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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Retractable: Yes
  • Automatic Retraction: Yes
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • UV Resistant: Yes
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Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Color Schemes for Interior Decorations

It is often easier to decorate around the house; there exist some amount of spontaneity inspiring you to plunge into your own styling. When it comes to wall color schemes, things turn the other way. For amateurs and enthusiasts and homemakers too, this field appears a bit risky, with lots to lose time, money, and efforts to start with, not to mention the redoing it requires.

You dont need to feel overwhelmed with the ordeal. To plan and co-ordinate color scheme for every room in the home, you can take one step at a time. Assess each room individually and make notes as to the amount of natural light it receives, the kind of lighting you have used and the color that will best compliment the natural architectural features of your home. Its easy to estimate these details, if you have lived in the house for some time.

Before you decide, take a closer look at the existing carpeting, flooring and woodwork and it will allow you to make a safe choice. On an average, color scheme on the walls will helps you to determine the harmony between colors to be used throughout the dcor. Color wheels are often used to determine the complimentary colors; you can do the accents furnishings (rugs, lamps, paintings) and furniture in the complimentary colors. Some common schemes for selecting the best color for a space,

Monochromatic Color Scheme: The most common one, it uses a single color in different shades, tints, values, textures and hues to bring the harmony and flow, a sense of uniformity to a place.
Analogous scheme: This one uses adjacent colors on the color wheel, allowing you many possibilities within the warm or cool color category. Plan the colors diligently, for it is important for the colors to come out as a great combo.
A complementary scheme: Here, one can use the colors opposite each other on the color wheel, again a difficult task as the balance of colors will take some careful thinking. Considered bold and modern.
Triadic Color Scheme: This one uses three hues. Each is placed consecutively or at equal distances from each other. For example, yellow, green and red, this scheming uses their tones, shades and scales in three hues placed at equal distances from each other.On studying the color wheel and looking up different color scheming, get a practical view and start planning. Here are a few steps for your consideration,
When you have decided on the color palette for a room, start with the lighter shades for walls, medium for furniture and windows (or contrasts), doors etc. If you dont want to change the furniture, work around a wall color that is a shade lighter in the same order. Accessories may look great in the darkest of shade on your color card.
Lighter shades like cream, whites, lemon, Ivory can make a big difference in making a space look larger. You can use a lighter shade as the base or neutral color; play with contrast and bolder shades for rest of the dcor.
You need to have eye resting point where all the colors break even. Nothing big or too loud, a great complimentary colored vase or bowl or art piece or painting that highlights the accents, and harmonizes the interiors in a balancing art.
Usually, people use boldest of colors on fabrics like cushions, curtains and mats. You can use harmonize fabrics by using colors as accent fabrics on chairs, decorative pillows, tablecloths and mats.
Repeat each colors in an equal proportion throughout the room, and in at least 3-4 places. The best color ratio: Divide color use to approximately 60% of the room in the background (lightest) color, 30% in the mid-tone color, and 10% in the brightest, accent colors.

Play within the color rules, but when it comes to creativity, dont overlook your own power. You can do wonders with pieces and bits within the arena and create a space that reflects your taste, your individuality.

All About of Awnings Door Canopies

Awnings & Door Canopies

When finalising your outdoor space , adding an awning or canopy can be a worthy investment.Hailed as one of the top and simplest ways to add value to your home , awnings and , in particular , door canopies are becoming ever more popular with renters and homeowners alike. No longer just a way to protect you and your patio from the elements with a simple extend and shelter technique , awnings and door canopies are the stylish statement makers , allowing you to expand your home and space for working , relaxing and playing to the outdoors.

Awnings are versatile enough that they can be attached to your home’s patio or windows , your caravan or perhaps even the side of your boat , wherever you might call home. Canopies are usually larger than awnings and come as freestanding , ideal for when you want to chase the sun and provide immediate shade. Yet with so many types of awnings and canopies available , which one is right for you?

Manual (retractable) awnings

Manual  retractable  awning

A manual awning is probably the most common and convenient type of awning available , as it allows you to extend and roll back whenever you desire. Using its simple folding mechanism , you can store a manual awning away with ease and reattach when necessary , avoiding any potential damage from rain or harsh weather conditions.

Automated (retractable) awnings

Dupont  retractable  side  awning

Similar to their manual counterparts , automated or motorised awnings are at the top of the list when it comes to convenience and ease of use. A little more on the pricey side , be weary that the awning’s motor is susceptible to eventual wear and tear and could need replacing in due time.

Portable awnings

portable  awning

An awning that can be transported from one place to another sounds tempting , however their mobility does mean that their frames are more often than not quite fragile. Much like a conventional umbrella , pitch them up wherever needed and all without the use of a holder. Great for spontaneous garden parties , events or that patch of garden in need of some


Static (non-retractable) awnings

static  awning

Fixed or static awnings are the most affordable variety. A permanent fixture above your window or door , static awnings are built to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions. That being said , they do require more cleaning and maintenance than other awning and canopy types.

Door canopies

door  canopy

A handy addition to a front or side door , door canopies are there to shelter you from rain , snow , sleet , whatever weather you face when leaving your home. Call it a stylish upgrade to an otherwise standard door.

At Wayfair , we have so many awnings and door canopies for sale on our website , from brands such as Wildon Home and Palram. We want to make sure when you're looking for where to buy awnings and door canopies online , you're getting one that's right for you. We have a zillion options to choose from with thousands of great deals every day.

21 of 17 Review For Homcom Awning

  • Review by Elizabeth

    Elizabeth ( 2020-Jan-21 )


    Not very sturdy worried they may blow off the balcony rail in the wind. Not sure how long they will last either

  • Review by P

    P ( 2020-Nov-27 )


    This was everything I expected. It is not only great for storage but it is also extra seating outside. I not only really liked this product but I purchased one for my son and his family! 5 star.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Mar-02 )


    Very cute but they're extremely small. The picture does not reflect the reality in size. Yes, you had the dimensions posted, but when the handles are added into the height this can be misconstrued for a bigger vessel (which happened in my case). The form is nice, the material is lovely and modern but the vessel size is unrealistic for any planter, even for the tiniest plant. There's no picture to send, I've just packed them away in a drawer because it won't worth the return postage.

  • Review by Helen

    Helen ( 2021-Jun-20 )


    This unit looks great, durable and easy to put together. Liked this so much ordered more

  • Review by Eva

    Eva ( 2021-Mar-31 )


    ovely chairs and table set. Chairs are a great size and very comfortable.

  • Review by Joyce

    Joyce ( 2021-Jul-15 )


    I love my new furniture, looks lovely on my patio and quite comfy. Like the way you can change it around. Only thing to note is it’s quite complex to build, took my hubby 3 to 4 hours and the Ottoman is not a storage box in the way I expected but can still store things underneath it.

  • Review by Nicola

    Nicola ( 2020-Jun-16 )


    So cute. Love the bench. Took a bit for me to realize the extra bolt was to hold the funky but that held things in place. When you use it and turn it and use to meet up w the other bolt, it isn’t as frustrating.

  • Review by Gale

    Gale ( 2020-Apr-30 )


    Love these. Bought two. Were easy to put together and hold lots of storage. Also great extra seating.

  • Review by Joyce

    Joyce ( 2020-Sep-04 )


    Small and mighty cute white/brass wall set! Perfect for the end of a cabinet or where ever you would like to hang them. The items do come with mounting hardware, but I used command strips in case I would like to move my triggs. Those plants are real! I am going to order the larger sizes for other areas of my house. Nice quality!

  • Review by Meredith

    Meredith ( 2020-Feb-02 )


    A very nice, strong bench with a lovely colour! Recommend! But the only criticism I have is that the screws to fit the seating area (i.e., from under the bench) should have been with the other long screws that are fitted with the Allen key, not the tiny screws provided.

  • Review by Carly

    Carly ( 2020-Mar-26 )


    Mine arrived today. Quality is ok at the sale price (£195.99) but would be very disappointing at full price. The main problem is that they are quite small and low seated chairs. There is no sense of scale on the website product photos as they're all photoshopped against fake/stock backgrounds. It's something retailers should not do. So the chairs are not suitable for tall people, larger people or those who may struggle standing up from a small chair. They are certainly not luxury spacious seats to lounge on the patio in. Which is what I was hoping for. They look nice enough but eed to be 30-50% bigger.I wouldn't recommend buying them and I hope to return them.

  • Review by Sue

    Sue ( 2021-Feb-10 )


    Really heavy expensive material compared to the fiberglass reproductions.

  • Review by Moni

    Moni ( 2020-Apr-21 )


    Quality and weight so much more premium than I was expecting! Super items!

  • Review by Clarinda

    Clarinda ( 2021-Jul-15 )


    Really pleased with my purchase and delivery service was great.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jan-05 )


    Great box easily fits all my garden furniture cushion ( 15 ) with space for more, easy to put together with clear instructions.

  • Review by J.

    J. ( 2021-Mar-20 )


    My decking is not very big so wanted something small , can honestly say these fit just right and the quality is brilliant.

  • Review by Jamie

    Jamie ( 2020-Oct-20 )


    Fits in perfectly with our resin wicker look patio furniture. For the price they are a fantastic addition to our home. Easy to assemble, just great out of box experience!

  • Review by Katy

    Katy ( 2020-Oct-03 )


    We really love our new table and chairs! They are are good and solid and were very easy to assemble. They look fantastic in our garden!

  • Review by Karen

    Karen ( 2021-Jun-11 )


    I did not realise that it was self assembled, "which to be honest is probably my fault". But! I was left with eleven bolts and nuts because the corresponding holes were not in alignment and the product is of poor quality and not worth the price. I have bought from wayfair before and been happy with the product. It boils down to checking the product before you buy if possible otherwise buy where you can check the product first.

  • Review by Mamie

    Mamie ( 2020-May-31 )


    assembmy was very easy and cmae with all we needed. Took maybe 20 minutes. Loks very nice and the middle table cool. Nice purchase. We are using it for our store front, so we will see how it does.

  • Review by Tully

    Tully ( 2020-Aug-22 )


    Sturdy weatherproof and great for putting your feet up after a hard days gardening

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