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  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Overall: 105cm H x 150cm W x 70cm D
  • Bar Shape: Straight
  • Countertop Material: Solid Wood
  • Overall Product Weight: 49kg
    • This set of bar table and chairs has a simple yet timeless design. This bar set will suit a wide variety of settings such as homes bars and cafes thanks to its rustic design. The wooden structure makes them very durable and the foot- and backrests will allow you to sit comfortably on the chairs.

      Product Name Goldsmith Bar Set
      Brand Gracie Oaks
      Product SKU uk5e05235c3bfeb3e
      Category Garden Bars
      Main Category Garden Furniture

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Garden Bars

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Tiki  garden  bar

What styles of bar are there? Outdoor furniture can be just as varied and versatile as indoor furniture. Choose a bar that reflects not only your personal taste , but the style of your home and garden but keep in mind , when it comes to outdoor entertaining , it’s good to consider factors such as the weather and practicality.

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Garden  bar  with  wheels

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23 of 29 Review For Goldsmith Bar Set

  • Review by Karen

    Karen ( 2021-Feb-06 )


    These are a perfect wall accent for a smaller space. I put succulents in them and they fit perfect!

  • Review by Annique

    Annique ( 2020-May-02 )


    I'm delighted with this well-designed bench. It is exactly as it looks in the photo, sturdy, easy to assemble and very comfortable to sit on.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jul-09 )


    Really poor quality. Brought two. Both painted badly, screws don't sit flush and had to re-drill two holes to allow bolts to pass through. Actual wood parts cut really well just assembled and painted badly - looks like a speedy production run with lack of quality control. shame. Lovely chairs if only the finish matched! Will be sending them back.

  • Review by Resmiye

    Resmiye ( 2021-Aug-25 )


    Perfect...looks just like the photo...I was wanting a black bench and the color is quite close!

  • Review by Anon

    Anon ( 2020-Jun-03 )


    These are so elegant and love they are faux wicker with faux bamboo. I needed to buy these for a client's doctor's office so they need to stand up to all ages, weather and needs and this nails it on the head. Thank you I highly recommend these dining chairs and they are stackable!

  • Review by Scott

    Scott ( 2020-Nov-06 )


    Easy to wire up, the hanging chain can be shortened and the electric cable re-threaded into the holding ceiling bracket without to much hassle.

  • Review by Caroline

    Caroline ( 2020-Apr-27 )


    Ordered a number of products recently from Normally good quality and service but recently nearly all have been damaged. Not sure what's going on but may have to shop elsewhere which is a shame

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2021-Mar-23 )


    Good value for money. Received them quite quickly after ordering. Good service all round.

  • Review by Craig

    Craig ( 2021-Oct-27 )


    Lovely and easy to assemble. Its flat packed but good instructions and is big inside. Good purchase and good price.

  • Review by Gwendolyn

    Gwendolyn ( 2021-Jan-14 )


    Purchased & delivered in days despite it being a Bank Holiday. Arrived well packaged, all pieces there and not too hard to put together for a novice. Good quality, good overall experience, would recommend

  • Review by Louise Williams

    Louise Williams ( 2022-Jan-14 )


    They’re REALLY small. But they’re nice. I got the two larger ones and I’m glad I did because these alone wouldn’t have filled up my space

  • Review by Ann Bowie

    Ann Bowie ( 2021-Jun-19 )


    These are really cute and decent value for the price. They are small, but I knew that when I ordered. The copper is a great color and complements my decor. I added fake succulents to complete the look.

  • Review by Glendiveflowers

    Glendiveflowers ( 2021-Oct-14 )


    Great value and comfortable. My 19 year old daughter put it together on her own as a surprise for me... and did a great job! was impressed at the quality for the cost

  • Review by Lyndsey Franks

    Lyndsey Franks ( 2021-Jan-13 )


    Purchased the large and small for my Kitchen and added some small plants. I really like how it turned out. I also spray painted the metal holders black to tie in my pantry barn door that has black hardware.

  • Review by John

    John ( 2021-Mar-28 )


    Pretty good but came with a couple of parts broken and missing parts too had to make a couple of adjustment to compensate the broken parts the missing parts was to the middle bar that fits in the middle of the double doors the parts could have been labelled better and also make sure it’s not the slightest bit windy when Putting up other than that looks great once up

  • Review by Janice

    Janice ( 2021-Feb-15 )


    Really useful and stylish plant troughs. I’m going to use mine for herbs and summer bedding

  • Review by Allan

    Allan ( 2021-Aug-14 )


    These chairs are even better in person . So glad I ordered them. And the delivery was fast...they arrived quickly.

  • Review by Hayley

    Hayley ( 2020-Jun-15 )


    Very easy to assemble. Perfect size to store chair cushions. Wish I had ordered two more.

  • Review by Renay

    Renay ( 2021-Nov-16 )


    Really attractive garden furniture set (small point - should have been delivered with 12 screw on feet but only 8 included, have asked for more otherwise would have rated 5*)

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-May-05 )


    This bench is great! So easy to put together and looks perfect on our front patio. The table in the middle is easy to use and very sturdy. Stable enough for drinks, plates, games etc. And the color is just like the picture.

  • Review by Ken

    Ken ( 2021-Dec-05 )


    Prompt delivery- easy to put together and plenty big enough for all our furniture cushions- also managed to fit two parasols! Very pleased customer!

  • Review by Lily

    Lily ( 2021-May-13 )


    A very nice, strong bench with a lovely colour! Recommend! But the only criticism I have is that the screws to fit the seating area (i.e., from under the bench) should have been with the other long screws that are fitted with the Allen key, not the tiny screws provided.

  • Review by Cheryle

    Cheryle ( 2020-May-14 )


    Very good quality for the price. Husband put it together very easily. Looks very nice in our garden. ❤️

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