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  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dimensions: 42cm H x 42cm W x 9cm D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.3kg
  • Colour: Green
  • Location: Indoor Use
    • Product Name 42cm Berry Wreath
      Brand The Seasonal Aisle
      Product SKU uk298bae430b3029d
      Category Wreaths
      Main Category Garden Decor

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All About of Wreaths


Celebrate every season with a beautiful decorative wreath. Whether you're looking for a Christmas laurel or an artificial floral wreath , you'll find something on this page. Although handmade wreaths look best , they only last a season at most. Fortunately , we've got a variety of "evergreen " wreaths for you to browse through.

Only for Christmas?

spring  wreath

No way! Wreaths are a versatile décor element. You can use them to celebrate life's milestones and high holidays. Whether you choose a flower laurel for your wall or opt for something a little more classic for a wedding - wreaths are an elegant way to express your sense of style and fashion.

Let's Get Festive

Easter  wreath  with  eggs

Choose a green berry wreath decked with colourful eggs to celebrate Easter. Once autumn arrives , you can switch out your wreath for something a little more spooky to prepare for Halloween. For the Christmas holidays , opt for a leaf and stars laurel covered in red poinsettia leaves and a red berry accent. You could even find an option on this list that has built-in lights to add a sparkly view to the cold winter nights. Or , hang them over the gift table in your common room for an extra highlight.

Everyday Styling

Sign up with an account with us and you'll be spoilt for choice with great deals on door wreaths. Try an arrangement of stars , heart shapes and lights for a classic style that looks great in all seasons. Alternatively , you could opt for a multi-functional woodcut garland. Include real flowers when they are in season or simply wrap some greenery around the laurel for a simple , yet striking look.

Perfecting Party-time

white  wreath  with  feathers

Use a simple white and gold option to add a little drama to your next social event. Whether you're decorating for a wedding or a garden tea party , flower wreaths are a quick and easy feature. Hang them from the walls or place them on a table to highlight the food you're serving. You may even want to place a garland with flowers over your gift and cards basket for a striking centrepiece on your big day.

Simply A-door-able

It's traditional to hang your wreath on the front of your door. There are several different ways to do this. The easiest is to secure a hook to the front of your door and gently hang the laurerl from it. However , you could also hang a hook on the back of the door , slip a ribbon through your product and hang the ribbon and laurel over the top of the door.

Bring Them Inside

rustical  wreath  with  flowers

Wreaths look good when placed at the centre of a white wall in any room. You could also use them to draw a little interest to your bookshelf by placing them around the books. When you search for an indoor option , look for something made from plastic or pine. These are easy to dust and look rustic and natural.

Window of Opportunity

Wreaths make attractive window decorations. Treat yourself to a few beautiful wreaths at a good price and use them to draw interest to the windows in front of your garden. Larger ones add a little privacy to your life during the day. You could also group several smaller plastic decorations together to create the same effect. Some of the best ideas for windows involve fairy lights. Shop for wreaths with built-in lights for your windows. You could even use this decoration to display your favourite cards and photos in one visual arrangement.

What Goes with Wreaths?

eucalyptus  wreath

There are several ideas which you can use to draw attention to your wreaths. Shop for new artificial greenery that can be draped around a pine cone. Before hanging , you could also drape a copper LED fairy light around your laurel. To add depth and dimension to your entrance , shop for mirrors and candles at an affordable price. Scatter these around your garden walkway to create an ethereal entry to your home.

18 of 14 Review For 42cm Berry Wreath

  • Review by Chihung

    Chihung ( 2020-Aug-13 )


    Product itself is very good. Excellent size and is good quality. Very sturdy and didnt take my husband too long to put together. The initial delivery was a slight distaster with having ALL the metal fixings missing and the box was severely damaged. Saying that arranged and collection service with minimal hassle, and reordered the product with no qualms. I did think itd take a good few days to arrive, but ended up arriving the following day. Problem very well solved, and I have a product Im happy with

  • Review by Craig

    Craig ( 2020-Oct-10 )


    Excellent quality. Came so well wrapped so no breakages or even a chip. Perfect dark grey. Love them

  • Review by Stephen

    Stephen ( 2020-Jun-06 )


    Not the color I thought it was going to be, and during the assembly one of the screw holes was angled weirdly and too small so my boyfriend had to drill a bigger hole in the frame just so it would fit. I love it though! Wonderful addition to my backyard.

  • Review by Ruth

    Ruth ( 2020-Feb-08 )


    Very easy to install. Looks stylist and very comfortable. You can even adjust both sides of the footwear storage bench by moving the wooden plaques up and down. Great value for money.

  • Review by Amanda

    Amanda ( 2020-May-09 )


    We really have enjoyed this piece, but it has faded fast under the sun light.

  • Review by Claudine

    Claudine ( 2020-Mar-07 )


    I have a small patio and hate clutter. I bought this in white and it's big enough to hold my clippers, gloves, fertilizers, small garden tools, barbecue tools and a bag of charcoal. It's sturdy enough for me to sit on while barbecuing. Perfect for my needs and looks nice. It's easy to put together following the instructions. A great deal and arrived in no time at all.

  • Review by Monica

    Monica ( 2020-Mar-06 )


    These are a perfect wall accent for a smaller space. I put succulents in them and they fit perfect!

  • Review by Stacy

    Stacy ( 2020-Sep-13 )


    I really like the 2 piece set. I plan on putting artificial cactus in them! Just what I need to finish a wall in my family room!

  • Review by Graham

    Graham ( 2020-Mar-12 )


    Quite small and extremely lightweight. Thought they would be of better quality. You get what you pay for though

  • Review by Marcy

    Marcy ( 2020-Feb-14 )


    Used to house my spa supplies. Matches hose and bench seat. Very sturdy even as a seat

  • Review by Emma

    Emma ( 2020-Sep-09 )


    Bench itself is ok, delivery was chaotic, missed original day, then failed redelivery, then lost in warehouse, when finally arrived had slight damage . Could not be bothered with return and reorder, so rubbed it down where wood was broken off on front of seat and stained it. It’s ok

  • Review by Tully

    Tully ( 2020-Aug-17 )


    Exactly what we needed for our hallway. Was easy to put together and is nice and sturdy. Some reviews said you can’t fit adult shoes in but mine fit fine, per the photo - guess it really depends on how big your feet/shoes are!

  • Review by Yonita

    Yonita ( 2020-Jul-17 )


    Easily put together, solid and looks good. Gentle curve in seat and back makes for a comfortable sit even without cushions. Very good buy.

  • Review by Zoe

    Zoe ( 2020-Jun-25 )


    It's ok. Sturdy and will def hold up to outdoor weather. But very plastic looking. Have seen others for the price that look better.

  • Review by Anthony

    Anthony ( 2020-Apr-13 )


    Wife I chose this style after much careful consideration it had the wood piece for behind the knees which makes it look nicer. I absolutely love the dark finish really looks good against trees and shade. Husband Directions were so so some points weren’t clear and took some thought to figure out. screws holes did not match the alignment

  • Review by Mary

    Mary ( 2020-Feb-13 )


    Love love love it on my deck. The ability to raise a table in the center is awesome - & makes everyone ooh & ahhh. It is the seat we all choose first. Great value. Love the gray finish.

  • Review by Brooke

    Brooke ( 2020-Jun-27 )


    Wonderful replica lantern lamp. Perfect for porch in refurbishment of Victorian property,

  • Review by Lesley

    Lesley ( 2020-Jul-10 )


    Easy to put together (better with 2 as panels quite big) Great capacity Delivered on time. Delivery man pleasant

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