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  • Material: Glass
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Fine Window Blinds Are A Versatile Decoration For Today s Home

Blinds can be very utilitarian, even industrial as a window treatment. Among the reasons that they have been popular as window decoration in office and industrial setting is because they are durable, easy to clean, filter sunlight effectively and provide privacy. For all of these same reasons they are also popular as window decorations in homes. The trick was to make them attractive.

Types of windows blinds

Designers and home decorating companies have come up with a wide variety of materials and finishes for blinds. Decorators also use curtains and valences to give windows a much warmer feel. The result has been window treatments that are attractive, bright, airy and contemporary. The types of blinds commonly used in homes today include the following.

1.Venetian. These are still usually made from aluminium; however they may also be plastic. The slats may be 1, 2 or 3 inches wide and are slightly curved. The slats are connected by cords and twill tape. They can be opened, closed, opened at an angle or pulled up to the top of the window. These blinds are very versatile, can be used in any room and are available in many colours. The slats close tightly, providing privacy when desired.

2.Wood slat. Venetian blinds made from wood are also called wood slat blinds. The slats are thicker, and when pulled to the top of the window, will create a thicker stack. They may be stained or painted. Like other styles, the slats can be opened or closed to admit or filter sunlight.

3.Miniblind. These have become very popular in the past 20 years or so. The slats on these blinds are very narrow, either 1/2 or 1 inch wide. They may be aluminium or PVC and come in a wide array of colours. These are a type of Venetian and can be opened, closed or pulled to the top of the window. These are very popular because when closed, they give the window a very smooth appearance.

4.Vertical. Vertical blinds ( ) are very popular in both offices and in homes. They may be used for both windows and sliding glass doors where they can be open, closed or pulled to one side. The PVC or metal slats hang from a track across the top of the window or door. The slats may either be connected at the bottom with a chain or cord, or simply hung loose. Some models are electric blinds and can be opened and closed with a remote control unit.

5.Woven. Unlike the styles described above, woven blinds do not have slats that open or close. The slats are very narrow and woven together. Narrow spaces between the slats filter sunlight. More light is admitted by pulling a draw string and rolling the blind up toward the top of the window. Woven blinds do not offer quite as much privacy as Venetians.

Not only do blinds come in a variety of attractive styles, they are also available in a variety of materials. The combination of styles and materials give decorators tremendous versatility in putting together extremely attractive windows. This versatility results in windows that compliment and coordinate well with virtually every taste in room dιcor. Among the materials used in blinds are the following.


For years metal, especially aluminium, has been among the most popular materials for blind slats. Metal is durable, easy to clean and long-lasting. It comes in a variety of colours and the slats are available in widths from 1/2 inch to three inches.


Wood is a popular window dressing material because of the rich beauty and sense of strength it offers. Wood gives a room an aesthetic quality not found with any other material. Wood can be stained or painted a virtually infinite variety of colours. The slats in wooden blinds are generally one to two inches wide. Draw strings are pulled to open or close the slats, thus controlling the amount of light let into the room. Wood is used for both Venetian and woven blinds.


Cane is used in woven blinds. Cane may be either bamboo or rattan. The slats may be either whole or split pieces of cane. The slats do not open or close, but the small spaces between the pieces of cane admit filtered light into the room.


PVC. Vinyl is used in both Venetian and woven styles. It is easily substituted for metal or wood in Venetian or woven styles. Vinyl looks good for years, is easy to clean and is typically much less expensive than metal or wood.


Stiffened fabric is sometimes used as slats. This fabric may also be back with vinyl or metal. Fabric can be used to compliment or coordinate with other fabrics in the room.

Blinds can be used as the sole window treatment or in combination with drapes, curtains and valances. As the sole window treatment, they can make a room look larger and contemporary. Used in combination with curtains and valances, the room can be made to feel softer and smaller. The fabric of curtains or valances softens the hard, linear appearance created by blinds. The possibilities are almost limitless for the home decorator.

The dιcor in almost every room of the home can include blinds as part or the entire window treatment. A traditional styled living room, for example, looks comfortable and homey with light-coloured Venetians in the windows topped with a scalloped valance. A breakfast nook has a bright and airy feel with woven rattan blinds filtering out the full strength of the morning light. Bedrooms are private and attractive with rich-hued miniblinds softened by floor length double tied back and lined curtains. Small bathrooms seem larger with lightly-coloured Venetians providing privacy while admitting sunlight.

Blinds are colourful, functional and decorative. In combination with curtains and other window dressings they add style and a pleasing linear effect to any room. The blinds of today are a far cry from the sterile and antiseptic windows of my childhood physician's office.

15 of 32 Review For Talni Glass Terrarium

  • Review by Courtney

    Courtney ( 2021-Jan-18 )


    We were surprised how heavy was the package, (poor UPS guy!). It was easy for the two of us to put together. Bench is perfect near our grill, allows the cook a place to sit, and place a drink on the table. I only gave it 4 stars as there was damage to the wood under the table, which is only noticeable when table is up AND if it is pointed out!

  • Review by Linda

    Linda ( 2020-Jul-28 )


    Lovely red colour, matches my front door. Look expensive plenty of scope for planting. Good finish, will look great. Strong and light to lift. Just need to drill holes for drainage. Good to have a more unusual colour . Arrived on time and packed well.

  • Review by Kirt Laverne

    Kirt Laverne ( 2020-Aug-30 )


    It was really easy to assemble and looks great! However, there is nothing to use to tie the cushions to the rattan base, so the cushion do slide when you sit on it. Other than that a great purchase!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jan-04 )


    Was fairly straight forward to put together and looks great in our house. Very happy with the final product, especially considering the relatively cheap price.

  • Review by L

    L ( 2020-Oct-02 )


    Very happy with my new shed, strong and sturdy looks good too, took 1 person 5hrs to put together.

  • Review by Delena

    Delena ( 2021-Feb-12 )


    Perfect size and weight. It sits safely on the window ledge, bringing a touch of elegance and attractiveness to the window.

  • Review by Colin

    Colin ( 2020-May-17 )


    These chairs are not properly finished. First day of use a cold drink left a ring (water mark) on the armrest. So I went out and purchased a water sealer and proceeded to properly waterproof the chairs (4). $25 and 3 hours later they're in good shape. Also, they say they are rated to 300 pounds but I sure wouldn't test that out if I were you. They could be built out of more solid wood for the price. Lastly, the assembly instructions were so so. Once you get one done the rest go pretty fast though. Overall, 2/5 and that's based on the sale price. At "full price" I wouldn't bother. They look really nice but they require upkeep right from the get go and I'm not convinced they won't break in 5 years after regular use.

  • Review by Joanna

    Joanna ( 2020-Apr-05 )


    So far very pleased with it! -very sturdy -easy to assemble (electric screwdriver strongly recommended) -the sitting part is comfortable to sit on and resistant to cigarette burns(according to the packaging). It connects by 6 velcro pads which has an adhesive side, so its easy to remove. - the two side shelves have 3 position that you can easily change by hand if you need taller space like on the attached picture. Also I found it very nice that every screw had a premade whole for it. Time will tell how good it is while using it.

  • Review by Ruth

    Ruth ( 2021-Jan-17 )


    Easy to erect and I am really pleased with it. I did order one before this and because there were many bits missing I seem to spend ages trying to sort it out. Had to return it. Then order this one and it is so easy and is up and looks great.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jan-31 )


    I was surprised at how comfortable this is to sit on. I will definitely be purchasing a couple more to place around the yard.

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jan-25 )


    Lovely bench. I thought the colour would be more vibrant but that’s ok with me as I’m going to paint the bench anyway. Solid bench

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2020-Mar-31 )


    This deck box is exactly what I wanted to hold shoes on the front porch. I put it together in less than 10 minutes. And our cat has claimed it as his new outdoor bed. Love it even more since it came in white which is hard to find.

  • Review by Scott

    Scott ( 2021-Feb-16 )


    It must be the easiest ever flat pack everything was marked holes pre drilled screws ect all in separate bags and looks great

  • Review by Kathy

    Kathy ( 2020-Aug-13 )


    This storage box is absolutely ideal for storing cushions and other garden accoutrements. It arrived early (!) and came flat packed but was extremely easy to put together in about half an hour. The colour is great, blending into the background of the garden.

  • Review by Pietro

    Pietro ( 2020-Feb-15 )


    This swing is really nice. It ended up being a little shorter than I expected so check out the dimensions. I bought it for my mom and she loves it. It did have a little ding on one of the pieces but it’s on the back and you can’t really see it.

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