Symple Stuff Lanterns. Cheap Price 60cm Garden Torch (Set Of 6), Buy Lanterns online! Free delivery over £40 to most of the UK ✓ Great Selection ✓ Excellent customer service ✓ Find everything for a beautiful home

  • Overall: 60cm H x 7cm W x 7cm D
  • Product Type: Garden Torch
  • Number of Lights: 6
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.61kg
  • Material: Metal; Wood
    • The 60cm Garden Torch is stylish lanterns which look great bringing light to your patios and outdoor areas. Standing at 2 feet high the torch comes with a refillable 180ml cubic capacity cup ready to be filled with paraffin or lamp oil. With the flame lasting approx 4-5 hours. Fantastic for garden parties & corporate events. Simply wedge the pole into your garden and light.

      Product Name 60cm Garden Torch (Set Of 6)
      Brand Symple Stuff
      Product SKU ukef9210796af264f
      Category Lanterns
      Main Category Garden Decor

Outdoor & Garden Ideas

Color Schemes for Interior Decorations

It is often easier to decorate around the house; there exist some amount of spontaneity inspiring you to plunge into your own styling. When it comes to wall color schemes, things turn the other way. For amateurs and enthusiasts and homemakers too, this field appears a bit risky, with lots to lose time, money, and efforts to start with, not to mention the redoing it requires.

You dont need to feel overwhelmed with the ordeal. To plan and co-ordinate color scheme for every room in the home, you can take one step at a time. Assess each room individually and make notes as to the amount of natural light it receives, the kind of lighting you have used and the color that will best compliment the natural architectural features of your home. Its easy to estimate these details, if you have lived in the house for some time.

Before you decide, take a closer look at the existing carpeting, flooring and woodwork and it will allow you to make a safe choice. On an average, color scheme on the walls will helps you to determine the harmony between colors to be used throughout the dcor. Color wheels are often used to determine the complimentary colors; you can do the accents furnishings (rugs, lamps, paintings) and furniture in the complimentary colors. Some common schemes for selecting the best color for a space,

Monochromatic Color Scheme: The most common one, it uses a single color in different shades, tints, values, textures and hues to bring the harmony and flow, a sense of uniformity to a place.
Analogous scheme: This one uses adjacent colors on the color wheel, allowing you many possibilities within the warm or cool color category. Plan the colors diligently, for it is important for the colors to come out as a great combo.
A complementary scheme: Here, one can use the colors opposite each other on the color wheel, again a difficult task as the balance of colors will take some careful thinking. Considered bold and modern.
Triadic Color Scheme: This one uses three hues. Each is placed consecutively or at equal distances from each other. For example, yellow, green and red, this scheming uses their tones, shades and scales in three hues placed at equal distances from each other.On studying the color wheel and looking up different color scheming, get a practical view and start planning. Here are a few steps for your consideration,
When you have decided on the color palette for a room, start with the lighter shades for walls, medium for furniture and windows (or contrasts), doors etc. If you dont want to change the furniture, work around a wall color that is a shade lighter in the same order. Accessories may look great in the darkest of shade on your color card.
Lighter shades like cream, whites, lemon, Ivory can make a big difference in making a space look larger. You can use a lighter shade as the base or neutral color; play with contrast and bolder shades for rest of the dcor.
You need to have eye resting point where all the colors break even. Nothing big or too loud, a great complimentary colored vase or bowl or art piece or painting that highlights the accents, and harmonizes the interiors in a balancing art.
Usually, people use boldest of colors on fabrics like cushions, curtains and mats. You can use harmonize fabrics by using colors as accent fabrics on chairs, decorative pillows, tablecloths and mats.
Repeat each colors in an equal proportion throughout the room, and in at least 3-4 places. The best color ratio: Divide color use to approximately 60% of the room in the background (lightest) color, 30% in the mid-tone color, and 10% in the brightest, accent colors.

Play within the color rules, but when it comes to creativity, dont overlook your own power. You can do wonders with pieces and bits within the arena and create a space that reflects your taste, your individuality.

All About of Lanterns

Garden Lanterns

wooden  lantern have enlisted Laura Hitchcock , award-winning lifestyle blogger at Little Stuff to help you choose some of the best garden lanterns from the large selection of outdoor lighting available sat Wayfair to add character and a finishing touch to your garden.

Long evenings are finally here , and so many of us move outdoors as much as we can to enjoy the rare British summer. When your garden becomes an extension of your living space , you want to feel and look as nice as the inside of your home – and as always it’s the smallest of design touches that can make the biggest difference. If you’re planning on using your garden once the sun has gone down – and really , why wouldn’t you? – then lighting is one of the essentials in your garden design. From strings of light bulbs lighting your entire garden to small intimate lanterns on table tops or pathways – there are so many choices for the summer space you are creating.

The soft warm glow of candles Is hard to beat in the garden , and it’s much more inviting and atmospheric than an electric light. Plus you can always use citronella candles for the added bug-repellent abilities!

Lantern Material

It is important to think about what style and material of lantern will fit in with the ambiance of your outdoor space - be it a garden , balcony or porch. A rustic , earthy space would suit wooden lanterns whereas a more modern and contemporary space would benefit from glass lanterns with their clean-edged designs. Another benefit of glass lanterns is they tend to use smokeless and odorless fuel canisters.

Lantern Design

Playing with shapes is a great way to add interest , and I love the softly glowing teardrop designs of the wire mesh candle tabletop torch from the Kent Collection. Not only do they look great but will add subtle lighting creating a romantic ambiance for dinners under the stars.

Of course , a traditional hurricane lamp is difficult to beat – it’s a design that hasn’t changed for centuries simply because it’s SO good – all the light , but protected against those annoying gusts of breeze which can extinguish a lesser candle. A lantern set like this allows you to place a dramatic cluster of lighting on your garden dining table – or separate them to use across the patio for a whimsical outdoor backdrop.

Hanging Lanterns

If you have larger trees in your back garden , then hanging lanterns are a wonderful way to add atmosphere and height to your outdoor space.

It’s easy to build a dramatic effect with lanterns too – use a larger candle against a wall or solid backdrop for effective dancing shadows – try a patterned design to show a shimmering shadows of light.

At Wayfair , we carry a huge selection of garden lanterns so you can choose from many different options for your outside space. We carry the best garden lighting , so you can find one that is just right for you. With our large selection of garden accessories , you're likely to find something that you'll love. If you're looking for where to buy garden lighting online , then you'll have no trouble finding a great option on Wayfair!

17 of 53 Review For 60cm Garden Torch (Set Of 6)

  • Review by Siobhan

    Siobhan ( 2020-Jan-29 )


    Came in on time and looks great! Would give it 5 stars but the color is more green than the blue I thought I would get.

  • Review by Ashley

    Ashley ( 2020-Jun-23 )


    It’s easy to assemble ands it looks good. Its somewhat sturdy. It’s not of great quality. I had to glue a joint that had separated. I am going to put a better finish on it, I don’t think it will weather well. perhaps polyeurethane.

  • Review by Kirt Laverne

    Kirt Laverne ( 2021-Jan-07 )


    Very quick delivery on these planters. I ordered 5 medium and 5 smaller planters and all but one arrived undamaged. Took a photo of the damage and another was sent immediately. Very pleased with the look of these items and price paid. Had to drill drainage holes in the bottom which was fine but they look good and I like the fact that they have inserts which means you don't need to fill two thirds of each planter which saves a lot on compost. Put some rocks/bricks in the bottom part so that it is not top heavy. Very pleased with the service and product

  • Review by Fe

    Fe ( 2020-May-11 )


    Added this to new planting bed with hydrangeas and butterfly bushes. With pillows it became my quiet place away from the rest of the yard space. Comfortable for what I wanted.

  • Review by Amanda

    Amanda ( 2020-Sep-11 )


    I love it. Strong, I'm on a 3rd floor apartment with hurricane winds constantly! It hasn't moved at all. I hate to say but a tiny chip mark on arrival, maybe suggest new packaging as I saw another comment similar. They are good for the price, and plants will hide the chip.

  • Review by Annie

    Annie ( 2020-Sep-28 )


    Great quality bench seat. Looks good and is solid. Putting it together was a challenge as the long hex screws were hard to get in (forget about using the stupid allen Key provided). Used a torque wrench and that made simple work of it!

  • Review by Claire

    Claire ( 2020-Jun-09 )


    excellent value for money.. goes up in less than 10mins with clear and easy instructions. and delivered on time.

  • Review by Penelope

    Penelope ( 2020-Mar-23 )


    Excellent sized storage box, large enough to hold all garden furniture cushions. The product is easy to assemble and is very sturdy.

  • Review by Anna

    Anna ( 2020-May-19 )


    I have compared prices on this to other places. Great Deal and well made would definitely recommend to others.

  • Review by Meredith

    Meredith ( 2020-Apr-21 )


    We absolutely love this styish addition to our garden, looks fabulous, real !ly comfortable and stacks up for easy storage. Highly recommended

  • Review by Elizabeth

    Elizabeth ( 2020-Jun-04 )


    Great match for the armless ones .......the arms give them that little something extra that makes them perfect for the younger set at the table.

  • Review by Catherine

    Catherine ( 2020-Nov-01 )


    Received as shown in the picture. The wood is solid and quality is spot on. The swing is so sturdy. Easy to assemble with one helping hand. Delivered as promised on time. The only concern I had was ,couple of screws and bolts were missing. I need to buy from outside.

  • Review by Patricia

    Patricia ( 2020-Jan-22 )


    Not too difficult to put together. Really comfortable. Should have gone for darker colour cushions with having 2 dogs!!

  • Review by Jo

    Jo ( 2020-Jan-09 )


    Does the job very well and looks the part! Cushion cover is vinyl - practical but fabric would be nicer. Good value for he money - the only real downside for me is that I have big feet and some the shoes have to lay sideways - but a pair of Timberland boots will still fit (just)!

  • Review by Liz

    Liz ( 2020-Jun-01 )


    Sturdy hardwood bench at a good price, and prompt delivery on the promised date. Bench well packed for transport.

  • Review by Gill

    Gill ( 2020-Sep-17 )


    We absolutely love this styish addition to our garden, looks fabulous, real !ly comfortable and stacks up for easy storage. Highly recommended

  • Review by Judith

    Judith ( 2020-Nov-03 )


    Very pleased with purchased. Ideal for storing all the patio sofa cushions. Very easy to construct and it fit together well. Its as good as any of the other units from other suppliers and alot cheaper.

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