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  • Overall: 72cm H x 40cm W x 30cm D
  • Design: Urn
    • Product Name Seaport Metal Fountain
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk6cbccc4d9b6dd49
      Category Garden Water Features Fountains
      Main Category Garden Decor

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Easy Diy Railings Aluminum Railings

The article tells you how you can easily make aluminum railings. In this article, we will just consider the straight railings fixed with wooden inserts and cleats. At the end of article, you will be able to make straight railings, neatly and economically.

Major Parts Of Aluminum Railings

The major parts of railings are bottom posts, verticals, top railings, and center rails. All the parts are available from a DIY workshop or the parts can be separately purchased and assembled together. It is not difficult to make good-looking railings. The effort required is also not very high.

Tools Required For Making Aluminum Railings

You may not require very many tools. You require some skill in cutting and fixing screws. The tools you would require for are

Tools Needed:

Circular saw
Wood worker’s Clamps
Hand saw
Rough files 8” long
Power drill and drill bits of 1/8” 3/16” & Ό” diameter
3/8” Hex head driver
Tape Measure
Twine thread
Scriber for marking aluminum
Safety goggles
Hand gloves and

Material required

The materials required for are:

Aluminum formed sections 2X4 “and 4x4”
Wooden Inserts
3/8” Hex heads
Bottom posts
Aluminum cleats

Selection Of Material

While making aluminum railings please refer to the local building codes and select the material that is allowed in the local codes. Not doing so may cause problems later on. So please be careful. If the design is to be approved by the local builders association or architect, get the approval before starting.

Making Plans

Please prepare design for your aluminum railings. The sketches will help you in firming up the material requirement. This way you will not make any purchases that you do not require. Even if the dealer is ready to take back the unused material, the dealer will not pay for transportation of material back to store and may have some deduction for the returned material.

Method Adopted for Railings

The method of making straight aluminum railings is as follows

Bottom support: The bottom support can be fixed to the wooden flooring at the bottom with help of anchoring bolts.

Preparation for railings: After fixing the bottom supportprepare the complete railing on a level floor and erect it in the bottom support only when it is completely ready

Center rail inserts: Either you can use the clamps made for fixing center rails, or you can use the wooden inserts. For fixing wooden inserts, some skill is required. On two opposite sides of 4x4” post, you can cut a rectangular hole (of inside dimensions of center rail) on opposite side so that a wooden inserts can be fixed and bolted the rail with 3/8” hex bolts.

Verticals and middle railings: The verticals and middle can now be assembled and loosely attached to the bottom support. At this stage, not all the 3/8” screws will be tightened. When the entire railing has been put up, the screws can be tightened up starting up from both ends and meeting at the center.

Inserts for top rail: The wooden inserts for top railings can be fixed up now. It is easier when the complete railing is made. The wooden inserts can extend about half the depth of top rail so that fixing up the top rail is easy. The wooden inserts should be fixed up in the verticals with screws so it does not move

Top rail: The top rail will have slots of the size of wooden inserts and spaced so that the top railing goes into these slots easily. The top railing is to be fixed to the verticals with help of cleats. This will ensure that the top rail does not move and the usable portion of top rail does not have any protruding bolts.

After the screws have been firmly fixed up they will need to be protected with silicone sealants.

Now your aluminum railing is ready for you to use.

All About of Garden Water Features Fountains

Garden Water Features , Fountains & Solar Powered Water Features

Available space in your garden is one of the restricting factors which will help you choose between garden water features. Larger landscaped gardens are perfect for ponds or big scale water features , whereas small to medium spaces generally lend themselves well to fountains.

In history , there have been several significant water features and gardens , with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon , one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World , being perhaps the best known. These were a meticulously planned and landscaped set of tiered gardens featuring canals , dams and aqueducts designed to water the plants and extravagant grassy areas.

Today , you can plan your own modern day gardens with water features that are no less stunning and impactful. Ensure that your garden parties are even more memorable with one of our tranquil , meditative water fountains or water features , described below in more detail.

Modern  water  features  and  fountains  at

For more contemporary gardens , select from one of our sleek , modern sculptural water features which are sure to provide a striking focal point in your garden or outdoor space. Enjoy the calming sound of trickling water as you relax with a nice coffee or mixed drink.

Modern  water  features  and  fountains  at

Traditional fountains containing children , cherubs and the like are very popular in many gardens across the UK. They offer a taste of the past with a modern twist , and usually come in stone or bronze effect finishes.

Modern  water  features  and  fountains  at

Your garden doesn’t have to be the only place where you go to zen-out. Indoor water features and fountains are perfect for large living rooms , offering a little piece of paradise in your safe haven , teleporting you to a faraway land. loves everything home and dΓ©cor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Fountains for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Fountains that are right for your home. With great products like the Spiro Acrylic and Sand Fountain with Light and the Hahira Ceramic Water Feature you're sure to find the right Fountains that fit into your home.

23 of 34 Review For Seaport Metal Fountain

  • Review by Derek

    Derek ( 2020-Mar-11 )


    I bought 2 and am I glad. I set up the boxes in like two minutes and put stereo gear in it for my patio. Dry and solid. We just had a week of 60 mph wind gusts and 10" of rain. Bothe boxes make great seats too and I found some cushions we had saved from another chair.I Split the cushon in halve and put each piece on a box and now have 2 more seats and nobody even know what they are sitting on. Great product,great price,and free shipping too!

  • Review by Catherine

    Catherine ( 2020-Jul-23 )


    Love it. It matches our deck garbage can. Got it to fit the table/chair cover that we have over our deck furniture in. Works great and adds and extra seat as well.

  • Review by Michaela

    Michaela ( 2020-Aug-15 )


    Love it! It’s the perfect little swing for my backyard. Not a super huge fan of how the chain connects, but the price makes it worth it.

  • Review by Mrs

    Mrs ( 2020-Aug-03 )


    Amazing!! Looks fab in my garden

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Mar-31 )


    Lovely bench. I thought the colour would be more vibrant but that’s ok with me as I’m going to paint the bench anyway. Solid bench

  • Review by Malgorzata

    Malgorzata ( 2020-Jul-15 )


    Love these pots loads, they are pretty robust, however, I have 9 of them variety of the 3 colours, my fav. colour is the apple green but even up here in Scotland it has faded terribly.

  • Review by Renay

    Renay ( 2020-Jul-08 )


    So much they all go together nicely

  • Review by Lisa

    Lisa ( 2020-Jan-30 )


    I am so pleased with this! My new wooden storage bench is both a looker and a doddle to build. I’m no expert with flat-packs and like most us have struggled with instructions and ended up with a wonky freestyle β€˜version’ of the cupboard/shelves/box I’ve been aiming for- on many occasions I’ve had to unscrew and rebuild due to confusing diagrams and unmarked pieces and poorly defined screw holes. There was absolutely no chance of that kind of botched job with this. The box arrived a whole two days early- a fantastic level of service during the lockdown that I really wasn’t expecting- and I carefully laid out all the component parts before starting the build. Each piece screamed quality; the finish was fabulous. Every panel was clearly marked with small (easy to remove) stickers (which didn’t leave marks!) and all the screws and fixings were separated into handy plastic bags. The instruction leaflet was fantastically clear and working through it - step by step – was a walk in the park. The details are so good, the top cushion, the rests on the bottom of the unit are all very well made- this is a budget item with top end finish and- best of all- absolutely all of the screw holes were true (I’ve gone through hell with β€˜wonky holes’ in my flat pack past). Working at an even pace- stopping for a coffee and a moment to step back and enjoy my work in progress – and easily putting everything together without using any tools beyond a screwdriver- it took me less than an hour to put it together. I popped the grey cushion on the top and the bench now has pride of place in my hallway- it’s fabulous, the cushion is soft and a very stylish grey and it’s rock solid and sturdy, I’ve stood on it to change the light in the hall with no trepidation at all. I’ve sat on it with my girlfriend – and she’s no lightweight! - and you could even seat a third person on there if you wanted to, making it a useful extra seat for parties. I’m using the storage spaces for shoes and boots and they fit absolutely perfectly, a brilliant solution to the pile of footwear that used to litter the hallway. I thoroughly recommend WayFair- from ordering to delivery, to ease of build, this is a five star flat pack from a five star company.

  • Review by V.

    V. ( 2020-Sep-16 )


    Fantastic purchase, keeps everything dry and super easy to build great service from purchase through to delivery.

  • Review by Barbara

    Barbara ( 2020-Feb-21 )


    I leaned back and unfortunately caused two stress fractures in the seat back. Will brace the fractures and re-paint the breaks. Otherwise, the pop-up tray is versatile and the bench seat is solid.

  • Review by Sam

    Sam ( 2020-Sep-09 )


    Look stunning. Brightened my outdoor life up. Really quick delivery which was needed as the electrician was booked. Bought LED bulbs

  • Review by Alan

    Alan ( 2020-Jun-30 )


    I was surprised at how comfortable this is to sit on. I will definitely be purchasing a couple more to place around the yard.

  • Review by Keith

    Keith ( 2020-Jul-17 )


    The furniture was fine but the courier (DHL) instead of attempting three deliveries left the massive box at my front door and I had to ask neighbours to help to gain access to my house as I couldn’t move it on my own.

  • Review by Jason

    Jason ( 2020-Jan-21 )


    his is a quality product. It went together easily and serves multiple purposes on my deck. It is an extra seat, storage for BBQ tools and table settings, and an end table. My only small regret is that it is not large enough to hold any of my seat cushions, which is why I bought it. I wanted to hold the overflow of cushions from the large deck box I have. Otherwise, I have found it to be very useful!

  • Review by Pamela

    Pamela ( 2020-Jul-11 )


    This has proven to be a great purchase. We needed something by the hot tub, not too big, and this fit the bill. It is large enough to hold our bottles of supples and extra towels but takes up very little term. It can also double as a seat. It has held up well during the summer, no fading or cracking from the sun.

  • Review by Julie

    Julie ( 2020-Sep-09 )


    Very pleased sturdy ,easy to build,good colour looks more expensive than it was, and excellent delivery

  • Review by Farrynn

    Farrynn ( 2020-Jan-17 )


    Wow what a gorgeous set, just what I wanted for Sunny days in the garden to relax in, lovely colour combination. Great service from

  • Review by Maria

    Maria ( 2020-Sep-06 )


    In of itself this shoe rack is pretty sturdy and looks very similar to how it is presented in the pictures. You will need to source your own wall mount(s) to keep it still, as it wobbles and does not include one. It would also benefit from pre-made holes to screw the back on, as this ended up being a more time consuming process than it needed to be. Overall, pretty satisfied!

  • Review by Vikki

    Vikki ( 2020-Jun-05 )


    Quality is higher than expected. Extremely well packaged so no breakage on arrival. Overall really pleased with product. Highly recommend.

  • Review by Jonathan

    Jonathan ( 2020-Mar-13 )


    Exactly what I expected color is a yellow gold. It matches well with my gold bed frame. Easy to hang up. Looks very nice. Exactly what you should expect from them. They are much smaller than the large one. I think they three pieces work together well. I can't wait to get some plants to put them in the vases. Definitely buy these you will be happy.

  • Review by Cheryle

    Cheryle ( 2020-Jul-28 )


    Great storage, large enough to take Cushions for 3 chairs and a sofa (7 cushions in all plus back supports) Easy to assemble

  • Review by Charlotte

    Charlotte ( 2020-Jun-13 )


    Great quality, arrived in perfect condition. They look fabulous, so i'm getting some more.

  • Review by Teresa

    Teresa ( 2020-Aug-25 )


    Brilliant - easy to put together, I did it alone in about half hour and didn’t need to drill any holes (some reviews mentioned this) Looks great and fits shoes / boots easily as well as fitting in a small hallway without dominating it. Fabulous buy.

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