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  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Yes
  • Roof Material: Polyester
  • Overall Height - Top to Bottom (metric): 250cm
    • Product Name Milanna 2.97m X 2.97m Steel Pop-Up Gazebo
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk4d7d0c46c5bfba1
      Category Gazebos
      Main Category Garden Shades

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Cordless Tools Guide

-- Battery Size --
For cordless tools, power is determined by battery voltage: the higher the voltage, the more power and torque the tool has available. While more power and torque may seem like like something you want, there are trade-offs to be made. With high voltage cordless tools, along with the additional power, comes additional cost and additional tool weight.

Here is a typical comparison to illustrate the point. A typical 9.6 Volt cordless drill will typically weigh in the neighborhood of 3-1/2 pounds and cost anywhere from $35 - $150. As a comparison, a 19.2 Volt cordless drill can weigh up to 10 pounds and cost in the range of $125 - $300. If the increased torque and power of a 19.2 Volt cordless drill is really needed, the added cost may be worth it. But if you are using your cordless drill to occasionally drive screws in your home, a 19.2 Volt cordless drill is probably not worth it since it is harder to use (since it is heavy) and money not well spent. If you really do not need the additional power, a cheaper, light-weight cordless drill will probably suit your needs much better.

-- Number of Batteries --
Another point to consider when buying a new cordless tool is the number of batteries that come included with the tool. If you plan on using your tool for extended periods of time or often, you will want to only consider tools that come with two batteries. It is very frustrating when your batteries dies in the middle of something and you have to wait a couple of hours for the battery to charge before you can get back to what you were doing. When you are purchasing a tool, make sure it comes with two batteries. If it does not, look up the cost of an additional battery and include that when you are comparing costs between tools.

-- Battery Type --
Two types of batteries are for sale for cordless tools: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). Do yourself a favor, do not purchase a cordless tool that uses NiMH batteries. Yes, it may be cheaper, but it is cheap for a very good reason. NiMH batteries have issues with memory problems (they need to be completely discharged before they are recharged or they lose charge capacity), they do not last for as many charge cycles (the batteries die quicker), and they are lower power than equivalent voltage Li-Ion batteries.

-- Battery and Tool Storage --
Even when your cordless tool is off, it will draw a small amount of energy from the battery. While the amount of energy being drawn is slight, it can add up to a significant amount over the course of days, or weeks. So when you put away your cordless tools, be sure to remove the battery; this will help ensure that the battery is charged when you need it. Do not keep your battery in the charger for extended periods of time. While there are some chargers that claim to be "smart" about this, but as a rule storing your cordless tool batteries in the charger will lead to them dying sooner than if you do not. When storing your batteries avoid storing them in heat and cold. Cold weather will not harm your battery long-term, but it will decrease the amount of available power when the tool is being used. High heat can permanently ruin the batteries of your cordless tools. Avoid high heat, and do not charge your batteries in an area that is overly hot, this can permanently damage the battery.

--Charging Your Batteries--
Many higher-end cordless tools now come with advanced chargers that allow the battery to be charged in a very short period of time; often in about 15 minutes. For comparison, a standard charger can take up to 3 hours to charge the battery. If you need a quick-charging battery for your tool, look into the charging options that are available prior to getting a cordless tool.

-- Pick a Brand --
An easy way to avoid problems with battery availability is to decide on a battery size and brand and stay with it. If you consistently purchase the same brand of tool with the same battery size when buying drills, trim saws, reciprocating saws, screwdrivers, etc, you will be able to share batteries and chargers between all of your tools. This will increase the number of available batteries and it ensures that you will never run out of charged batteries.

All About of Gazebos

Garden Gazebos

As a homeowner , one of the most fun projects you can take on is the patio or garden you create. Regardless of where you live , there's always time during the year to enjoy spending time in your garden with your loved ones. A garden gazebo is one of the most enjoyable garden décor add-on you can buy. This simple purchase becomes an extension of your home. You can sit out on your garden furniture under your gazebo and enjoy the weather without sitting directly in the sun. Wayfair curates a wide selection of quality gazebo canopies so you can find the perfect one for your home. Let's look at other factors to consider when making your decision.


Gazebo by Size: You can place your gazebo wherever you'd like in your garden. If you have a concrete patio area , we have seen customers and decorators place their gazebo on the pavement. If you do not have a paved area , you can also install your gazebo on the lawn. There is no wrong decision here , it's simply a matter of how your garden is structured. We recommend you go outside to where you want the gazebo and measure the space you have to work with. This will ensure you don’t get one too small or too big. A common size options are gazebo with widths of 2 to 3 metres , 3 to 4 metres , or more than 4 metres. We also have small gazebos that work well in compact areas.

gazebo  canopy

Screened Gazebo: Screened in gazebos are enjoyable to have. It allows the option for you to comfortably enjoy the gazebo in rain or shine. You could also install other fun items in a gazebo with netting such as a television or speaker system. Where you install the screened gazebo is up to you. You might have a concrete patio off your home where you could install the screened gazebo directly off the siding. If not , placing it freestanding in the garden on the grass is also an option. Most of the time , the screen can detach too , so if you would prefer to not use it at times , you don't have to.

gazebo  canopy

Fabric & Hardtop Gazebos: Most garden gazebos have either a hard or soft-top. There is no right or wrong answer in the type of roof you choose. If you get a good deal of rain , sleet , or snow , a hard top can ensure it lasts. You can also find portable gazebos that may be moved or taken down in the colder months or whenever you do not your gazebo anymore.

Building your outdoor space is a fun home project to take on. The end result is a comfortable garden and patio for you to relax in with friends and family. You can also find garden gazebos by material type. For example , a metal gazebo might be best to help fight all kinds of weather. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Gazebos for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Gazebos that are right for your home. With great products like the Segal 6m x 3m Steel Pop-Up Gazebo and the Gorby 3 m x 3 m Steel Patio Gazebo you're sure to find the right Gazebos that fit into your home.

19 of 32 Review For Milanna 2.97m X 2.97m Steel Pop-Up Gazebo

  • Review by Diane

    Diane ( 2020-Dec-26 )


    Fabulous storage. Easy to put together and unbelievably value. Just the trick for storing our outside furniture cushions.

  • Review by Robbie

    Robbie ( 2020-Feb-06 )


    This item is a quality product. Very nicely constructed and easily put together. I put it together on my own in half an hour, but some may find it easier to have some help for the final 'put together. I am extremely pleased with the product and recommend it to anyone. The packaging, whilst protecting the product, did contain slabs of polystyrene, which is bad for the environment.

  • Review by Angela

    Angela ( 2020-Aug-06 )


    Assembly pictures are not that great. Hangs much lower than I thought. Ok for kids. Definitely need to protect the wood with a good water seal.

  • Review by Tina

    Tina ( 2020-Jan-21 )


    Ich habe das Hochbeet schnell erhalten. Relativ kleines Paket für 1.20 m langes Beet. Waren alles einzelne Bretter und sah auf den ersten Blick aus, als wäre der Zusammenbau schwierig. Doch die Bretter liesen sich schnell und einfach ineinander stecken und das Beet war schnell fertig. Für innen gab es eine mitgelieferte Folie, welche man auslegen konnte, sodaß das Holz von innen geschützt ist. Das Beet steht auf meiner Terasse und sieht super vor meiner Gartenlaube aus.

  • Review by Colin

    Colin ( 2020-Feb-26 )


    We love this chair and customer service was great- our first order had a damaged chair but it was promptly addressed. Couldn’t ask for anything more!

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2020-Mar-18 )


    Pleased with the garden set. Easy to assemble and very good value for money. A good size for our small garden and the colour is better than imagined from the online images. Excellent delivery service.

  • Review by Siobhan

    Siobhan ( 2020-Aug-23 )


    Just what I needed for all the garden cushions. Easy to assemble and nice sturdy design. It’s massive too!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Aug-19 )



  • Review by Malgorzata

    Malgorzata ( 2020-Jan-31 )


    Love these! Perfect size for a smaller space. Comes with gold hardware to hang each vessel. Great product. Great price.

  • Review by Joanna

    Joanna ( 2020-Mar-03 )


    I have been looking for a small white storage bench for my condo deck. Off-white was available elsewhere. So was white but at an exorbitant price. Finally found them here. They require assembly but it's really easy and requires no tools. Took me maybe 20 minutes to put two of them together. Really nice!

  • Review by Clarinda

    Clarinda ( 2020-Mar-18 )


    Ordered 2 for my kitchen as end chairs. They came fully assembled and packed very securely. Fairly comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. This chair is well built and pretty, very happy with this purchase.

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Jul-28 )


    Looking for something to store bird feeders on my back deck and also be extra seating. This worked perfectly. Had a friend assemble - took about 10 minutes.

  • Review by Kim

    Kim ( 2020-May-29 )


    Ordered this Sofa Set came within 2 days of Ordering well Impressed , Looks lovely on my Patio and is very comfortable, Made the Bank Holiday Chilling on it , in the Sunshine

  • Review by Stephen

    Stephen ( 2020-Sep-18 )


    Very happy, great little set to enjoy your morning coffee and afternoon cocktails! Comfy and great quality, would highly recommend

  • Review by Resmiye

    Resmiye ( 2020-Nov-07 )


    Great lights, very sleek look and were nicely packed. Very chuffed with the purchase.

  • Review by Katie

    Katie ( 2020-Aug-16 )


    Excellent storage cupboard. It is very sturdy and the end shelves can be left out so something taller can be stored in there. My 28 year old son has it in the bottom of his walk in wardrobe to help tidy his shoes and when someone visits they can sit on the top.

  • Review by Cheryle

    Cheryle ( 2020-Jun-01 )


    Absolutely love our corner sofa set, nice colour with good finish and comfortable to relax on! Every chance we get we’re using them!

  • Review by Patrick

    Patrick ( 2020-May-24 )


    Bought to bring a little colour to my small hallway. Doesn’t disappoint. Great quality.

  • Review by Campbell

    Campbell ( 2020-May-07 )


    Love this and had a lot of use out if it over the summer. Is very comfortable and looks good in the garden. Added some fairy lights to make it stand out too.

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