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  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom
  • Seating Capacity: 8
  • Parasol Hole: Yes
  • Assembly Required: Yes
    • This Rhoda Picnic Benches are specially designed that incorporates an open section allowing easy access to wheelchair users.

      Product Name Rhoda Picnic Benches
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk68c594a2b998ccc
      Category Picnic Benches
      Main Category Garden Furniture

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All About of Picnic Benches

Picnic Benches

If you like dining al fresco , a picnic bench is a perfect product to enhance your outdoor space. Classic wooden benches never go out of style and modern plastic picnic benches are super easy to keep clean. Wouldn't it be great to lounge around with friends and family in a new garden seater?

Why Wood You?

Outdoor  Solid  Wood  Picnic  Bench

Most traditional picnic benches are made out of treated wood. There are lots of benefits of timber. For a start , they have a natural feel that blends in with the garden , and they are sturdy and durable. Unlike plastic benches , they are unlikely to be moved by strong gusts of wind , and if you look after them well they should last for many years. This kind of garden furniture usually comes with one table and two to four benches. Typical sets are available in brown , green , or white with cheerful accent colours.

Plastic or metal?

Plastic picnic benches are a practical option if you need portability. If you have kids around regularly , opt for plastic as scratches and marks will be less visible than on timber. Plastic is also easier to wipe down. Metal and plastic picnic benches give a more contemporary look. Wooden benches create clean lines and geometric shapes and come in the traditional white , grey , or black. If your seat is going to live outside , then explore heavier metalwork options. But if space is a concern go with fold-up seaters that you can store in the shed or garage during winter. They're also a great camping accessory and can be taken with you on holiday to set up outside your caravan or tent. Most of our fold-up styles will easily fit in the boot of a car.

Keep Them Clean


Plastic picnic benches should be very easy to clean , as they can be wiped down with a cloth or washed with a hose , and they don't need any treatments or upkeep. Metal tables are usually coated with special lubricants to stop them from rusting , but they may rust over time if they repeatedly get wet. Wooden styles will need to have any moss buildup regularly treated and removed.

Location , Location , Location

Picnic benches often work best on a patio or in a yard , especially if they are made from heavy wood and metal , so that they don't get in the way of cutting the grass. It may be best to keep them in a shady spot so you can escape the midday sun , although plastic benches are lightweight enough to be moved in and out of the sun as you please. Many picnic benches can be kept outside all-year-round , but some others may need to be kept in a shed.

Picnic bench accessories

Itzel  Wooden  Picnic  Bench Perhaps the most popular picnic bench accessory is a parasol so that you can enjoy some shade. Most parasols are adjustable. Move them up and down and change the angle to block the sun. They're usually made from fabric so will need to be stored inside during wet or cold weather. Other picnic benches may also come with an inbuilt storage box or pockets , for organising cutlery , crockery , and glasses.

Got Green Fingers?

If you're trying to spruce up your garden or patio with a picnic table then it might be a good idea to invest in some other accessories too. A hanging basket , plant pot or ceramic planter can add style and colour to your outdoor space , and you can practise your gardening skills by growing leafy plants , flowers , and herbs. You can also tidy away garden equipment with storage boxes and find small plant pots or planters to sit on top of your picnic table.

18 of 46 Review For Rhoda Picnic Benches

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2020-Jan-17 )


    Had this on my deck all winter long covered by a tarp and it still looks brand new. Washes off easily and is very sturdy. Color has not faded, but it is not in the direct sun light. Seat/Lid opens easily, but does not blow open in a strong wind. Very convenient for storing misc items used on my deck and keeps the items stored dry. Would highly recommend it.

  • Review by Stephen

    Stephen ( 2022-Jan-12 )


    It was really easy to assemble and looks great! However, there is nothing to use to tie the cushions to the rattan base, so the cushion do slide when you sit on it. Other than that a great purchase!

  • Review by S

    S ( 2021-Feb-28 )


    I love them! They added to the look on my wall. Still playing with what put in them.

  • Review by Cindy

    Cindy ( 2021-Apr-04 )


    Very easy to assemble with clear instructions in the Manuel provided. Arrived on time and with everything needed in the box. Very happy with the end result. It's a very spacious storage box that perfectly fits in our garden. Looks good too!

  • Review by Liz

    Liz ( 2021-Jul-24 )


    Love these! Perfect size for a smaller space. Comes with gold hardware to hang each vessel. Great product. Great price.

  • Review by Alison

    Alison ( 2021-Oct-05 )


    Very pleased! Lovely bench to easily seat 3 people. Quite easy to put together, took my husband and myself an hour, he instructing and me assembling!

  • Review by Beaulah

    Beaulah ( 2020-Nov-11 )


    Wanted a classic look for our new porch and this did exactly that. Length of cable good too.

  • Review by Alan

    Alan ( 2021-Jul-30 )


    Lovely set at a reasonable price and had a speedy delivery. Gave 4 stars rather then 5 as the cushions for the back don’t seem to fit properly and one is always “popping” out. Feel like there should have been 2 angled cushions to make the corner like on my corner sofa in lounge but there is only one. angle cushion

  • Review by Rachel

    Rachel ( 2021-Feb-11 )


    Whilst the pots are well made and look nice. The colour of all 3 is not consistent with the largest pot looking as if it has only been painted once and one of the others being in between the brightest and dullest

  • Review by Erin

    Erin ( 2021-Jun-04 )


    First time gardeners... Go and buy!! such good value for money compared to others exactly like it and came in two days of ordering it! couldn't believe how easy it was to assemble, did it with no help. I have put two half bags of soil in the bottom on each side, to weigh it down other wise it will blow away.

  • Review by Jennifer

    Jennifer ( 2021-Mar-05 )


    Really pleased with the quality of this, especially given the price

  • Review by Lewis

    Lewis ( 2020-Apr-19 )


    Good value for money and look good every year.

  • Review by Alan

    Alan ( 2021-Jun-16 )


    I have spent nearly 1,700 pounds amazing product amazing customer service a brilliant experience shopping at wayfair highly recommended and above all the customer service is absolutely fantastic cant thank rebecca and kiera enough for their help...7 STARS TO THE 2 LADIES

  • Review by Donna

    Donna ( 2021-Apr-17 )


    Not very sturdy worried they may blow off the balcony rail in the wind. Not sure how long they will last either

  • Review by Patricia

    Patricia ( 2020-Oct-30 )


    Great little greenhouse, does what I need, good size where space is at a premium

  • Review by Dorothy

    Dorothy ( 2020-Sep-13 )


    Good price assembly simple quality ok we wanted attractive units rather than plain storage units.

  • Review by Julia

    Julia ( 2022-Jan-04 )


    Nice looking piece of furniture. Future us will tell If it stands up to use and weathering. Went together well and instructions were good. Delivered before time stated by FedEx .

  • Review by Chris

    Chris ( 2022-Jan-01 )


    Easy to put together and great quality plus loads of room for all my outdoor cushions and more

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