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  • Overall Product Weight: 6kg
  • Reversible: No
  • Removable Cushion Cover: Yes
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Family Health Investing In An Ionic Air Purifier

According to the American College of Allergists, polluted indoor air causes or contributes toward ½ of all illnesses. For families with two or more children who all have the potential of contracting a variety of illnesses throughout the year, do the math and you'll see how expensive it can be to be exposed to the ever-present contaminants that make themselves at home in your air.

Mold, dust, pollen and other irritants can exist in stagnant air and actually increase in intensity when they're brought in on hair, clothing and other objects that are introduced from the outdoors each day. Even tiny flakes of dried skin can become airborne, unseen to the naked eye, and cause respiratory problems for those who reside in the home. Since the ability to prevent these agents from entering the environment is not within your power, then steps must be taken to remove them before illness develops as a result of their presence in the air that you breathe.

Effects of Indoor Contaminants

In order to eliminate allergens and other contaminants from your home, you'll need to make a solid plan for purifying the air - in other words, you'll need to install an effective filtration system. The best way to accomplish this is by utilizing an Ionic Air Purifier. By integrating one of these systems into your home, you'll be eliminating those agents which adversely impact your health and cause you to suffer from a variety of symptoms, some of which may include:

+ Eye irritations
+ Nose and Throat irritations
+ Headaches
+ Sinus Infections
+ Sneezing
+ Coughing
+ Allergies
+ Asthma
+ Colds, Flu and Viruses
+ Ear infections
+ Respiratory Infections
+ Skin Irritations
+ Nausea

You may naturally assume that these pollutants can be eliminated through the course of regular housecleaning, or even more strenuous cleaning regimens, such as spring or fall cleaning sprees. Unfortunately, that's not the case. No matter how much you apply yourself to housecleaning, these contaminants will remain in the air. In fact, dusting and other forms of cleaning may cause allergens that have come to rest on furniture and carpeting to become airborne, causing adverse reactions to your health.

Various Types and Models of Ionic Air Purifier

While the standard model of Ionic Air Purifier utilizes negative ion generators to charge airborne particles so that they become attracted to the surfaces of furniture and other inanimate objects throughout your home, those which utilize electrostatic precipitators will actually trap the contaminants between metal plates that are housed within the unit, effectively cleaning the air and keeping it free of these irritating agents.

In addition to cleaning the air, these purifiers are often silent and energy efficient, and don't release any chemicals into the air. Another perk is that these systems are filterless, making them ideal for purifying a room or the entire interior of your home. Simply clean the metal plates regularly, and you're all set - without the ongoing cost of filters.

Of course, many pollutants also cause foul odors to be present in the air, such as in the case of cigarette smoke, the musty smell of mold, or simply the stale smell that's a by-product of stagnant air. Purifiers such as these also work to remove such odors, making the air pleasant to smell, as well as to breathe.

While the prices of Ionic Air Purifiers may seem a bit exorbitant in some cases, they can actually be purchased for under $100, depending upon the size of the unit and the competition among various dealers. When you consider the cost of medical bills due to the variety of illnesses that can crop up as the result of contaminated air, these units will pay for themselves in very short order. When viewed from that perspective, it's far more costly not to own a purifier than it is to invest in one.

All About of Furniture Covers

Garden Furniture Covers

Summer is a fantastic time to enjoy the great outdoors. Lounging in the garden , BBQing on the patio and having loved ones over for some outdoor games are only a handful of the many Summer activities which we love. Your patio or garden furniture provides a comfortable place for everyone to relax , however , when Summer comes to its end , is your garden furniture truly protected from the elements? The harsh Winter months with rain , snow and ice will inevitably wear out your furniture. Wayfair's garden furniture covers protect your outdoor furniture from damage and keep them looking as good as new so you can keep enjoying them for years to come. Now that you’re considering outdoor furniture covers , let's go through a few key points.

Materials made for the outdoors

green  garden  furniture  cover

When you cover your table and chairs during the off season , you want to make sure the fit is snug. Wayfair makes sure your garden furniture covers keep nature's elements at bay with materials made for the outdoors , including a water-resistant PVC undercoating. Lined furniture cushions will also ensure your outdoor furniture avoids getting scratched. In addition , an adjustable cord around the bottom of the cover ensures a snug , customisable fit.

Pit covers

pit  cover

You can cover more than just your furniture. At Wayfair we're always anticipating your needs , that's why we offer fire pit covers in addition to the various other types of garden furniture covers. This type of cover can be used to protect your fire pit not just from rain and snow but also dust and debris. A breathable mesh panel allows good air circulation to prevent condensation within the unit to avoid mold , mildew , and rust damage.

Air conditioner covers

air  conditioner  cover

It’s also important to protect your air conditioner. If you live in a climate with four distinct seasons , then you probably only use your air conditioner during the Summer months. When air conditioners are not in use , debris , water , leaves and dirt may get into the vents and cause damage to your unit. In addition , air conditioner units can become rusty after several years of exposure. By covering your air conditioner during the off season , you increase its longevity.

Whether you need a cover for your chair , table , fire pit , or log rack , Wayfair's wide selection of outdoor furniture covers will meet theirs and your needs. Our garden furniture covers feature high-quality , durable materials , are resistant to weather , water and mold damage , and have the ability to be adjusted to the size of your furniture.

At Wayfair , we try to make sure you always have many options for your home. That's why we have so many patio furniture covers for sale on our website , including garden furniture covers from brands such as Outsunny and dCor Design. We want to make sure when you're looking for where to buy outdoor furniture covers online , you're getting one that's right for you. We have a zillion options to choose from with thousands of great deals every day. loves everything home and dΓ©cor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Furniture Covers for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Furniture Covers that are right for your home. With great products like the Patio Table Cover and the Outdoor Conversation Set Cover you're sure to find the right Furniture Covers that fit into your home.

20 of 25 Review For Sofa Cushion

  • Review by Margaret

    Margaret ( 2020-Nov-22 )


    They were a bit small for the space I wanted to put them in but because I ordered 2 sets it worked out. They are of good quality and all the installation materials came with them.

  • Review by Sarah

    Sarah ( 2020-Feb-18 )


    These are so elegant and love they are faux wicker with faux bamboo. I needed to buy these for a client's doctor's office so they need to stand up to all ages, weather and needs and this nails it on the head. Thank you I highly recommend these dining chairs and they are stackable!

  • Review by V.

    V. ( 2021-Apr-22 )


    Easy to build, sturdy and looks great. Excellent item, no complaints.

  • Review by Wendy

    Wendy ( 2021-May-07 )


    Looking for something to store bird feeders on my back deck and also be extra seating. This worked perfectly. Had a friend assemble - took about 10 minutes.

  • Review by Alan

    Alan ( 2020-Nov-22 )


    Absolutely love it, great quality easy to assemble and looks great

  • Review by Steve

    Steve ( 2020-Jan-28 )


    An excellent product that is very good value for the price and we are well pleased with our purchase. The online description was very accurate. Exceptionally fast delivery within 5 days. Was able to download the assembly instructions in advance to prepare for assembly although I was able to do it single handedly in just under two hours needing only a cross head screwdriver. The box is well made and the instructions are very clear with all parts and fittings being clearly labeled. The best flatpack i have seen in this regard. The packaging was ideal to put under and protect the unit during assembly. Initially when assembling I thought the box may be a bit small but it is a very good size and takes all our seat cushions (6) plus two complete sun loungers and a table parasol. We can recommend this unit without reservation.

  • Review by Claire

    Claire ( 2020-Jun-20 )


    they came in so fast, and easily put together!! except one part of a top was cracked inside, but it held water our the whole summer and kept the towels for the pool right at hand, and organized!! saw them in the store recently, but got a better deal on here! love them and you.

  • Review by Anthony

    Anthony ( 2020-Apr-25 )


    We were surprised how heavy was the package, (poor UPS guy!). It was easy for the two of us to put together. Bench is perfect near our grill, allows the cook a place to sit, and place a drink on the table. I only gave it 4 stars as there was damage to the wood under the table, which is only noticeable when table is up AND if it is pointed out!

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2020-Aug-11 )


    It’s a great size,sturdy and well sealed. Enough room to stand inside.would be good for storing small trees in the winter.

  • Review by Thomas

    Thomas ( 2020-Jun-14 )


    Arrived within a few days and was pretty easy to put together. Feels quality and is a great addition to our garden.

  • Review by Tracey

    Tracey ( 2021-Mar-15 )


    This bench is beautiful! The color is gorgeous and very close to the image. Highly recommend.

  • Review by Elizabeth

    Elizabeth ( 2021-Apr-16 )


    My daughter mentioned an interest in owning a swing. Purchased this swing for a Christmas present and she loves it.

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2021-Feb-12 )


    This bench is beautiful! The color is as pictured but is even richer in actuality. The bench was super easy to put together. Just know that the last bit of hardware that looks like a screw is a tool to screw into the cams to hold them in place within the predrilled holes. This allows you to align and screw into the cams without guesswork. I withheld the fifth star in reservation regarding the bench's ability to remain outside and withstand weather. In Florida, we leave outdoor furniture out year-round. The directions with the bench advise you to wax the wood periodically and "cover the bench" when not in use. So, we'll see how it holds up! I WILL wax the wood and it'll be so worth it to visually enjoy seeing this bench in my courtyard outside year round!

  • Review by Stewart

    Stewart ( 2020-Nov-26 )


    Really lovely set, looks great on our patio and seems very good quality. Delivery service was horrendous though!

  • Review by Ruth

    Ruth ( 2020-Apr-10 )


    Super cute smaller then I thought but will work!

  • Review by Tom

    Tom ( 2020-May-02 )


    Beautiful and delicate, added a succulent and it made a nice accent to my bedroom wall!

  • Review by Crystal

    Crystal ( 2020-Aug-02 )


    Arrived swiftly and looks good but the quality is cheap. The table wobbles - disappointing as there’s only 3 items in the order! Is it worth Β£280? No! Wish I hadn’t purchased. Can’t return because it’s big, heavy and probably costly to do so.

  • Review by Claire

    Claire ( 2021-Jun-12 )


    Beautiful piece of furniture. I got my friend to help me with the flat pack, but my bad memories were just that! It was wonderfully straightforward to put together and I could have done it by myself. Lifting it is a lil more difficult. Thoroughly recommend this bench.

  • Review by Ashley

    Ashley ( 2020-Oct-30 )


    I ordered this garden bench in the blue and love it! It gives our front porch a great pop of color. So glad the blue bench came back in stock!

  • Review by Robert

    Robert ( 2020-Feb-03 )


    We really have enjoyed this piece, but it has faded fast under the sun light.

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