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  • Country of Origin: France
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Yes
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Cushions Included: No
  • Pieces Included: 1
    • Product Name Folding Director Chair
      Brand Lafuma
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      Category Garden Deck Folding Chairs
      Main Category Garden Furniture

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Curb Appeal 101 How to Enhance Your Home with Siding

The architectural landscape of American homes has dramatically changed in the last century. Wood shingles, clapboards, and gingerbread trim are becoming features of the past, as more and more homeowners opt for vinyl siding. Which raises the question: "Why are so many Americans choosing vinyl siding?"

As is often the case, cost is a determining factor. Vinyl siding looks like wood, but it is much less costly. In addition, ease of installation and breezy maintenance has made it popular with homeowners nationwide. All it takes is a bit of soapy water and the use of your everyday garden hose and voila a clean and attractive facade!

Another benefit is durability. Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride, a material that is rigid, strong and resists damage. The color goes all the way through each piece, so if it chips or scratches, the damage is virtually undetectable. That is great news for homeowners, because vinyl siding never needs to be repainted.

Vinyl siding also allows you to add a bit of personality to your home. It is available in a wide array of colors and forms. Styles include scallops, shingles, and fish scales. Traditional or Dutch lap installations allow you to create the look of old-fashioned horizontal clapboard, or you can choose a vertical design for a more modern appearance.

It is important to do your homework when shopping for vinyl siding, as it is available in several different grades. This is one time you don't want the bargain basement cost. It is well worth the investment to select a higher grade. Cheap vinyl siding does not offer the attractive appearance of higher grades, but more importantly, it does not hold up as well in windstorms and temperature changes. Another benefit of opting for a higher grade is that all important lifetime warranty. Lower grades are usually only available with a five-year warranty. A final thought: low-grade vinyl siding costs the same to install!

Despite your frequent trips to Home Depot and regular viewing of Trading Spaces, vinyl siding installation is not a do-it-yourself job. For proper installation, you will need to hire licensed industry experts. Keep in mind that, vinyl siding reacts by shifting to changes in temperatures. If it is not properly installed, it will develop blisters and waves.

When consulting with an industry expert, be sure to have these facts on hand. Vinyl does not have the insulating properties that wood, steel and aluminum provide. It should not be installed over old cladding without addressing any water damage or rot underneath. If you don't fix those problems before installation, they will worsen over time. It is often better to remove old cladding, put down an insulation layer and then install your vinyl siding.

Despite the many benefits of vinyl siding, it is not the perfect choice for everyone. Wood remains a preference of architects and custom homebuilders, as well as those who own historic properties. Wood is considered more aesthetic, maintains the value of the home, and preserves the integrity of historic homes, while providing an insulation factor. In addition, people who are concerned about ecology prefer wood siding because vinyl siding is not biodegradable.

If you are considering wood, cedar and redwood shingles are beautiful choices. They are naturally resistant to insect and moisture damage and you can stain them in a variety of finishes. Just keep in mind that cedar shingles, in particular, are expensive to install because they have to be fastened individually.

You will also need to consider the maintenance involved with wood siding, as it will periodically require repainting. Before you repaint, you will need to wash and prime the surface. If you skip these steps or neglect taking the proper care of your wood siding, mold, insects, algae, and mildew, especially in a wet climate, could damage your house.

One additional problem with wood siding is that there is a shortage of wood in the United States. It is particularly hard to find suitable knot-free pieces. For this reason, many homeowners are turning to composite woods. Regardless of your choice, wood siding lasts for years and years and maintains a natural beauty.

Your siding options don't end there! For those who can't afford wood and don't prefer vinyl, you may want to take a closer look at fiber cement. Fiber Cement is an old material that is made up of 90% sand and cement and 10% cellulose fiber. A major selling point is the ability to paint fiber cement siding any color pink, turquoise, lime green, or chocolate brown this material will certainly allow you to express yourself! However, we are sure your neighbors will appreciate a nice neutral beige.

One final note regarding fiber cement is that it is expensive to install due to the difficultly transporting this heavy material, and because you must caulk at the joints. If fiber cement siding is not properly installed, it can break and crack off.

Metal siding, either steel or aluminum, rounds out your final siding options. Metal siding is more expensive than vinyl but less costly than wood products. When considering metal siding options, you will want to keep your local climate in mind.

Steel siding holds up well in severe cold weather, hail and high winds. It can bend and nick, but typically does not break off. However, it can be costly to repair those scratches and nicks. If you are fortunate enough to live seaside, you will want to consider aluminum siding, which holds up very well in the salty air.

Metal siding can be painted a variety of colors, just ensure that you choose a paint specially formulated for this type of siding. One final consideration: metal siding conducts heat, so you must careful when installing over wood. Rotting can occur when heat causes water condensation to form, under the metal siding in contact with wood materials. A licensed expert can discuss your viable options regarding the installation of metal siding.

To ensure that you choose materials that will bring out the natural beauty of your home and best enhance its architectural style, take the time to consult with an architect. An architect will provide you with a good overview of what will and won't work when re-cladding your home. Be sure to keep your porch, trim and windows in mind for an overall face-life, that you will enjoy for years! After all, its all about the details.

All About of Garden Deck Folding Chairs

Garden Deck & Folding Chairs

deck  chair

Are you looking forward to long summer evenings in your back garden? It’s the time of year when we all move outdoors – so take a look around at your garden space and think about how you can make it a nicer space to spend some time in. No matter how large or small your garden is , it can easily become a space which reflects your personality , becoming a haven of calm for you to enjoy for long sunny days or an evening meal with friends and family . We have enlisted Laura Hitchcock , award-winning lifestyle blogger at Little Stuff to help you choose some of the essentials which bring a little personality and warmth to your garden. Here she’s looking at the options for outdoor chairs to enjoy in your garden or balcony space- ranging from deck chairs to garden recliners.

Choosing furniture for your garden shouldn’t be any different to picking your dining chairs for your house – people tend to forget that your garden is still your living space , and seats for it are furniture.And if you really want to enjoy your outside space for the summer , then of course you need to think about the two P’s of design essentials – practicality and prettiness(yes , I’m paraphrasing William Morris’ “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful , or believe to be beautiful ").

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are essential in small gardens , of course , where you don’t have room to have your garden furniture out all year round. Even though some modern garden furniture is designed to stay out all year round now , even those who enjoy bigger gardens may not want their deck chairs out all year round. It’s a summer tradition , isn’t it , dragging the chairs out of the shed to pop them up in a splash of sunshine for an afternoon off. That’s the best thing about folding chairs – when you’re not using them , they fold and tuck away in a small space.

And yes , we all remember those metal-framed horrors with the floral nylon fabric of our childhoods – but contemporary folding garden chairs are not only good to look at , they’re comfortable to sit and while away a few hours in. With just a little looking after , they’ll last for years and years.

Garden Deckchairs

For myself , you can’t go wrong with a classic deckchair. Solid and dependable in construction , they’re like sitting in a hammock , and the perfect resting spot for an afternoon in the shade with a good book. Best of all , like these ones from Lemon Head Prints , they come in a range of funky fabrics , perfect for brightening the most faded patch of grass. Two deck chairs nestled between a garden coffee table is the perfect recipe for a chilled afternoon , grab an iced tea or a Diet coke with a few nibbles and you won't need to go indoors!

Garden Recliners

Others prefer a full recliner– and I’ll admit that there’s a lot to love about them. Lie back and absorb some rays with the ability to really stretch out , and then with a lift of the handle you can sit up and enjoy the barbecue.

If you’re simply looking for a perfect sun bather , then it’s difficult to beat the classic design of the Kiso Lounger – it’s a style unchanged for decades because it’s pretty perfect for lounging in the sunshine.

Camping Chairs

Of course , sometimes you need a chair for on the go – the beach , camping , an outdoors concert… they’re all made better if you can enjoy them from a comfortable chair you have brought with you. In this case you’re looking for a camping chair , something portable; light and strong which folds up small but expands easily. The backpack camping chair from Prestington is a personal favourite – roomy and comfortable for an evening under the stars , and light enough to lug across the dunes for a day on the sand. has a zillion different garden decks & folding chairs for sale online , with options that make it easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Garden Seating that’s perfect for your outdoor space.

17 of 15 Review For Folding Director Chair

  • Review by Michael

    Michael ( 2021-May-02 )


    I bought two units for my porch and the second one serves a dual purpose lol. They were very easy to assemble on my own and are very sturdy. I love the look and the fact they have a cushion on top aswell. They are the perfect size for my porch. I would certainly buy from here again as they are top quality.

  • Review by Sher

    Sher ( 2021-Jun-13 )


    Quality is great! Love the pop of color! Very sturdy! This bench really brought life to my boring porch. Received many compliments from families and friends. Definitely a great find. Instruction was terrible.. took me about one hour to put together. Also, this piece was pricier that expected but it looks good so Im happy.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Aug-28 )


    Price was average, not a great buy or bargain. Similar product and prices are everywhere. It has a good capacity for storage.

  • Review by Sher

    Sher ( 2020-Jul-26 )


    Color was a bit darker than what we were expecting but we didn’t hate it. Still looked good with the rest of our patio furniture.

  • Review by Anna

    Anna ( 2020-Feb-06 )


    love these benches! qood quality! easy to put together. few months later:::not impressed as paint wears off within a few months of being outside (not in snow either)

  • Review by Suzanne Elizabeth

    Suzanne Elizabeth ( 2022-Jan-17 )


    A very sturdy container with great capacity. We have been able to fit 4 folding chairs, 2 umbrella chairs, 2 umbrellas, 6 chair cushions and an assortment of outdoor games. It looks unobtrusive on our patio and the whole structure seems solid and waterproof-it hasn't rained yet, so time will tell. The lid seems solid enough to be able to put potted plants on and use as a buffet table.

  • Review by Alison

    Alison ( 2021-Apr-13 )


    Great quality and are surviving my windy and rainy terrace. They also look lovely tooooo

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Oct-15 )


    Nice product. It was delivered quickly. When assembling, the instructions weren’t clear as to which side is up on the bottom two bars. Apart from that, I’m very happy with the product.

  • Review by Ellenor

    Ellenor ( 2021-Apr-26 )


    Nice plant pot, really good colour and shape to it is brilliant. Two separate pieces so can weight the bottom and take the top part out for easy access and cleaning. I added bay trees to them and they look amazing within these. Very well priced.

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2020-Nov-29 )


    This is plastic. Not ratten. cheap and not worth the money. Be wary that you will have to pay £5 to return it. I purchased two items together, but found out that they cannot be returned together so each item shipping is paid separately. Really bad service for an online retailer

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Sep-27 )


    Gorgeous pieces that look beautiful. Smaller than anticipated but lovely just the same. Fit small succulents perfectly!

  • Review by Emma

    Emma ( 2020-Apr-08 )


    I absolutely love this porch swing, and I was able to put it together fairly simply - the biggest issue was that I was sent the wrong hardware and was short one big bolt so I had to go to Home Depot and try to find a semi-appropriate match. I found one that has ended up working but is a tad shorter than the others and is silver rather than brass, which is a bit annoying. That said, overall the swing is getting regular use and looks beautiful (the wood is finished very well).

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Feb-29 )


    Great box easily fits all my garden furniture cushion ( 15 ) with space for more, easy to put together with clear instructions.

  • Review by Melody

    Melody ( 2021-Nov-25 )


    Easy assembly, looks great and the center table is just what I needed for my morning cup of coffee while I sit in the morning and watch the birds.

  • Review by Mamie

    Mamie ( 2021-Jun-05 )


    I have spent nearly 1,700 pounds amazing product amazing customer service a brilliant experience shopping at wayfair highly recommended and above all the customer service is absolutely fantastic cant thank rebecca and kiera enough for their help...7 STARS TO THE 2 LADIES

  • Review by Colin

    Colin ( 2020-Apr-10 )


    Very pleased with our extra large sturdy and secure storage box. It arrived flat pack and assembly was required which I am told was straight forward with good, easy to follow instructions.

  • Review by Lisa

    Lisa ( 2021-Aug-18 )


    They are very well made for the price ... keep in mind that they are affordable and not made to be passed down through generations.. They dressed up my otherwise dull dining room chairs and table with the added bonus that we can take them out by the pool if so inclined. They are even comfortable! I am not expecting them to last forever but know that I will get my money's worth out of them.

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