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  • Assembly Required: No
  • Overall: 22cm H x 14cm W x 14cm D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.3kg
    • Product Name Acorn Decorative Bird Feeder
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
      Product SKU uk8ce17323727795b
      Category Bird Feeders
      Main Category Garden Decor

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All About of Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

Are you into bird watching? Do you already own a bird table or feeder? If you have a garden (or just a balcony) you can leave the wellies in the shed and do not even have to buy binoculars to enjoy avian wildlife in the UK. There is a very easy way to attract British birds to come directly to your home , hop around your garden and maybe even nest in your hedges.

When decorating your front or back garden , think of the garden birds as well and buy a bird table , bird feeder or feeding station.

Although there are some basics that already attract many different kinds of garden birds , there are different kinds of bird feeders as well as different kinds of bird food to choose from. Here is a list of common types of bird feeders:

Bird Table

A bird table is basically a tray or flat dish where seed mixes or sunflower seeds are placed on. Birds just hop onto the table and pick up the seeds. Buy a bird table with a roof top to protect the food from getting wet from the rain. Wooden bird tables with a roof are also very attractive garden decorations.

Hanging Seed Feeders and Suet Feeders

hanging  bird  feeder

Such types of bird feeders can be hung from tree branches or bird tables or installed on poles. They are also part of entire bird feeder stations that can contain several seed feeders , bird tables as well as additional coconut shells or other suet and fat bars or rings.

If you want to attract goldfinches , greenfinches , or siskins specifically , try nyjer seeds. Since those seeds are very small , you will need a nyjer seed feeder. The generic seed feeders are too big and bird tables are not suitable since any wind would blow away the little nyjer seeds.

Ground Feeders

ground  bird  feeder

Window Bird Feeders

A very special kind of bird feeder are bird tables or even little plastic houses that come with suction cups and can be attached to your window. They are often entirely made of clear plastic. That way you can watch the garden birds eating their food from your feeder directly in front of your window.

The Right Food on the Table

bird  table  with  roof

Just make sure the mix is fresh and not mouldy and does not contain any big pieces like peas , barley , rice or lentils , which cannot be eaten by most garden birds.

Also make sure to clean your bird feeder or bird table regularly. Clean away the dirt birds leave behind as well as any remains and old bird food.

Protecting your Bird Feeder from Squirrels and Cats

hanging  bird  feeder  metal

While squirrels just steal your birds' food , cats are a real danger. If you own a cat yourself that has access to the garden , you should reconsider installing a bird feeder or table. But even if you do not own a cat yourself , you have to make sure to keep your feeding station as safe as possible.

Install your bird feeder in a quiet place away from any hiding places like your shed , bushes or the hedge , trees , roofs or even your garden furniture where a cat could lie waiting for prey. Keeping the bird table or feeder away from climbing and covered areas also helps keeping the squirrels away a little. To protect from cats , you can also install guards on the pole on which your bird feeder or table stands. Thorny vegetation under the feeder might help as well. Other options might be deterrents that work with sound , or a well behaved dog that scares the cat away but leaves the birds in peace to enjoy their meal at your bird table or feeding station.

Bird Bath

Since birds need to drink as well as eat , consider installing a bird bath as well. Once you have decided on your new bird feeder or bird table , have a look at the selection of bird baths Wayfair is offering for purchase. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Bird Boxes & Feeders for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Bird Boxes & Feeders that are right for your home. With great products like the Baronville Gazebo Bird Feeder and the Evan Tube Bird Feeder you're sure to find the right Bird Boxes & Feeders that fit into your home.

17 of 9 Review For Acorn Decorative Bird Feeder

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2021-Jan-01 )


    Sturdy weatherproof and great for putting your feet up after a hard days gardening

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Apr-09 )


    That little pop up table in the center makes it very convenient on our porch when we have need of extra table space

  • Review by Maz

    Maz ( 2021-Aug-23 )


    It is heavy and stable. Good quality product! Really pleased with it!

  • Review by Nicola

    Nicola ( 2020-Dec-23 )



  • Review by Mark

    Mark ( 2021-Apr-21 )


    Very Pleased with the lamp and the delivey time as prompt. Will use again I'm sure

  • Review by Susan

    Susan ( 2020-Aug-03 )


    The bench is more black than a washed grey! I’m hoping the sun will fade it to match the grey of my porch. Easy enough to put together.

  • Review by Dorothy

    Dorothy ( 2021-Apr-20 )


    It's attractive and I expect I'm going to like it a lot. The instructions are really hopeless, though. There's an item they call "extra bolt" that is really a tool for holding a sort of washer in a hole so you can screw a bolt into it. (Then you unscrew the "extra bolt" from the washer and back your "extra bolt" out of the hole.) Not only is that only more or less hinted at by a tiny doesn't actually work unless you insert the tool and washer all the way into the hole (maybe an inch and a half) and then back it out just a few millimeters. Only then (and only if you're holding the tool so the washer that's attached to it is in just the right position for you to screw the actual bolt in from the other side) does it work. I get why that's not easy to write instructions for. Making your customers figure that out, though...

  • Review by Lily

    Lily ( 2021-Sep-27 )


    This swing is perfect for the area that we wanted to place it in. The instructions weren’t as clear as I thought but thanks to the picture on the website, everything worked out great. It would have been better if it came with a seat cushion.

  • Review by Diane

    Diane ( 2021-Feb-14 )


    Product itself is very good. Excellent size and is good quality. Very sturdy and didnt take my husband too long to put together. The initial delivery was a slight distaster with having ALL the metal fixings missing and the box was severely damaged. Saying that arranged and collection service with minimal hassle, and reordered the product with no qualms. I did think itd take a good few days to arrive, but ended up arriving the following day. Problem very well solved, and I have a product Im happy with

  • Review by Sarah

    Sarah ( 2021-Jan-29 )


    Quality and weight so much more premium than I was expecting! Super items!

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Apr-13 )


    Overall a nice looking set for the price. Maybe a little smaller than we thought but still pleased with it.

  • Review by Eddie

    Eddie ( 2020-Sep-28 )


    So much they all go together nicely

  • Review by Linda

    Linda ( 2020-Jul-29 )


    Quality is higher than expected. Extremely well packaged so no breakage on arrival. Overall really pleased with product. Highly recommend.

  • Review by Sue

    Sue ( 2021-Dec-26 )


    Huge!! I can fit 8 large cushion seat pads plus all the back cushions and there’s still loads of room left.

  • Review by Kelly

    Kelly ( 2021-Sep-27 )


    Prompt delivery, good quality set for my apartment balcony. Just took about 15 minutes to unpack box, put on screw in feet, etc. Only grief was an annoying large sticker on the table glass top that just wouldn't peel off but soon removed after buying and using some white spirit

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2021-Aug-04 )


    Love, Love, Love my rattan set. Great to look at, well made for the price paid, comfortable and roomy

  • Review by Anonymous

    Anonymous ( 2020-Aug-28 )


    Easy to build. Parts just slotted together. Good quality wood. Now filled with lots of plants

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