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  • Pieces Included: 1 awning
    • Product Name Ward 6 W X 1.6m D Side Awning
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU ukdf1856bd570f7dc
      Category Awnings Door Canopies
      Main Category Garden Shades

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Glueless Laminate Wood Flooring

Easy to install, glueless laminate flooring uses the tongue and groove interlocking method instead of glue. Laminate floors are sometimes referred to as floating floors because they are not actually connected in any way to the subfloor. These floors can be installed over existing ceramic floors as well, which can be a huge time saver.

Another nice things about laminate wood flooring is that it expands and contracts as a whole. Since it is connected to itself but not the floor beneath, swelling and shrinking is hardly noticeable. For this reason you never want to connect your floating floor with any fixed object in the room. If you do the expansion could cause buckling and rippling throughout your floor.

Obviously glueless floors will be less messy to install than a glued laminate covering, but the difference in installation time is amazing. A typical tongue and groove glued floor will take roughly 8 hours to complete a 400 square foot area. With glueless floors you can complete the same area in close to half the time.

Because they are engineered, laminate floors come in a variety of patterns and styles. Some looks more like ceramic tile than wood and other types look almost exactly like real wood. There are some offered now that actually come with a real hardwood veneer, so the top part of your laminate is actually real wood!

Most glueless laminate floors need a moisture barrier of some kind beneath them. You can get just a simple plastic underlay sheet and that would provide adequate protection. You could spend a bit more and get a noise reduction underlay that would protect your flooring from moisture and also help prevent squeaking. This costs only slightly more and is a much better investment in your floors future.

Glueless laminate flooring is easy, durable, fashionable, and affordable. You can easily go wrong with hardwood and be stuck with it. Laminate is easy to remove if you decide later on that it's not for you.

All About of Awnings Door Canopies

Awnings & Door Canopies

When finalising your outdoor space , adding an awning or canopy can be a worthy investment.Hailed as one of the top and simplest ways to add value to your home , awnings and , in particular , door canopies are becoming ever more popular with renters and homeowners alike. No longer just a way to protect you and your patio from the elements with a simple extend and shelter technique , awnings and door canopies are the stylish statement makers , allowing you to expand your home and space for working , relaxing and playing to the outdoors.

Awnings are versatile enough that they can be attached to your home’s patio or windows , your caravan or perhaps even the side of your boat , wherever you might call home. Canopies are usually larger than awnings and come as freestanding , ideal for when you want to chase the sun and provide immediate shade. Yet with so many types of awnings and canopies available , which one is right for you?

Manual (retractable) awnings

Manual  retractable  awning

A manual awning is probably the most common and convenient type of awning available , as it allows you to extend and roll back whenever you desire. Using its simple folding mechanism , you can store a manual awning away with ease and reattach when necessary , avoiding any potential damage from rain or harsh weather conditions.

Automated (retractable) awnings

Dupont  retractable  side  awning

Similar to their manual counterparts , automated or motorised awnings are at the top of the list when it comes to convenience and ease of use. A little more on the pricey side , be weary that the awning’s motor is susceptible to eventual wear and tear and could need replacing in due time.

Portable awnings

portable  awning

An awning that can be transported from one place to another sounds tempting , however their mobility does mean that their frames are more often than not quite fragile. Much like a conventional umbrella , pitch them up wherever needed and all without the use of a holder. Great for spontaneous garden parties , events or that patch of garden in need of some


Static (non-retractable) awnings

static  awning

Fixed or static awnings are the most affordable variety. A permanent fixture above your window or door , static awnings are built to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions. That being said , they do require more cleaning and maintenance than other awning and canopy types.

Door canopies

door  canopy

A handy addition to a front or side door , door canopies are there to shelter you from rain , snow , sleet , whatever weather you face when leaving your home. Call it a stylish upgrade to an otherwise standard door.

At Wayfair , we have so many awnings and door canopies for sale on our website , from brands such as Wildon Home and Palram. We want to make sure when you're looking for where to buy awnings and door canopies online , you're getting one that's right for you. We have a zillion options to choose from with thousands of great deals every day.

17 of 48 Review For Ward 6 W X 1.6m D Side Awning

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Mar-22 )


    Looks great inside or out at the beach cottage. Light and easy to move.

  • Review by Karen

    Karen ( 2020-Dec-28 )


    Not fitted the light yet but it looks the part and feels like a quality fitting when you touch it.

  • Review by Vikki

    Vikki ( 2020-Oct-05 )


    Looks great quality. Haven’t tried it yet as I need outside area fixing up prior to hanging then need an electrician but this looks like it will do the job nicely.

  • Review by Sam

    Sam ( 2020-Jun-17 )


    Easy to put together (better with 2 as panels quite big) Great capacity Delivered on time. Delivery man pleasant

  • Review by Donna

    Donna ( 2020-May-27 )


    Quality was not as good as experienced with wayfair furniture in the past, so disappointed as one chair wobbles and the materiel used was not like my previous rattan garden furniture purchased. If I can not sort out the wobble will have to return the item. I Have purchased a large amount of items within my home and quality has always been excellent. However, service and delivery was excellent as always

  • Review by Sandy

    Sandy ( 2020-Jan-13 )


    It was easy to assemble. A lot of our friends asked where we bought it. They were impressed by the quality and design. Thanks

  • Review by Roger Hopkins

    Roger Hopkins ( 2020-Sep-04 )


    The planters are sturdy and well constructed for the price. Like them so much, I’ll probably be ordering a couple more.

  • Review by P

    P ( 2020-Feb-19 )


    The pot arrived promptly, aS appropriately wrapped, is good quality and exactly as described. It now sits proudly in my garden adding colour and interest. Very pleased with my purchase.

  • Review by Edmea

    Edmea ( 2020-Jun-06 )


    What value for money. Better quality than £189 ones I have seen and sat on. Very sturdy, robust and comfortable. No need for instructions, you would need to pretty thick to get it wrong. The last part to fit is an end. I used wood glue with the dowels for extra stabilty, but that's just me over engineering. The 6 screws upwards into the seat need to fit into the pre-drilled holes in the seat and screwed in by the correct Phillips/Crosshead screwdriver to tighten. Allen key supplied but ensure you don't over-tighten the really long screws. ..Brilliant buy!!!!

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2020-Sep-30 )


    Excellent price and delivery service. Easily put together and comprehensive instructions regarding care and treatment of the wood were enclosed. Only one minor minus point - a couple of pre-engineered joints did not fit together tightly (see photo of one of these joints). In all honesty, this would not be criticised, or probably even noticed, by users of the bench. Except me.

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2021-Feb-24 )


    Delivery was great. Easy assembly for the most part as instructions and materials are fab. Keter she’s are definitely worth the money. Only thing was that two of the sides were slightly warped and so hard to fit... maybe the way it was stored? All up now and looks great... good size too.

  • Review by Helen

    Helen ( 2020-Mar-10 )


    Swing is a bit small. Not very sturdy or elegant /but does the job. Color a bit drab. It’s what i expected for the price and reviews though.

  • Review by Mehta

    Mehta ( 2021-Feb-27 )


    My decking is not very big so wanted something small , can honestly say these fit just right and the quality is brilliant.

  • Review by Emma

    Emma ( 2020-Sep-22 )


    These are super cute! I paired them with the larger one and hung them on my bathroom wall. I get so many compliments on these!

  • Review by Jolie

    Jolie ( 2021-Feb-24 )


    I love the look of these. In the picture they appear to have a gloss on them which I liked for rain, or easy wipe off, but they don't actually have that sheen. There are a few spots on them that did not get stained well, so the color is not completely even. They are very comfortable, but creak quite a bit when sitting and getting up. I don't believe they are really heavy duty like they look. It is nice to have the large arms on them to put a plate or drink.

  • Review by June

    June ( 2020-Jun-18 )


    Quality and weight so much more premium than I was expecting! Super items!

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2020-Jun-08 )


    Love these chairs. They match perfectly with our outdoor concrete table and are really quite comfortable.

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