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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Cushions Included: No
  • Pieces Included: 1 Camping Stool, 2 Shovel, 1 Rake.
  • Adult Assembly Required: No
    • Product Name Outsunny Folding Camping Stool
      Brand Symple Stuff
      Product SKU uk3433ecd46bf5b51
      Category Garden Deck Folding Chairs
      Main Category Garden Furniture

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Door hardware Have you got a handle on it

First impressions count. The first thing that a visitor or potential purchaser will actually come into contact with when they reach your home and make contact with it is your door or gate hardware. By this I mean the latch on your gate, the pull of your door chimes, the button of the doorbell or the handle of the door. What could put a buyer off more than a door that is difficult to open or a handle that is not sturdy to the touch. What chance would you have of clinching that all important sale if your property viewer finds the door knob comes off in their hand or finds that they have to enter your property through the window because the door hardware prevents the front door being opened.

Not very likely I know but imagine that you've invited your Boss for dinner to discuss that all important raise and the first thing he gives you when you open the door is the latch from the garden gate that you've been meaning to repair for ages.

Don't put it off any longer. Replacing your door hardware will update your property or, with some retro door furniture, may even move it back to an age when it had its original features. New handles and door locks will improve the security of your property and may even gain you a discount on your home insurance, thus offsetting the cost of the replacement.

Many people are concerned with the look of their door furniture and want everything through their home to match. A contemporary update to your living space is greatly enhanced if you take the time to change your door handles and some perfectionists will even change the doors themselves.

At the other end of the scale changing only the plastic door handles on that tired old bedroom furniture can give it a new lease of life. The positive feel of a solid metal handle pushing your drawers closed can save money in the long run. Your partner may feel that they've got new bedroom furniture without you having to go to the expense of actually buying any. A few dollars wisely invested in new handles and latches could save thousands in the short term. An ageing but serviceable kitchen can be given a new lease of life with new cabinet hardware and doors. Any Realtor will tell you that a kitchen is one of the major selling points when trying to market your house or rent out your property. A lick of paint on the doors and new handles can add a great deal to the price you can command for the property.

Door hardware is available in every conceivable style and finish and can be made of a wide variety of materials, rope and stone being the most diverse I can think of. Before you take the plunge check out all of the on-line stores and ensure that you get a handle (no pun intended) on the deals available and exactly what you are going to do before you dive in.

All About of Garden Deck Folding Chairs

Garden Deck & Folding Chairs

deck  chair

Are you looking forward to long summer evenings in your back garden? It’s the time of year when we all move outdoors – so take a look around at your garden space and think about how you can make it a nicer space to spend some time in. No matter how large or small your garden is , it can easily become a space which reflects your personality , becoming a haven of calm for you to enjoy for long sunny days or an evening meal with friends and family . We have enlisted Laura Hitchcock , award-winning lifestyle blogger at Little Stuff to help you choose some of the essentials which bring a little personality and warmth to your garden. Here she’s looking at the options for outdoor chairs to enjoy in your garden or balcony space- ranging from deck chairs to garden recliners.

Choosing furniture for your garden shouldn’t be any different to picking your dining chairs for your house – people tend to forget that your garden is still your living space , and seats for it are furniture.And if you really want to enjoy your outside space for the summer , then of course you need to think about the two P’s of design essentials – practicality and prettiness(yes , I’m paraphrasing William Morris’ “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful , or believe to be beautiful ").

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are essential in small gardens , of course , where you don’t have room to have your garden furniture out all year round. Even though some modern garden furniture is designed to stay out all year round now , even those who enjoy bigger gardens may not want their deck chairs out all year round. It’s a summer tradition , isn’t it , dragging the chairs out of the shed to pop them up in a splash of sunshine for an afternoon off. That’s the best thing about folding chairs – when you’re not using them , they fold and tuck away in a small space.

And yes , we all remember those metal-framed horrors with the floral nylon fabric of our childhoods – but contemporary folding garden chairs are not only good to look at , they’re comfortable to sit and while away a few hours in. With just a little looking after , they’ll last for years and years.

Garden Deckchairs

For myself , you can’t go wrong with a classic deckchair. Solid and dependable in construction , they’re like sitting in a hammock , and the perfect resting spot for an afternoon in the shade with a good book. Best of all , like these ones from Lemon Head Prints , they come in a range of funky fabrics , perfect for brightening the most faded patch of grass. Two deck chairs nestled between a garden coffee table is the perfect recipe for a chilled afternoon , grab an iced tea or a Diet coke with a few nibbles and you won't need to go indoors!

Garden Recliners

Others prefer a full recliner– and I’ll admit that there’s a lot to love about them. Lie back and absorb some rays with the ability to really stretch out , and then with a lift of the handle you can sit up and enjoy the barbecue.

If you’re simply looking for a perfect sun bather , then it’s difficult to beat the classic design of the Kiso Lounger – it’s a style unchanged for decades because it’s pretty perfect for lounging in the sunshine.

Camping Chairs

Of course , sometimes you need a chair for on the go – the beach , camping , an outdoors concert… they’re all made better if you can enjoy them from a comfortable chair you have brought with you. In this case you’re looking for a camping chair , something portable; light and strong which folds up small but expands easily. The backpack camping chair from Prestington is a personal favourite – roomy and comfortable for an evening under the stars , and light enough to lug across the dunes for a day on the sand. has a zillion different garden decks & folding chairs for sale online , with options that make it easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Garden Seating that’s perfect for your outdoor space.

17 of 45 Review For Outsunny Folding Camping Stool

  • Review by Larry

    Larry ( 2021-Mar-31 )


    This small bench works perfectly for our outdoor shoe needs and was put together in no time flat.

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2021-Apr-24 )


    WHAT A DEAL!!!!!! I got this amazing, expensive outdoor bench for about 70% OFF during one of Super Sales! That's why I'm addicted to - you can get unbelievable deals!!! Thank you!

  • Review by Anthony

    Anthony ( 2021-Dec-07 )


    Had this on my deck all winter long covered by a tarp and it still looks brand new. Washes off easily and is very sturdy. Color has not faded, but it is not in the direct sun light. Seat/Lid opens easily, but does not blow open in a strong wind. Very convenient for storing misc items used on my deck and keeps the items stored dry. Would highly recommend it.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Nov-20 )


    Received them very quickly. Look great on my patio. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Review by James

    James ( 2020-Jun-14 )


    On the whole pleased with the sofa set. But it states that it is a 4 seater set - the ‘foot stool’ is not really strong enough for an adult to sit on. The service was excellent

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2020-May-11 )


    Exactly what I was looking for - a deck box to keep chair covers in, as well as an end table to set a drink on!

  • Review by Carrie

    Carrie ( 2020-Jul-31 )


    These are fabulous for the basement railings. They’d work as window boxes or on balconies too. The water storage feature is an added benefit so I don’t have to water daily. They did tilt forward with the weight of soil and plants but nothing a wine cork between the box and the railing wouldn’t fix!

  • Review by Katy

    Katy ( 2020-Jul-01 )


    This is a great swing for a small-ish outdoor space! I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the wood is (some reviews mentioned it not being smooth, but it is, and the stain on mine was pretty even. A few boards were scuffed but nothing bad.) Assembly was about what you’d expect - not too bad, directions are decent but like another review said, pay very close attention to which screws are which because they’re very close in size. I worried this wouldn’t weather well so I coated it with a full spray can of polyurethane. We’ll see. Really nice for the value!

  • Review by William

    William ( 2020-Oct-29 )


    Love it. It arrived a week early too. Lovely addition to our garden.

  • Review by Salina

    Salina ( 2021-Jul-06 )


    It was cheap and delivery was good but it was quite a bit of flat pack to deal with (took me two evenings and I am not terrible at a flat pack). Having said that it appears to be sturdy and it quite comfortable although the pillows fall over a lot. In retrospect I will I had gone more expensive for a more luxury feel.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Nov-03 )


    Very pleased with purchased. Ideal for storing all the patio sofa cushions. Very easy to construct and it fit together well. Its as good as any of the other units from other suppliers and alot cheaper.

  • Review by Karen

    Karen ( 2021-Oct-22 )


    I purchased 2 of these, I use them for double duty, I put towels in them for swimming and use them as extra setting on my porch.

  • Review by Kirt Laverne

    Kirt Laverne ( 2021-Jun-17 )


    Really pleased with our purchase. Delivery as promised and great value for money. Perfect storage for the garden cushions and looks great.

  • Review by Samantha

    Samantha ( 2021-Mar-31 )


    Well packaged, individual bags of nuts, bolts, and instructions easy to follow. Feels solid and looks good.

  • Review by Alejandro

    Alejandro ( 2021-Aug-24 )


    Great product,easy to assemble.Allowed me to clear the garage,saving lots of items that would have had to be thrown away!Fits the garden nicely and really does not look out of place.

  • Review by Rena

    Rena ( 2020-Feb-29 )


    Very nice looking furniture. It looks a lot more expensive than it is. The green cushions that come with it are a nice touch. I found it very easy to assemble only took me an hour and a bit on my own. I would highly recommend it.

  • Review by Kimalla

    Kimalla ( 2020-Jan-14 )


    Just a perfect wee set of seats to finish a small sitting area out the back of house and comfy!!

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