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  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Yes
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Floor Included: Yes
  • Floor Material: OSB board
    • Product Name 14 Ft. W X 7 Ft. D Shiplap Pent Wooden Shed
      Brand WFX Utility
      Product SKU uk7cc72015a70a600
      Category Wooden Sheds
      Main Category Garden Storage Structures

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Create The Perfect Atmosphere

If you are anything like me, you are always aware of and very concerned with the atmosphere of the place you're in. It doesn't matter whether you are in your bedroom, your office, or in a coffee shop. You are easily affected by the atmosphere around you and you are pretty particular about the way things look, the way things smell and even the way things are arranged around you. Sound familiar? I live every moment of every day being nagged by my desire to have the perfect atmosphere no matter what situation I find myself in.

For a long time my desire for a particular atmosphere was a source of frustration to me. I wanted to stop caring so much if the furniture wasn't arranged just so or if the paint color on the wall didn't meet my expectations. And while I will obviously never be able to control every atmosphere I find myself in, I decided to start doing small things in any place that I could make changes, and this has made a huge difference for me.

One of the biggest things that affects me about any atmosphere is the lighting. I cannot stand being in a room that is filled with florescent lights and I hate it when natural sunlight is shut out of any room. I think that any atmosphere is made better by natural lighting and by lamps when there is a lack of natural light. I began adding a lamp or two to every room of my house and office so that I would feel comfortable and absolutely peaceful in each of both of these places. I'd encourage anyone who cares about atmosphere to invest in great lamps. They bring uniqueness, beauty, and great light into any space.

Another main thing for me with atmosphere is color. I rarely like to be somewhere that everything is white. I'm usually up for even a little bit of color on the wall, in furntiture or even just in accessories. Most homes, offices, churches, and stores could benefit greatly from choosing a great color scheme and sticking with it. I see so many spaces that are decorated with mismatching colors and it just makes the atmosphere awful. Add a little color to your walls and see what it does to the atmosphere of your space.

The third huge thing that makes or breaks an atmosphere for me is the smell. I have a pretty sensitive nose, so I'm always aware of whether a space smells good or bad. One of the best things my wife ever did was invest in some amazing scented candles that she spread throughout our home. I love the smell of our living room after a candle has been burning for a couple of hours. I take every chance to open our windows and let in the smells of nature. Oh what a difference a cool breeze or the smell of a fresh batch of cookies makes to any atmosphere. Find simple ways to make your space smell better.

I am really affected by the atmosphere I'm in. Fortunately, I've learned that an atmosphere can be changed with just a few small things. Take my advice: atmosphere matters. Do what it takes to enjoy the places you dwell.

All About of Wooden Sheds

Wooden Sheds

If you want to spruce up your outdoor storage space or enhance the look of your garden , wooden sheds are a must. Models range from ultra-compact to spacious and luxurious. Wooden sheds vary in hue , materials and shelving design. So measure up your space and let's get started.

Stylish Storage Creations

Wooden  bike  shed

Almost everyone who maintains outdoor spaces needs somewhere to hold their essentials. Whether that includes a couple of trowels and some gardening gloves , or a collection of deluxe lawnmowers and edging tools , having the correct shed makes a big difference. When browsing for sheds , take size into account , but think about shelving and table space , too. If you need a workspace for potting or working on repairs , there are models with benches included.

Size Matters

Generally speaking , all of our wooden sheds will be listed with their dimensions. These are usually measured in feet and inches , and the floor space is the key thing to look at. Make sure the shed you're interested in slots into your garden design , to avoid the need to move plants or rearrange the furniture. Door size matters too - especially if you are moving larger equipment into sheds , in which case choosing a model with double doors would make sense. Some models will require extra bases to anchor them properly.

Choosing the Ideal Shed

Overlap  Apex  Wooden  Shed

Everyone has their own needs when adding garden storage , so choose wooden sheds that will meet your requirements. Our catalogue includes a comprehensive selection , with specially designed bike sheds (the right size and shape to store one or two mountain bikes) , as well as lean-to style sheds when space is tight , and garden sheds that are large enough to house a workbench , power supplies , and even a TV.

Pick a Weather-Proof Shed

Almost all sheds will be exposed to wind and rain (not to mention extremes of hot and cold). This means that dip-treated wood is an advantage , providing extra moisture protection. Also , check for general weather resistance , as designs will differ in terms of durability. Picking a long-lasting model will ensure that you can store garden implements with no problems for years to come.

Garden Aesthetics

Shiplap  Pent  Wooden  Tool  Shed

Sheds are also a key part of overall garden layouts , and nobody wants to install an unsightly model that stands out from its surroundings. Fortunately , there are plenty of attractive sheds available , and a variety of different styles as well. Cladding styles could include shiplap - which creates an appealing , homely look. But there's also overlap cladding , which could be a more long-lasting option. Alternatively , many models are made from 100% natural pine or fir wood and possess attractive grains that make each shed completely unique. Have a browse and find a colour and look that suits your eye.

Let's Talk Roofing

The roof is another important aspect of any shed design , and styles include pent , flat , apex , and dome. Gabled styles like pent or apex will drain rapidly , which could be handy in areas with high rainfall. But sheds with flat roofs can often tuck into awkward spaces , and the roof can be used to store pot or climbing plants - a neat decorative touch. Rounded roofs also have a charming look. Their curved edges can often complement garden foliage more naturally than jagged edges.

Time to Accessorise

Wooden  tool  shed  by  Bel  Etage

Now could be a good time to invest in some comfortable garden seating that can fold up and be stored in your new shed. Or it could make sense to buy a framed gazebo that can be used for summer parties and stashed away out of season in your shed. And if you're redesigning your garden , pots , planters , and hanging baskets are always a useful addition. A vertical planter placed alongside a new shed could add greenery or floral touches to make the rich wood seem even more appealing. Get creative!

17 of 39 Review For 14 Ft. W X 7 Ft. D Shiplap Pent Wooden Shed

  • Review by Sue

    Sue ( 2020-Mar-20 )


    It was the exact thing I need to put in my garage to hold the small tools I keep. I know exactly where they are and the chest is nice to look at and strong.

  • Review by Annue

    Annue ( 2020-Aug-17 )


    Lovely piece and even better than on website. Fits in perfectly with my decor and as I just redecorated my hallway, it added the perfect finish. Price was ok and it's very sturdy and well made. Assembly took about 20mins and delivery was on time.

  • Review by Brenda

    Brenda ( 2021-Jan-25 )


    Looks great inside or out at the beach cottage. Light and easy to move.

  • Review by Farooq

    Farooq ( 2020-Oct-05 )


    Very cute. Not the sturdiest, but Ok for the price (was on sale). Splintered in parts when putting together and some holes did not line up well. Pretty easy to put together with 2 people. Going to finish the wood with oil so we’ll see if it survives the test of time...

  • Review by Sarah

    Sarah ( 2020-May-02 )


    Absolutely lovely set! Really happy with the quality and the comfort. Easy to assemble.

  • Review by Taif

    Taif ( 2020-Jul-27 )


    Very happy, great little set to enjoy your morning coffee and afternoon cocktails! Comfy and great quality, would highly recommend

  • Review by Sue

    Sue ( 2020-Jan-29 )


    This swing is very nice n sturdy. Great for back porch It was a gist for my daughter n she loved it

  • Review by James

    James ( 2020-Nov-26 )


    The are just what I have been looking for. They have a useful water reservoir in the bottom and hook so you can hang them. Good price and excellent delivery.

  • Review by Claire

    Claire ( 2020-Mar-19 )


    Bought for my daughter to go against trellis fence they will have done , looks good and with self watering should be ideal in summer with annuals.

  • Review by Carolyn

    Carolyn ( 2020-Jul-04 )


    Great quality and are surviving my windy and rainy terrace. They also look lovely tooooo

  • Review by Kerry

    Kerry ( 2020-Aug-11 )


    Brilliant storage box for my rattan corner seating - all the cushions fit perfectly. It looks great on the patio too!

  • Review by Claire

    Claire ( 2020-Nov-04 )


    It must be the easiest ever flat pack everything was marked holes pre drilled screws ect all in separate bags and looks great

  • Review by Cynthia And Tom

    Cynthia And Tom ( 2020-Jun-12 )


    Very stylish and comfortable. Wider seat than usual rattan furniture. Bought for our balcony.

  • Review by Jenny

    Jenny ( 2020-May-03 )


    Prompt delivery, good quality set for my apartment balcony. Just took about 15 minutes to unpack box, put on screw in feet, etc. Only grief was an annoying large sticker on the table glass top that just wouldn't peel off but soon removed after buying and using some white spirit

  • Review by Christine

    Christine ( 2020-May-04 )


    Easy to assemble, good instructions. Shelves on flimsy side, after reading reviews (advise using wood to strengthen) they’re fine for light pots and seedlings. It’s stood through a very windy day and torrential down pour. Very quick delivery too. Would recommend.

  • Review by Lee

    Lee ( 2020-Jul-27 )


    Love the simplicity of t. And the opening for the duvet is at the foot of the bed and hidden nicely, couldn’t even find it at first.

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2020-May-22 )


    First order required a replacement chair as damaged item sent out (no fault of delivery company) excellent customer service in handling problem and very good comms. Unfortunately after the items outside for 1 week there is rust markings already appearing on each piece of set. We originally didn't use a cover but it's certainly required as this obviously isn't even shower proof. Colour as shown in advertisement photos. Pretty bistro set however I wish it was a little more durable.

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