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Feng Shui Water And The Cycle Of Life

The spiritual connection to the physical world is about harnessing the positive energy that surrounds us through the ancient Chinese art of placement, arrangement and connectivity known as Feng shui (pronounced fung schwee). Feng shui literally means wind and water in Chinese. The connective flux or the constant state of change between all five elementsfire, earth, water, wood, and metalurges us to be in balance and in harmony with nature. There is no greater pathway of least resistance to this invisible energy that is constantly circulating, or chi (pronounced chee) than through flowing water. To begin by incorporating water into your environment in a harmonious way, it can bring balance into your life.

The placement of water and other elemental materials attracts chi. While chi does tend to gather in certain places, the proper circulation of chi may become obstructed or unbalanced in the places where we live, or the areas of a home or office. Then we may experience the adverse effects in many ways. For instance, relationships with other people may be unfulfilling, health may become impaired, or our finances may suffer. There are many different ways to improve chi, and one of the best and easiest ways to introduce the principles of Feng shui into your life is with the addition of water.

Generally speaking, water features are used to stimulate or create wealth or prosperity. Beyond the financial representation itself, richness in the value of life itself is also considered prosperous. Water is represented by several elements in the home such as the colors of black (in the West, black symbolizes seriousness, formality, and wisdom; is also used to increase mental activity and communication) and dark blue (reminds us of nature and conveys a sense of serenity; symbolizes seriousness and dignity). Also representative of water are glass materials, wavy and irregular shapes (symbolizes flexibility, interaction, and adaptability), as well as some household objects: sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, aquariums, pools, glass items, and plumbing. These colors, materials, and shapes all can be linked with one element or another. Its important to stress that one element should not dominate over the others. For example, too much fire in a room can cause tension and instability.

In order to understand how water may create prosperity, its important to understand the cycles of how the five elements interact to bring balance and harmony. The first cycle is the productive cycle, which is the nurturing cycle where one element produces the next one. The help of this cycle is taken to enhance the positive areas of your home. For instance, fire burns and produces ash (earth) then earth produces metal in its bowels. Metal when heated flows like water and water nourishes wood then wood is the fuel for fire. In the next cycle, the controlling cycle, one element controls the next element. For instance, fire melts metal and metal (axe) cuts wood. Wood then controls earth with its roots and earth restricts the flow of water then water extinguishes fire. Finally, in the weakening cycle, it is exactly the reverse of the productive cycle. If an element produces another element, the former gets weakened in the process. For instance, fire burns wood and wood soaks up all the water. Then water takes strength from metal and metal is extracted from the earth in which earth (ash) is produced from fire.

Since water is both the literal and symbolic source of life, it improves the chi more than most other elements. Slow moving water allows chi to accumulate, or even be formed. This is where water fountains become essential to balance lifes energies. Depending on the placement of water fountains, they can enhance different aspects of your life and improve mental health.

Water fountains bring the soothing sounds of water into your life and are a good way to bring positive energy into the home. For indoors, place a wall fountain in your office or work area. The soothing effect of running water helps reduce tension, while providing symbolic nourishment to increase your income. The stones in the fountain help stabilize your finances so you dont spend more as you earn more. For outdoors, garden fountains can be used. Like wall fountains, garden fountains are available in materials that are also appropriate for Feng shui such as glass(again, symbolizes water), stone, ceramic, wood, and metal. These Feng shui material elements go hand-in-hand with the balance you wish to create in your home.

Birdbaths are also a great addition to your front- or back-yard. Feng shui connects water, which nurtures all life, with money. Birds are also considered lucky, so this cure combines both symbols to increase prosperity.

Here are some additional Feng shui tips to include more water and the cycle of life into your home or office:

* Position a mirror to reflect a body of water. This cure is for people who live near a body of watera lake, the ocean, a river, or a stream. Water, which nourishes all life, can also symbolically nourish your finances and help increase your income. Hang a mirror so that it reflects the view of water and draws its wealth-producing energy to you.

* Install an aquarium in your living room. Aquariums grace many Chinese restaurants and are considered good luck. Because fish are living creatures, they are apt symbols of life, health, and growth, and water nourishes all living things. An aquarium also makes a colorful, calming addition to your interior environment.

* Replace a washer in a leaky kitchen faucet. A dripping faucet in the kitchen, where wealth is generated, can cause money to slowly leak away.

* Close toilet lids. Chi flows away from your home via drains, especially the toilet. Closing the toilet lid keeps money from going down the drain.

* Close the bathroom door and the shower curtain. By keeping these closed, you prevent chiand prosperityfrom slipping away down the drain.

* Hang a glass wind chime in the window of your office or work space. Glass facilitates mental activity and communication, so this is good for people who work in communication fields, computers, or sales.

Feng shui reminds us that were living with rather than against nature and it benefits both human beings and our environment. Our lives are affected by our physical and emotional environments. Instead of surrounding ourselves with destruction and obstruction, we surround ourselves with openness, cleanliness, and the understanding of lifes essential elements; we are harmonizing ourselves and balancing our lives.

All About of Gazebos

Garden Gazebos

As a homeowner , one of the most fun projects you can take on is the patio or garden you create. Regardless of where you live , there's always time during the year to enjoy spending time in your garden with your loved ones. A garden gazebo is one of the most enjoyable garden décor add-on you can buy. This simple purchase becomes an extension of your home. You can sit out on your garden furniture under your gazebo and enjoy the weather without sitting directly in the sun. Wayfair curates a wide selection of quality gazebo canopies so you can find the perfect one for your home. Let's look at other factors to consider when making your decision.


Gazebo by Size: You can place your gazebo wherever you'd like in your garden. If you have a concrete patio area , we have seen customers and decorators place their gazebo on the pavement. If you do not have a paved area , you can also install your gazebo on the lawn. There is no wrong decision here , it's simply a matter of how your garden is structured. We recommend you go outside to where you want the gazebo and measure the space you have to work with. This will ensure you don’t get one too small or too big. A common size options are gazebo with widths of 2 to 3 metres , 3 to 4 metres , or more than 4 metres. We also have small gazebos that work well in compact areas.

gazebo  canopy

Screened Gazebo: Screened in gazebos are enjoyable to have. It allows the option for you to comfortably enjoy the gazebo in rain or shine. You could also install other fun items in a gazebo with netting such as a television or speaker system. Where you install the screened gazebo is up to you. You might have a concrete patio off your home where you could install the screened gazebo directly off the siding. If not , placing it freestanding in the garden on the grass is also an option. Most of the time , the screen can detach too , so if you would prefer to not use it at times , you don't have to.

gazebo  canopy

Fabric & Hardtop Gazebos: Most garden gazebos have either a hard or soft-top. There is no right or wrong answer in the type of roof you choose. If you get a good deal of rain , sleet , or snow , a hard top can ensure it lasts. You can also find portable gazebos that may be moved or taken down in the colder months or whenever you do not your gazebo anymore.

Building your outdoor space is a fun home project to take on. The end result is a comfortable garden and patio for you to relax in with friends and family. You can also find garden gazebos by material type. For example , a metal gazebo might be best to help fight all kinds of weather. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Gazebos for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Gazebos that are right for your home. With great products like the Segal 6m x 3m Steel Pop-Up Gazebo and the Gorby 3 m x 3 m Steel Patio Gazebo you're sure to find the right Gazebos that fit into your home.

15 of 14 Review For Yukon 3.2m X 3.2m Pop Up Gazebo

  • Review by Julia

    Julia ( 2020-Mar-22 )


    A little disappointed with this. Whilst its perfectly ok I feel that it doesn't make the "statement" that I'd expected and is a little cheap looking

  • Review by Amy

    Amy ( 2020-May-17 )


    Practical large secure place for everything. Easy to assemble and has useful work top when its closed.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jan-09 )


    Love this plant box heavy grey stone looking colour. Great price ready with drainage holes will buy again. Very quick delivery

  • Review by Jenny

    Jenny ( 2020-Feb-20 )


    Bought 2019 Hopeless fittings Arms simply won’t screw in Sadly disappointed It is comfortable but not hard wearing

  • Review by Ellenor

    Ellenor ( 2020-Mar-31 )


    I bought one for firewood for near our fire pit, and the other holds towels in case someone forgets theirs near the pool. Never any problems with rain getting in and the extra seating is helpful. Holds even our larger friends

  • Review by Nannette

    Nannette ( 2020-Jun-22 )


    Good quality larger and better made than cheaper versions costing £50 less well worth the extra £50.

  • Review by Trevor

    Trevor ( 2020-Dec-29 )


    I have not hung these yet. I'm looking for the perfect place but they are sooo cute. Quality is very good.

  • Review by Katie

    Katie ( 2020-Nov-24 )


    Perfect size and well built extremely pleased with my purchase to protect all my garden furniture cushions in.

  • Review by Maz

    Maz ( 2020-Sep-19 )


    It is heavy and stable. Good quality product! Really pleased with it!

  • Review by L

    L ( 2020-Apr-19 )


    assembmy was very easy and cmae with all we needed. Took maybe 20 minutes. Loks very nice and the middle table cool. Nice purchase. We are using it for our store front, so we will see how it does.

  • Review by Candice

    Candice ( 2020-Aug-08 )


    Smaller than I expected but they can still hold a small succulent for wall decor. I mixed and matched this size with the larger size too.

  • Review by Steve

    Steve ( 2020-Mar-26 )


    Whilst the pots are well made and look nice. The colour of all 3 is not consistent with the largest pot looking as if it has only been painted once and one of the others being in between the brightest and dullest

  • Review by Eryn

    Eryn ( 2020-Dec-15 )


    They are very small for my liking.very cute but i wish they are a little bigger so you can actually put plants in it

  • Review by Janeradnor

    Janeradnor ( 2020-Sep-29 )


    This is the second keter shed I've ordered. They are excellent quality and easy to assemble. No maintenance needed keeps everything dry.

  • Review by Kristen

    Kristen ( 2020-Apr-15 )


    For me the quality of product is the most important factor,and this bench fell short. The material used and the color was not true to advertisement.

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