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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Water Resistant: Yes
    • Product Name Clayford 6 X 2.5m Patio Awning
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Finding The Right Hot Tub Supplies To Keep Your Jacuzzi Clean

I have often wondered how many people relax after every hard day's job. While some people relax by stretching out on their sofa with their remote control in hand to watch their favorite programs on TV, others take a trip to the gym.

There are indeed many ways of relieving the tension we all feel after every hard day's job, but one of the more soothing ways many people have adopted these days is a nice bubbly hot tub. It is only those who haven't lounged in one prior to now that would not relate to what I am saying now.

Many people always like that feel that comes from having hot water and those massaging jets pound against your sore back muscles. Very soothing, I tell you. If you are yearning for a dip in the hot tub right now, then you need to know the few responsibilities that come with owning a hot tub.

For starters, you need to always make sure it is clean. But don't worry; you can get hot tub supplies that will take care of most of the dirty works for you. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your fine hot tub and get started.

If you are like me, the term "hot tub" might never have meant anything to you. So it was for me until some years ago. I was searching for homes with my wife and we came across an excellent one. It was unbelievable to me because this home was exactly what we were searching for.

I liked the fact that it was in a nice and safe environment and it was a family home. It amazingly also had a back yard that was fenced. If you are looking for a home, what else will you look for in a home? As if that wasn't enough, we discovered that the house had a gazebo hot tub in the back yard. What a pleasant shock this was!

We never expected getting this or a Jacuzzi. Immediately I set my foot in the rumbling, jet infused bubble bath. I was so hooked that if not for my wife that asked me if it was clean, I was enjoying myself. Wives have a way of spoiling the fun, don't they?

Next was for me to look for the much needed hot tub supplies. I didn't find this too difficult a task because many homes in Oregon had hot tubs.

Just a few blocks away from my amazing new home, I found a store that not only sold Jacuzzis and hot tub supplies, but also had a maintenance service that goes with a hot tub. I purchased hot tub supplies and headed off on my way.

The main thing I had to know was how to keep the PH at the right level. This is easily done with Chlorine and PH balancer. You have to pay attention to the PH level if you own a hot tub.

While I can safely say hot tubs are a blast and a really wonderful way to retreat from daily chaos, you need to have the right hot tub supplies handy so as to keep your Jacuzzi clean and save all the time.

All About of Awnings Door Canopies

Awnings & Door Canopies

When finalising your outdoor space , adding an awning or canopy can be a worthy investment.Hailed as one of the top and simplest ways to add value to your home , awnings and , in particular , door canopies are becoming ever more popular with renters and homeowners alike. No longer just a way to protect you and your patio from the elements with a simple extend and shelter technique , awnings and door canopies are the stylish statement makers , allowing you to expand your home and space for working , relaxing and playing to the outdoors.

Awnings are versatile enough that they can be attached to your home’s patio or windows , your caravan or perhaps even the side of your boat , wherever you might call home. Canopies are usually larger than awnings and come as freestanding , ideal for when you want to chase the sun and provide immediate shade. Yet with so many types of awnings and canopies available , which one is right for you?

Manual (retractable) awnings

Manual  retractable  awning

A manual awning is probably the most common and convenient type of awning available , as it allows you to extend and roll back whenever you desire. Using its simple folding mechanism , you can store a manual awning away with ease and reattach when necessary , avoiding any potential damage from rain or harsh weather conditions.

Automated (retractable) awnings

Dupont  retractable  side  awning

Similar to their manual counterparts , automated or motorised awnings are at the top of the list when it comes to convenience and ease of use. A little more on the pricey side , be weary that the awning’s motor is susceptible to eventual wear and tear and could need replacing in due time.

Portable awnings

portable  awning

An awning that can be transported from one place to another sounds tempting , however their mobility does mean that their frames are more often than not quite fragile. Much like a conventional umbrella , pitch them up wherever needed and all without the use of a holder. Great for spontaneous garden parties , events or that patch of garden in need of some


Static (non-retractable) awnings

static  awning

Fixed or static awnings are the most affordable variety. A permanent fixture above your window or door , static awnings are built to withstand even the toughest of weather conditions. That being said , they do require more cleaning and maintenance than other awning and canopy types.

Door canopies

door  canopy

A handy addition to a front or side door , door canopies are there to shelter you from rain , snow , sleet , whatever weather you face when leaving your home. Call it a stylish upgrade to an otherwise standard door.

At Wayfair , we have so many awnings and door canopies for sale on our website , from brands such as Wildon Home and Palram. We want to make sure when you're looking for where to buy awnings and door canopies online , you're getting one that's right for you. We have a zillion options to choose from with thousands of great deals every day.

17 of 21 Review For Clayford 6 X 2.5m Patio Awning

  • Review by Ann Bowie

    Ann Bowie ( 2020-May-20 )


    This is the second keter shed I've ordered. They are excellent quality and easy to assemble. No maintenance needed keeps everything dry.

  • Review by Alyssa

    Alyssa ( 2020-Aug-18 )


    The box arrived as promised - well packed. I am 84 years old and it clicked together perfectly apart from clicking the last hinge bit in with the help of a screw driver to push! Very sturdy and smart and goes with furniture I got from you last year. Delighted.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Jul-03 )


    This is a great small deck addition. It can be sat on which is amazing but is great for storage and not as big as others. Goes together in a few quick minutes, I got mine on sale which made it an unbelievable bargain!

  • Review by Fe

    Fe ( 2020-Mar-20 )


    Arrived damaged. Expected higher quality for what was listed as the original price of 1400 before the big “sale”. For the price paid (290) it is a good value.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Apr-19 )


    Love this set but will need to replace foam in seats as they do not recover their shape when they have been sat on.

  • Review by Jonathan

    Jonathan ( 2020-Aug-01 )


    I'm so satisfied with this product that I had to write a review. The material is very sturdy and it was extremely easy to put together. It took me less than 5 minutes. It looks so much better than other ugly patio storage cases. I'm using it to keep my gardening supplies ( soil, gloves, tools, shoes) and still have plenty of space.

  • Review by Stephanie

    Stephanie ( 2020-Feb-20 )


    So pleased with this garden sofa set! Was really easy to assemble and looks lovely. Ordered a lot from wayfair recently and they never disappoint!

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Jul-28 )


    This swing is exactly as pictured on! It matches the trim on our house and is the perfect size for our front patio. It arrived a day late, but was packaged very well and was fairly easy to put together. Best of all was the price!

  • Review by Teresa

    Teresa ( 2020-May-30 )


    Very nice - I plan to put air plants in them. Smaller than I expected so I will be ordering a single, larger one.

  • Review by Wendy

    Wendy ( 2020-Jun-07 )


    Good storage box for those outside cushions. The trouble is we keep buying more cushions to fill the box.

  • Review by Peter

    Peter ( 2020-Mar-15 )


    Not fitted yet but quality looks really good. Solid metal frame and clear glass panes. These are quite big so will let out a lot of light - just measure they won’t be too big for you before buying!

  • Review by Sarah

    Sarah ( 2020-Jan-17 )


    I think that the quality of the chair is very good, There was one assembly issue though. There's what I would call a blind nut that is supposed to fit in a predrilled hole. The holes weren't clean (there were splinters and the hole was also too small. There's no way the nut would fit in. Luckily I do have the tools I needed to clean out the hole and make it slightly larger.

  • Review by Deborah

    Deborah ( 2020-Jun-26 )


    Love these pots loads, they are pretty robust, however, I have 9 of them variety of the 3 colours, my fav. colour is the apple green but even up here in Scotland it has faded terribly.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-May-03 )


    These are a perfect wall accent for a smaller space. I put succulents in them and they fit perfect!

  • Review by Shaun

    Shaun ( 2020-Apr-06 )


    The storage seat is so sturdy and was so easy to put together. It is much bigger than I expected. It looks so nice on our deck and the grandkids love to sit on it. I loved being able to hide stuff in it this summer. I will bring it inside to our family room so the kids can still use it all winter. I'll use it to keep their toys out if the way also. So glad I took a chance and ordered it.

  • Review by Tom

    Tom ( 2020-Feb-12 )


    Very happy with the product, solid, great colour and seems to be very water resistant. Would recommend

  • Review by Clarinda

    Clarinda ( 2020-Aug-28 )


    Very nice - I plan to put air plants in them. Smaller than I expected so I will be ordering a single, larger one.

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