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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Pieces Included: 8 stackable chairs and 1 extendable table
  • Chair Outer Frame Material: Textile
  • Table Frame Material: Metal
  • Table Top Material: Glass
    • Product Name Numbers 8 Seater Dining Set
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk8ec6e9faef6fd34
      Category Garden Dining Sets
      Main Category Garden Furniture

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Fast Solutions with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art used in the home to create balance and harmony. Feng Shui Practitioners have many tricks of the trade used to get rid of negative energy and promote happiness, stability, affluence, tranquility and peace. With the help of this guide, now you, too, can use Feng Shui to enhance your surroundings.

Here are some Feng Shui fast solutions to allow you to experience maximum fulfillment in your current home:

Color. Color can lift you up or bring you down, so pay attention to the colors you choose for your furniture and to decorate your house. Decide on which color best suits your living room, bedrooms, dining room and furniture by figuring out the energy you would like for that particular room or area.

* Red: Great for energy and excitement. Works perfectly in a dining room to keep folks awake at the dinner table. Not so good for bedrooms and studies, as its properties can make it hard to relax and unwind.
* Orange: Stimulates hunger. Softer, lighter shades work great for living rooms, playrooms, and even bedrooms.
* Yellow: Inspires happiness and creativity. Use in any room to add brightness and vitality.
* Green: A healing and soothing color. A perfect choice for a living room or any room where you want to enhance the energy of balance.
* Blue: A healing and soothing color. A perfect choice for a living room or any room where you want to enhance the energy of balance.
* Indigo: Yet another color that heals and soothes. Good for a childs room to promote healthy sleep habits.
* Purple: A highly spiritual color that promotes richness and transformation. Can be too high of a frequency for a large room, so consider using accents of purple as an alternative to painting an entire room.

Light. Light exerts a strong influence over how we feel. Take care to light each room so that you achieve the appropriate calming or energizing effect.

* Sunlight: Natural lighting is the very best way to brighten a room.
* Good Quality Lighting: Second best to natural lighting. If possible, dont skimp when it comes to buying lamps, track lighting, or fixtures for your home.
* Bright Lighting: Promotes energy and activity (for a playroom, for example).
* Low Lighting: Promotes calmness and relaxation (for a bedroom or study, for example).
* Dimmers: Can be purchased at a local hardware store. Dimmer switches give you the flexibility to alternate between bright and low lighting in the same room. With a dimmer, bedrooms can be used to play, study, or sleep, your dining room can accommodate a lively brunch or a romantic supper, and the living room can foster animated conversation or some quiet family reading.

Touch. Designers often overlook the power of texture and how it influences the energy of your home and surroundings. Play with accessories and furniture of different materials to achieve surprising results.

* Rugs: A shag rug emits a playful energy, while a tightly coiled country rug adds a homey, nurturing touch to a living room. Decide whether you would prefer to tread barefoot upon a soft carpet or a cool shiny wood floor. One draws the energy of comfort, the other professionalism. Choose the materials best suited for the energy you would like each room of your home to radiate.
* Pillows: Silk pillows add richness and sensuality. Cotton is good for kids or casual relaxation, and fun, fluffy pillows can be employed for a lighter, playful effect in a living room or playroom.
* Furniture: Sleek wood furniture conveys a sturdy and reassuring energy, while soft leather couches and armchairs add a luxurious energy to a living room or study.

Smell. Aromas are an easy and inexpensive solution to help you achieve a harmonious home environment. Play with different scents in each room, changing them occasionally to see how the smells aid in energizing or relaxing you.

* Flowers: Flowers can be a terrific addition to any household because of their color and innate positive energy. Easy to forget, however, is how wonderful a room smells when fresh flowers are added.
* Candles: Candles look beautiful and have an immediate calming effect on a room. Use different scents for each room, or place various candles with unique smells together in one collection.
* Cooking: Cooking provides nourishment and comfort. An added benefit is the wonderful smells of cooking, which contribute to a balanced atmosphere in your home.
* Incense or alternatively, Sage: Incense is a fantastic cleansing agent. Use it to erase negative energies, such as after an argument. The scent will permeate all corners of the room, and either relax or invigorate the inhabitants, depending on what type of incense you use.

You! Dont forget the most important element of your home: you and your family. Even plants and flowers play a vital role in livening up an environment. Pets and children are great for adding movement in each room, which, in turn, keeps the energy of your house circulating. Play with these and other Feng Shui solutions, to maintain balance and perfect harmony in your home.

All About of Garden Dining Sets

Garden Dining Sets

Shopping for garden furniture is a fun project to take on for your home. Building a garden or patio is often less technical than some of the other home improvement projects you can take on , and the end result is a beautiful new outdoor space for you , your loved ones , and friends to hang out and soak up the sun.

If you choose the right table and chairs for your garden , you'll be able to enjoy many family lunches or dinners in your very personal garden oasis. Choosing the best garden dining set for your home takes knowing a range of items such as how many seats you need , what material you want out of your dining set , what finish color you want , and what shape table will work best on your patio or in your garden.

patio  dining  sets

Seating Capacity: Consider the number of people in your family or who lives in your home to help determine the number of chairs your dining or bistro set should have. You should also think about how often you host friends because if you host often , perhaps adding a few more chairs to the table than you think could go a long way. Another way you can determine how many chairs your dining set needs is by looking to see how much space you have in the spot where you are placing all your outdoor dining furniture.

outdoor  dining  sets

Frame Material: There are a few materials you should be aware of when browsing tables and chairs for your garden on Wayfair. First is metal , which is a common garden furniture material. You can find table and chairs sets made from only metal. Here you could use the set as is or purchase additional outdoor cushions to make the dining or bistro set more comfortable. Other metal sets you might come across will have metal as the primary material but could have a glass surface in the center of the table or more of a fabric type material where you sit on the chair. One type of metal you will find is aluminum. Another option includes a wicker or rattan table and chairs. Rattan is a very popular garden furniture material. It holds up in all types of weather and takes on a range of colors from lighter shades to darker. You can find beautiful rattan garden table and chairs matched with lighter shaded cushions for a very on trend look. Additional popular materials are wood or plastic. Plastic might be a more affordable option and wood is similar to rattan and metal where you can find additional outdoor cushions to increase comfort.

outdoor  dining  furniture

Shape , Finish & Features The shape of your garden table is another factor. The most popular are rectangle or circle. A rectangle garden dining table will allow you to host more people. Additional shapes include square , oval , or octagonal. You should match the finish material of your table and chairs to the colors in your garden or patio. Think about the colors of the porch , the color of the shutters or awning on your windows , the pergola or other garden furniture that you own to make the best decision. There is one important feature you may want to consider which is the parasol hole. If you plan to use your table and chairs for eating when the sun is out , you may want a parasol to have the option to grab some shade. Be sure the set you're interested in comes with a table with a hole for a parasol. You can make sure a parasol hole is included in your garden table by reading the product description for the sets you're considering.

Wayfair is here to help you build the perfect outdoor dining area so you can enjoy your garden the same way you enjoy the inside of your home. We love going out and getting hundreds of garden dining sets from many suppliers to help show you a wide variety of options. We don't stop there. Our next focus is to make sure your new table and chairs arrive on time. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Garden Dining Sets for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Garden Dining Sets that are right for your home. With great products like the Hulste 4 Seater Dining Set and the Wayne 4 Seater Dining Set you're sure to find the right Garden Dining Sets that fit into your home.

25 of 41 Review For Numbers 8 Seater Dining Set

  • Review by Ken

    Ken ( 2020-Jun-23 )


    I purchased two of the storage units for my deck and they are perfect extra seating and for storing those cushions or small items in that you don't want to get wet.

  • Review by Ross

    Ross ( 2020-Mar-01 )


    Ordered a combination of small and large. Very happy with how they look in a grouping on the wall.

  • Review by Joyce

    Joyce ( 2021-Sep-23 )


    Bought for my daughter to go against trellis fence they will have done , looks good and with self watering should be ideal in summer with annuals.

  • Review by Lewis

    Lewis ( 2020-Jan-18 )


    I bought the dark grey and love it. Just what i was after. Good quality, reasonably weighty with 2 drainage holes. Shame they have now sold out as I would like to buy 1 other.

  • Review by Wendy

    Wendy ( 2020-Nov-15 )


    They were a bit small for the space I wanted to put them in but because I ordered 2 sets it worked out. They are of good quality and all the installation materials came with them.

  • Review by Rachel

    Rachel ( 2021-May-23 )


    Great value for money. Delivered within a couple of days. Seems good quality for the price. Fills a redundant spot on my deck perfectly

  • Review by Davina

    Davina ( 2021-Jan-23 )


    Looks lovely in our garden and has provided total protection for all our cushions through several downpours.

  • Review by Monica

    Monica ( 2020-Jul-07 )


    Love how simple this decor piece is. Compliment the room perfectly.

  • Review by RUTH

    RUTH ( 2020-Jan-31 )


    There are just the two of us living at home so this is a very comfortable and useful set for us. It’s also very well-made, the cushions match beautifully with all the green, garden plants around and it looks quite wonderful on our patio.

  • Review by Keith

    Keith ( 2020-Aug-11 )


    Great product, goes together very easily and feels very sturdy with huge capacity. Having read many poor reviews for similar items elsewhere I'm pleased I went with this one. Only 1 person needed to assemble apart from when attaching the lid for which it's helpful to have a friend to hold it steady while you screw in the hinges. Also big hand to, the lid had a slight crack on it which I photographed and filled in the online form and a new lid was dispatched the next day with no quibble at all. Online retail as it should be.

  • Review by Penelope

    Penelope ( 2020-May-20 )


    Unfortunately the product was faulty on arrival, the grey laminate was blown/bobbled on 4 out of the 6 shelf sections, this also caused them to be darker than the rest of the laminate surrounding it. Can't really comment on the finished article as it's tainted but customer service was very good and made resolving the issue very simple.

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Feb-29 )


    Really pleased with the garden set, so is the dog! Fast delivery, came within a week.

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2021-Feb-26 )


    Who would have thought that this smaller version if a deck box would be so useful. I store the decorative pillows that go with my outdoor furniture in it. My grandsons like to sit on them or use them as play tables when they bring toys outside. Took only around 20 minutes to put each of hem together. My contractor asked me about them as well as my new deck biz and I highly recommended He must have told slot of people cause now your sold out.

  • Review by Paula

    Paula ( 2020-Jun-23 )


    Bit tricky and time consuming to out together needs a good screwdriver or two but very nice height to sit on

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Dec-30 )


    Love the product itself. Struggled a little with the hanging hardware. No directions for hanging but it turned out okay.

  • Review by Mrs

    Mrs ( 2021-Aug-05 )


    Lovely red colour, matches my front door. Look expensive plenty of scope for planting. Good finish, will look great. Strong and light to lift. Just need to drill holes for drainage. Good to have a more unusual colour . Arrived on time and packed well.

  • Review by Molly

    Molly ( 2020-May-29 )


    Received in excellent condition! Love the durability of these chairs! They perfectly matched our existing table! Highly recommend this set!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-May-03 )


    It will serve its purpose for what we got it but looks like cheap plastic so the appearance is definitely not "top quality". However, I have no doubt that it will stand up to the elements!

  • Review by Kathleen

    Kathleen ( 2021-Jan-04 )


    Very stylish and comfortable. Wider seat than usual rattan furniture. Bought for our balcony.

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2021-May-22 )


    I have not hung these yet. I'm looking for the perfect place but they are sooo cute. Quality is very good.

  • Review by Gretchen

    Gretchen ( 2020-Nov-02 )


    Looks fab on my patio! I was very dubious about the measurements of the furniture before delivery and expected something a lot smaller however I wasn't disappointed. For the price, I do also feel the quality is really good and the rattan effect is good quality. I had been looking at similar items in garden centres that were much more expensive but poorer quality. I would definitely recommend

  • Review by Paul

    Paul ( 2020-Dec-19 )


    Well, what can I say... delighted with our new Richins bench. Very sturdy, strong and easy to put together. Extremely comfortable with the curved seat and back. This has brightened up our garden and received compliments.

  • Review by Margaret

    Margaret ( 2021-Aug-22 )


    This product is amazing! I got all my cushions from my corner settee and some scatter cushions too!

  • Review by Helen

    Helen ( 2020-Jul-12 )


    This is a beautiful porch swing that seems well built for the price and was reasonably easy to put together. I've had it up for a few days, love it, and have already received a number of positive comments on it from neighbors. Highly recommended.

  • Review by Elenora

    Elenora ( 2020-May-31 )


    Took a while to arrive because of covid Very easy to put together and no tools required All planted up and love it

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