High Quality Furniture Of Sol 72 Outdoor Gazebos. Best 3m X 3m Pop Up Gazebo, Buy Gazebos online! Free delivery over £40 to most of the UK ✓ Great Selection ✓ Excellent customer service ✓ Find everything for a beautiful home

  • Country of Origin: China
  • Roof Material: Polyester
  • Overall Height - Top to Bottom (metric): 230cm
  • Overall Width - Side to Side (metric): 300cm
  • Overall Depth - Front to Back (metric): 300cm
    • You and your family will be able to enjoy every moment on your terrace or garden and are well protected from the weather under this beautiful pop-up gazebo. It is suitable for all weather conditions and the extendable practical folding roof will protect you from harmful UV rays and rainfall. This canopy consists of a powder coated steel frame and a 100% polyester waterproof cover. Intended for wall mounting. Note: Use a water-repellent spray to ensure that the gazebo roof retains its...

      Product Name 3m X 3m Pop Up Gazebo
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk459946bdae6518f
      Category Gazebos
      Main Category Garden Shades

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Home Appliances Understanding The Warranty

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All About of Gazebos

Garden Gazebos

As a homeowner , one of the most fun projects you can take on is the patio or garden you create. Regardless of where you live , there's always time during the year to enjoy spending time in your garden with your loved ones. A garden gazebo is one of the most enjoyable garden décor add-on you can buy. This simple purchase becomes an extension of your home. You can sit out on your garden furniture under your gazebo and enjoy the weather without sitting directly in the sun. Wayfair curates a wide selection of quality gazebo canopies so you can find the perfect one for your home. Let's look at other factors to consider when making your decision.


Gazebo by Size: You can place your gazebo wherever you'd like in your garden. If you have a concrete patio area , we have seen customers and decorators place their gazebo on the pavement. If you do not have a paved area , you can also install your gazebo on the lawn. There is no wrong decision here , it's simply a matter of how your garden is structured. We recommend you go outside to where you want the gazebo and measure the space you have to work with. This will ensure you don’t get one too small or too big. A common size options are gazebo with widths of 2 to 3 metres , 3 to 4 metres , or more than 4 metres. We also have small gazebos that work well in compact areas.

gazebo  canopy

Screened Gazebo: Screened in gazebos are enjoyable to have. It allows the option for you to comfortably enjoy the gazebo in rain or shine. You could also install other fun items in a gazebo with netting such as a television or speaker system. Where you install the screened gazebo is up to you. You might have a concrete patio off your home where you could install the screened gazebo directly off the siding. If not , placing it freestanding in the garden on the grass is also an option. Most of the time , the screen can detach too , so if you would prefer to not use it at times , you don't have to.

gazebo  canopy

Fabric & Hardtop Gazebos: Most garden gazebos have either a hard or soft-top. There is no right or wrong answer in the type of roof you choose. If you get a good deal of rain , sleet , or snow , a hard top can ensure it lasts. You can also find portable gazebos that may be moved or taken down in the colder months or whenever you do not your gazebo anymore.

Building your outdoor space is a fun home project to take on. The end result is a comfortable garden and patio for you to relax in with friends and family. You can also find garden gazebos by material type. For example , a metal gazebo might be best to help fight all kinds of weather. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Gazebos for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Gazebos that are right for your home. With great products like the Segal 6m x 3m Steel Pop-Up Gazebo and the Gorby 3 m x 3 m Steel Patio Gazebo you're sure to find the right Gazebos that fit into your home.

17 of 14 Review For 3m X 3m Pop Up Gazebo

  • Review by Joyce

    Joyce ( 2020-Mar-23 )


    Bigger than I expected which is great, lovely colour and solid sturdy materials it made of, it looks amazing in my garden with my small tree in it

  • Review by Sam

    Sam ( 2020-May-19 )


    We are extremely pleased with our porch swing purchase. It arrived in a timely manner and it was very easy to assemble.

  • Review by Wilmary

    Wilmary ( 2020-Jun-03 )


    Not fitted the light yet but it looks the part and feels like a quality fitting when you touch it.

  • Review by Anthony

    Anthony ( 2020-Jul-07 )


    So pleased with this garden sofa set! Was really easy to assemble and looks lovely. Ordered a lot from wayfair recently and they never disappoint!

  • Review by Pamela

    Pamela ( 2020-Mar-05 )


    Grundsätzlich echt chic, schnell zusammen gesteckt und dann auch stabil. Lediglich ein wenig negativ, nicht 100% passgenau.

  • Review by Jary

    Jary ( 2021-Feb-27 )


    Love, Love, Love my rattan set. Great to look at, well made for the price paid, comfortable and roomy

  • Review by Melissa

    Melissa ( 2021-Jan-09 )


    Its pretty and easy to install but the woods are much thinner than we thought. But otherwise a good accent to our small backyard

  • Review by Salima

    Salima ( 2020-Oct-15 )


    Arrived on time very helpful courier . Pictures do not do it justice ! Nicer than I thought just need the weather now !

  • Review by Cathy Daniels

    Cathy Daniels ( 2020-Jun-19 )


    Quite small and extremely lightweight. Thought they would be of better quality. You get what you pay for though

  • Review by S

    S ( 2020-Sep-01 )


    Exactly as pictured lovely sofa set great quality and reasonably priced.

  • Review by Mrs E M

    Mrs E M ( 2021-Feb-25 )


    This item is the perfect size for the space it was purchased for (due to the very handy sort by dimension feature on the website - i was able to choose something that was the perfect fit). Product only required 1 screwdriver to construct (not provided) and looks great once constructed. The instructions were easy to follow, and aside from some creaking noises, seems structurally sound. The bench also comes with rubber tabs for the underside so that it doesn't scratch your floor, which was also a pleasant surprise.

  • Review by John

    John ( 2020-Aug-01 )


    Nice furniture. Fiddly to put together. Ut soon got the hang of it. Really pleased with end result

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-May-20 )


    Delivered quickly, easy to assemble but the lid doesn’t stay up so it is tricky to put cushions away.

  • Review by Keith

    Keith ( 2020-Jan-19 )


    Great for toys outdoors, too hot to really sit on, throw down a pillow though and .... Now you get two for one. The kids love it for safe keeping of pool toys etc.! Keeper.

  • Review by Mrs

    Mrs ( 2020-Mar-21 )


    Great value for money. Delivered within a couple of days. Seems good quality for the price. Fills a redundant spot on my deck perfectly

  • Review by Jonathan

    Jonathan ( 2020-Aug-18 )


    Absolutely love it, great quality easy to assemble and looks great

  • Review by Salina

    Salina ( 2020-Jun-07 )


    It is smaller than it appears! Difficult to store high-tops in the small shelves. But it looks quite decent and can hold 10 pairs of shoes. So go for it if you are looking to shelve only that many pairs or will be using it as a supplementary to a main shoe rack

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