in them.

  • Review by Yvonne

    Yvonne ( 2021-May-03 )


    Very nice furniture set looks lush in my garden fairy simple to put together my husband did it in a couple of hours ☺️

  • Review by Jennifer

    Jennifer ( 2021-Feb-26 )


    I love these! Look fab in my garden hanging on my wall and fence. Good value for money and really easy to assemble. Came faster than I expected too!

  • Review by Anna

    Anna ( 2020-Jun-26 )


    We haven’t finished decorating that’s why plastic is still on but it is so practical and looks really lovely.

  • Review by Jeannette

    Jeannette ( 2021-Feb-09 )


    This my second season for my deck storage seat an it is just as beautiful as it was when it arrived. Double duty as a storage and a seat , just love it

  • Review by Fe

    Fe ( 2020-May-20 )


    Pretty at first but does not hold up to weather outside. Had it for a year and have to replace it.

  • Review by Lindsay

    Lindsay ( 2021-Feb-10 )


    This bench could not have been easier to put together. I'd also like to mention that it keeps the rain out. It's a good size for odds and ends, but of course doesn't hold much.

  • Review by Carla

    Carla ( 2020-Jan-17 )


    It’s fantastic so comfortable slightly tricky to build but once its up it really is fantastic. We have spent so much time as a family relaxing on it since we bought it

  • Review by Brenda

    Brenda ( 2020-Feb-15 )


    Very easy to assemble. Perfect size to store chair cushions. Wish I had ordered two more.

  • Review by Jessica

    Jessica ( 2020-Dec-18 )


    Very Pleased with the lamp and the delivey time as prompt. Will use again I'm sure

  • Review by Helen

    Helen ( 2020-Oct-19 )


    Looks good when assembed and does the job. Easy to assemble except for the back panel - attaching it with screws (why not nails?) without any guiding wholes whatsoever was pretty difficult.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Sep-29 )


    Very easy to install. Looks stylist and very comfortable. You can even adjust both sides of the footwear storage bench by moving the wooden plaques up and down. Great value for money.

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