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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Overall: 3cm H x 240cm W x 300cm D
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Overall Product Weight: 1.5kg
  • Colour: Grey
    • Product Name Fong Side Wall
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU
      Category Gazebo Canopy Accessories
      Main Category Garden Shades

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Create The Perfect Atmosphere

If you are anything like me, you are always aware of and very concerned with the atmosphere of the place you're in. It doesn't matter whether you are in your bedroom, your office, or in a coffee shop. You are easily affected by the atmosphere around you and you are pretty particular about the way things look, the way things smell and even the way things are arranged around you. Sound familiar? I live every moment of every day being nagged by my desire to have the perfect atmosphere no matter what situation I find myself in.

For a long time my desire for a particular atmosphere was a source of frustration to me. I wanted to stop caring so much if the furniture wasn't arranged just so or if the paint color on the wall didn't meet my expectations. And while I will obviously never be able to control every atmosphere I find myself in, I decided to start doing small things in any place that I could make changes, and this has made a huge difference for me.

One of the biggest things that affects me about any atmosphere is the lighting. I cannot stand being in a room that is filled with florescent lights and I hate it when natural sunlight is shut out of any room. I think that any atmosphere is made better by natural lighting and by lamps when there is a lack of natural light. I began adding a lamp or two to every room of my house and office so that I would feel comfortable and absolutely peaceful in each of both of these places. I'd encourage anyone who cares about atmosphere to invest in great lamps. They bring uniqueness, beauty, and great light into any space.

Another main thing for me with atmosphere is color. I rarely like to be somewhere that everything is white. I'm usually up for even a little bit of color on the wall, in furntiture or even just in accessories. Most homes, offices, churches, and stores could benefit greatly from choosing a great color scheme and sticking with it. I see so many spaces that are decorated with mismatching colors and it just makes the atmosphere awful. Add a little color to your walls and see what it does to the atmosphere of your space.

The third huge thing that makes or breaks an atmosphere for me is the smell. I have a pretty sensitive nose, so I'm always aware of whether a space smells good or bad. One of the best things my wife ever did was invest in some amazing scented candles that she spread throughout our home. I love the smell of our living room after a candle has been burning for a couple of hours. I take every chance to open our windows and let in the smells of nature. Oh what a difference a cool breeze or the smell of a fresh batch of cookies makes to any atmosphere. Find simple ways to make your space smell better.

I am really affected by the atmosphere I'm in. Fortunately, I've learned that an atmosphere can be changed with just a few small things. Take my advice: atmosphere matters. Do what it takes to enjoy the places you dwell.

All About of Gazebo Canopy Accessories

Gazebo & Canopy Accessories

There's nothing quite like sitting out in the sun , drink in hand , BBQ grilling. But sometimes we all need a little shade. Gazebos & canopies have got you covered , literally. Gazebo & canopies allow you to barbecue and picnic in your back garden or park whilst providing that much-needed break from the sun. Gazebo & canopy accessories help complete your ideal outdoor setup , with accessories ranging from fabric covers to sidewall kits , a must for creating the perfect outside oasis. Have questions about which gazebo & canopy accessories you need to add? We’ve got the answers:

Gazebo and canopy covers

gazebo  cover

Which cover is right for my gazebo or canopy? There’s a few different choices when it comes to canopy and gazebo covers. There’s toppers that fit just on the metal frame which allow for the breeze to flow through or side walls for more privacy. Invest in a brightly coloured cover so you can be seen from miles away or stick to white as this will reflect the sun and help keep you cool.

Gazebo and canopy weights

gazebo  weights

How do I get my gazebo or canopy to stay in place? The last thing you want is for your gazebo or canopy to blow away when it’s windy. Luckily , you can hold down the frame with gazebo & canopy accessories such sandbags or metal weights. Just anchor each leg with a weight and have peace of mind that it's not going anywhere fast.


gazebo  transportation

How do I transport my gazebo or canopy? If you want to take your gazebo or canopy on holiday or set it up on a random day at the seaside , transportation is simple. Invest in a heavy duty roller bag for the frame and you're half-way there. All that's left to do is collapse the gazebo or canopy and pack it along with your accessories. Et voila - it's practically magic.

Wayfair's selection of gazebo & canopy accessories help you create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing outdoors. Start browsing our array of gazebo & canopy accessories today and you'll be ready for a day out by next weekend.

At Wayfair , we try to make sure you always have many options for your home. That's why we have so many gazebo & canopy accessories for sale on our website , including brands such as Quick-Star and VonHaus. We want to make sure when you're looking for where to buy gazebo & canopy accessories online , you're getting one that's right for you. We have a zillion options to choose from with thousands of great deals every day. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Gazebo & Canopy Accessories for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Gazebo & Canopy Accessories that are right for your home. With great products like the Falls City Side Wall and the Briella 3m x 2.4m Pop Up Gazebo Side Wall you're sure to find the right Gazebo & Canopy Accessories that fit into your home.

22 of 44 Review For Fong Side Wall

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Apr-27 )


    Exactly what we needed for all our furniture cushions! Completely waterproof and super sturdy...and it was so easy to put together.

  • Review by Julia

    Julia ( 2020-Nov-15 )


    That little pop up table in the center makes it very convenient on our porch when we have need of extra table space

  • Review by Allan

    Allan ( 2020-Aug-16 )


    We wanted a bench that would stand out and represented our love of our hubby/dad/grandad who passed recently. It would be his 50th birthday this week and we’re so pleased with the bench and now fitted with a plaque that suits beautifully. Thank you wayfair

  • Review by David

    David ( 2020-Nov-09 )


    Absolutely love it, great quality easy to assemble and looks great

  • Review by Liz

    Liz ( 2020-Feb-23 )


    I ordered this for gardening tools and live in an area with a lot of rain. I am very happy with how watertight it is and how easy it was to put together. The top takes a strong person to snap into place but other than that, this is well worth it. Now that I have been using it for a while I am surprised by how cheap this was. Definitely worth it.

  • Review by Craig

    Craig ( 2020-Jan-23 )


    I ordered it as birthday present so I will not be using it. But I know my sister will love it. But most importantly, thank you for delivering it to my back door. That was a pleasant, impressive surprise. Thank you very much to UPS!!!

  • Review by Pauline

    Pauline ( 2020-Mar-28 )


    This is the second keter shed I've ordered. They are excellent quality and easy to assemble. No maintenance needed keeps everything dry.

  • Review by Shirley

    Shirley ( 2020-Jun-08 )


    Looks lovely in our garden and has provided total protection for all our cushions through several downpours.

  • Review by Suzanne

    Suzanne ( 2020-May-19 )


    Prompt delivery- easy to put together and plenty big enough for all our furniture cushions- also managed to fit two parasols! Very pleased customer!

  • Review by Maggie

    Maggie ( 2020-Oct-28 )


    These are a perfect wall accent for a smaller space. I put succulents in them and they fit perfect!

  • Review by Patricia

    Patricia ( 2020-Jun-04 )


    This was everything I expected. It is not only great for storage but it is also extra seating outside. I not only really liked this product but I purchased one for my son and his family! 5 star.

  • Review by Sarah

    Sarah ( 2020-Jan-24 )


    These are super cute and just as pictured. They went up easily with tiny nails, and they're perfect for air plants. I'd buy more/recommend them!

  • Review by Kim

    Kim ( 2020-Oct-08 )


    Great lights, very sleek look and were nicely packed. Very chuffed with the purchase.

  • Review by Yonita

    Yonita ( 2020-Aug-17 )


    So pleased with these plant boxes, they look amazing on our fences and were so easy to put together.

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2020-Jan-25 )


    Bench is a lovely color and I love that there is a little table that pops up in the middle. There are some dried paint drips, the table section where it locks in place was cracked, and some seams show, which I’m not super happy about. Hoping it will be a sturdy bench that will last is regardless.

  • Review by Jamie

    Jamie ( 2020-Jul-15 )


    Not too difficult to put together. Really comfortable. Should have gone for darker colour cushions with having 2 dogs!!

  • Review by Jenny

    Jenny ( 2020-Feb-08 )


    Very happy with my new shed, strong and sturdy looks good too, took 1 person 5hrs to put together.

  • Review by Lucy

    Lucy ( 2020-Dec-07 )


    I completely disagree with all negative reviews about this product. I was quite sceptical given the low price and array of negative reviews but I can't speak highly enough about it. Took about 45 mins to build, very straightforward, fits adult shoes perfectly (as you will see from the photo). Accessorised with a couple of cushions from too. Couldn't be happier. Obviously, if you buy this you should expect a plywood material rather than hardwood but the product is very good value for money. I would highly recommend!

  • Review by Welch

    Welch ( 2020-Nov-27 )


    Very nice just the chairs are lower than you expected ( old people would struggle)

  • Review by Davina

    Davina ( 2020-Jan-26 )


    Great match for the armless ones .......the arms give them that little something extra that makes them perfect for the younger set at the table.

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Mar-02 )


    Very pleased! Lovely bench to easily seat 3 people. Quite easy to put together, took my husband and myself an hour, he instructing and me assembling!

  • Review by Ashley

    Ashley ( 2020-Jun-08 )


    Easy to build, good instructions and looks great. Really pleased with it so far - looks brill in my hallway and means the kids aren’t sprawled on the floor taking their shoes off every day :)

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