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About Hanging Chairs

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Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are the new trend in home design. This furniture item brings an extra touch of luxury to your outdoor space. Use them to create a cosy space on your patio or in your garden to enjoy a little privacy while snoozing or reading. Pair a black chair with a variety of accessories to create a well-designed area in both an indoor or outside space.

Snug in a Basket

hanging  chair  with  stand

These types of hanging chairs are made from durable materials like plastic , in a woven pattern. They can be left outdoors without any worry of weather damage. They also retain a new appearance for longer. These types of chairs are made in an egg shape on a stand. This creates a stylish and welcoming seat. Typically , round seats look best with a few oversized continental pillows placed inside. If you opt for a suspended chair with armrests , you may want to add an upholstered cushion that resembles a traditional armchair. Whatever your choice , rest assured that this type of hanging chair looks great in virtually any space.

Rattan Options

Similar to the basket chair , a rattan chair design is versatile. Hanging chairs of this variety are made from natural material. The palm fibres are soft and pliable and bent into the iconic egg shape , which is perfect for a hanging seat. The rattan then becomes firm once varnished and holds its shape. Bring them indoors if you're expecting a lot of rain but they'll typically survive outdoors. Place a throw and a cushion on your chair for added comfort.

Just Keep Swinging

hanging  chair  for  2  people

Enjoy the view of your garden with your loved ones when you buy a hanging patio swing from this page. A chair like this is large enough for two people to sit comfortably and is often on sale. You may be able to search a patio swing made from rattan or plastic , however , they are most commonly made from solid wood. The wood is then lined with comfortable cushions. A good example of this is the egg-shaped chair. Display them inside or outdoors.

Stands vs. rafters

One of the most common hanging products uses a stand to hang the chair. These are best if you plan on changing the layout of your space frequently. However , if your chairs are in a single position , you could suspend them from the rafters in your ceiling. This helps you save on installation costs. These offer a secure point of anchor , so you can swing on the frame without any fear.

Size Matters

Rey  hanging  chair  with  stand

One of the most important aspects to consider when adding new hanging chairs to your collection is the size of the seat. Smaller hammock-style chairs are ideal in a kitchen or bathroom. These create an unusual visual effect in a smaller space without interrupting the flow of your interior design. However , other areas in the home demand more drama. Make a large basket chair the focal point of your patio. You could even hang several stand chairs of varying sizes in your garden to create an interesting outdoor seating area.

Make the Most of Them

These multifunctional seats can be used in several spaces throughout the home. Suspend them from your dining room ceiling for an interesting seating option around your table. Alternatively , you could place hanging chairs in your living room with extra cushions for a comfy place to put your feet up. It's best to place a couple of baskets around your hanging seat so that all your essential items are within reach.