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About Garden Swings

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Garden Swing

Garden swings are an easy , affordable way to enhance your outdoor space. Swing seats turn it into a lively and inviting space where you can relax and entertain friends. From lightweight metal garden swings to exotic handmade wooden types , there's a variety to choose from.

Why Wood?

wooden  swing  seat

A wooden swing can convert your garden into a rustic space. Our seats are made of exotic hardwood such as mahogany , redwood , red cedar pine and century-old oaks from the UK and other parts of Europe. We have a variety of large and small wooden swings complete with wooden canopies and frames. The canopy is made of robust waterproof fabric while the wooden frames are pressure treated to reduce the risk of rotting. Hanging chains are fitted with carabiners to ensure a firm grip. You'll also find handcrafted designs with reclining swing seats. Some have rolled seats that extend the backrest for maximum comfort.

Versatile Metal

If you plan to move your garden swing to the patio and other outdoor spaces , choose the metal option because it's lighter than wooden products. They feature a waterproof canopy , sturdy frames , and cosy seats with soft upholstery. Some designs come with side cushions that double up as pillows for napping. Others have adjustable sunshades that ensure comfort even when the canopy shade shifts.

Need an Extra Hand?

Josephine  swing  seat  with  stand

Some swings come with cup holders. Most of them have a retractable console that partitions the chair into 2 while others have it at the frontend of the armrests. When the middle cup holder is not in use , you can flip it upwards so that it becomes part of the backrest.

Garden Swing Tips

For the best swing-seat experience , align the front of the garden swing with the wind direction so that it can give you drifts when you're moving forward. If you have kids , you'd do well to choose a swing with climbing frames so that they can manoeuvre safely. Hang the seats a metre or so above the ground so that they can swing even with little wind.

Putting It All Together

Naomi  swing  seat

It's easy to assemble most of these models because they come with detailed instructions and diagrams. All you need is to find each part and fit it into place until the whole structure is standing at the desired location. It is a 2-person job though. For quick assembly , first , fit all the parts together in an upright position then go about tightening the joints.

Cleaning Up

Start by pouring water on it with a hose. Then let the dirt soak off. After 10 minutes scrub it with a plastic brush while pouring water and liquid soap over it. Rinse it clean. Let it dry in the sun. Go the extra mile by applying a new coat of paint to the frame. Or renew its natural wood colour with Teak oil.

Protection During Winter

Melina  swing  seat

Protect your swings from heavy snow by locking them in a garden store or covering them with a heavy fabric on a concrete ground. Ensure that the floor is free of moisture to reduce rotting and rusting. Regularly clear the snow that accumulates on the cover , and look out for leaks that could cause rotting or corrosion.

Get a Garden Make-over

After buying stylish hanging swings , make sure you select some covers for outdoor furniture. The covers will protect your garden bench , chairs , sofas , and sun loungers from damage during harsh weather. You can also take a hammock for the kids. We stock several types of hammocks including free-standing and tethered varieties made of tough fabrics in bright colours. Add in some outdoor cushions to go with your garden seats , chairs , and benches for a softer touch.