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  • Product Care: Wipe clean with a dry cloth
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Doing Engraved Plaques Right

Honor and pride in a plate of metal. That is what engraved plaques are. Years of service or a great accomplishment will never fade away due to these precious mementos. They may not be pricey, but they truly are precious. And they always stand the test of time.

1. Plaque History

Engraved plaques have been around since man put his hand to work on metal sheets. Before paper ever became the common choice for writing, man has always put his history in words. His choice of material was usually stone, papyrus, and metal. Special occasions called for special stationery, and the stationery of that era would always be a special metal. Hence were born the earliest plaques.

The word plaque comes from the 19th century French word that means ornamental plate or tablet. They are often made of thin sheets of semi precious metals and are usually given to appreciate an accomplishment of individuals or groups.

2. What Are Plaques?

A commemorative plaque is usually a flat, decorative plate that is affixed to a wall. It often marks a significant person or event. In most countries, places with historical significance are often marked by bronze plaques. Most memorials in the United States are marked by plaques that tell the story of the significance of that place. And many of these plaques have been there for countless generations.

These plaques are made using a variety of metals

- Wood
- Steel
- Anodized aluminum
- Brass
- Bronze
- Acrylic laminate
- Other materials

3. Plaque Ideas

If you are looking for something to commemorate an achievement, or a special event, look no further than engraved plaques to do the job. These plaques may be for your spouse, your children, or your friends. Engraved plaques are works of art and are a beautiful, beautiful way to celebrate a great occasion. And the kicker is, they are relatively inexpensive! You could even have them mass produced for a group of people or for a company and it still wouldnt take too much time or money.

4. Machining Methods

- Hand Engraved
This is an exotic art. For generations upon generations, the fine art of hand engraving has been passed down carefully. Todays artisans bear the artistry of many hundreds of years of skill. Hand engraved plaques may be pricey, but they are an authentic and rustic way of commemorating any occasion.

- Machine Engraved
The art of hand engraving has been largely replaced by machines. These machines engrave words and images accurately and effortlessly. Nevertheless, these machines still need skilled artisans to operate them. Plaques that result from such are also beautiful works of art

- Laser Engraved
Engraving is an old but respected art, but todays customers demand clear detail in the engravings. Using a high-power laser, engraving has now because simple yet beautiful. Laser engraving has truly changed the face of engraved plaques. It allows for the production of beautiful high-definition plaques. This process uses narrow-beam laser that creates high-detail images. The beams in question can be up to 4 millionths of an inch in diameter. This makes laser engraving a precision art and allows the engraver to burn in text, pictures and other high-detail elements on the plaque.

Laser engraving for plaques is suitable for the following plaques

- Academic or sports achievements
- Graduation
- Signage
- Donors plaques
- Building markers
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- Other plaques

17 of 52 Review For Rena Stacking Garden Chair

  • Review by Melinda

    Melinda ( 2021-Mar-30 )


    This swing is perfect for the area that we wanted to place it in. The instructions weren’t as clear as I thought but thanks to the picture on the website, everything worked out great. It would have been better if it came with a seat cushion.

  • Review by 16 Castle

    16 Castle ( 2020-Oct-17 )


    great furniture set however quite difficult to assemble on your own. Great value and looks really good once put together includes all the cream cushions and lime green additional ones too. Very quick delivery ordered and received delivery the next day so great service :-) thanks

  • Review by Nou

    Nou ( 2020-Dec-13 )


    Absolutely lovely set that fits perfectly on the balcony. Quite comfortable and easy cleaning cushions. Only tiny addition needed (or advice) would be to get clips to hold some of the seating together, if you are putting on decking or hard flooring as it may slide apart.

  • Review by Chihung

    Chihung ( 2021-Sep-07 )


    Looks really nice in my daughter’s room. Very practical and functional. A little lower than we would have wanted, otherwise, it’s beautiful

  • Review by Joe

    Joe ( 2020-Apr-04 )


    Great space saving greenhouse for a budget. With covid 19 and the children being home schooled this was just the ticket to do some work in the garden.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Jul-06 )


    Ordered a number of products recently from Normally good quality and service but recently nearly all have been damaged. Not sure what's going on but may have to shop elsewhere which is a shame

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2021-Oct-30 )


    This swing is just what I needed. Delivery was speedy. I was able to put it together by myself. Directions were simple and tools were perfect!

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2021-Nov-11 )


    Love the simplicity of t. And the opening for the duvet is at the foot of the bed and hidden nicely, couldn’t even find it at first.

  • Review by Diane

    Diane ( 2020-Apr-23 )


    Fast delivery and good value for money. We love our sofa set. The instructions were easy to follow. L from London

  • Review by Lynn

    Lynn ( 2021-May-06 )


    Lovely solid bench. Easy to assemble and very comfy. Excellent service too....delivered in less than 24hrs. Thank you!

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2021-Jan-28 )


    Fantastic item, only 1 slight problem when installing the hinges DO NOT follow the instructions and use the longer screws as stated as they are too long in 1 of the holes.... use the smaller screws!!!

  • Review by Kendra

    Kendra ( 2020-Mar-27 )


    love these benches! qood quality! easy to put together. few months later:::not impressed as paint wears off within a few months of being outside (not in snow either)

  • Review by L

    L ( 2020-Aug-21 )


    Bought two of these and wow!!!! Love it to bits so happy I bought them. Highly recommend to buy!

  • Review by Kendra

    Kendra ( 2020-Mar-06 )


    The bench is more black than a washed grey! I’m hoping the sun will fade it to match the grey of my porch. Easy enough to put together.

  • Review by Greg

    Greg ( 2021-Aug-05 )


    Quality was not as good as experienced with wayfair furniture in the past, so disappointed as one chair wobbles and the materiel used was not like my previous rattan garden furniture purchased. If I can not sort out the wobble will have to return the item. I Have purchased a large amount of items within my home and quality has always been excellent. However, service and delivery was excellent as always

  • Review by Sam

    Sam ( 2021-Nov-25 )


    Well, what can I say... delighted with our new Richins bench. Very sturdy, strong and easy to put together. Extremely comfortable with the curved seat and back. This has brightened up our garden and received compliments.

  • Review by Sonja

    Sonja ( 2020-Feb-13 )


    Easy assembly, looks great and the center table is just what I needed for my morning cup of coffee while I sit in the morning and watch the birds.

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