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  • Assembly Required: No
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Yes
  • Product Design: Expanding
  • Installation: Wall-mounted
  • Material: Steel
    • Product Name Gemmenne Steel Expanding Trellis
      Brand Sol 72 Outdoor
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      Category Trellises Obelisks
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All About of Trellises Obelisks

Trellises & Garden Obelisks

Trellises and garden obelisks are perhaps the most timeless garden decorations , loved by every garden enthusiast across the UK. The variety of shapes , structures , colours , and materials allows you to create gorgeous flower displays , helps plants get more sun to grow , and livens up any garden. No matter the style or size of your garden , offers trellises and obelisks to transform any space into an oasis of calm.

Beautiful wrought iron trellises and white lattice panels will compliment a traditional English garden , while a minimalist hexagonal panel trellis will look stunning in a contemporary Scandi garden. Or why not throw conventions out of the window and play with a variety of seemingly clashing styles?

Arched Trellises

metal  arched  trellis

Perhaps the most popular and traditional type of garden trellis. The shape of the structure gives more space for plants to climb on while offering better support for their vines. It can be placed in front of your door to create a beautiful entrance , welcoming your guests with the smell of blooming flowers. If you are lucky enough to have a big garden , you can arrange multiple arched trellises over a pathway to create a living tunnel.

Flat Trellises & Panels

grey  flat  trellis

A truly versatile type of garden décor. They can be installed on the wall of your house (they look particularly gorgeous against an exposed brick wall) or anywhere in your garden as a freestanding piece. Wall-mounted trellises come in a wider variety of intricate shapes and styles to help you create a garden that truly reflects ‘you’. Panel trellises are easier to install and move than arched structures , making them a great option for inexperienced gardeners. Make sure to choose the right size of mesh depending on the plant you’re planning to grow on it.

Garden Obelisks

minimalist  garden  obelisk

The most decorative kind of garden structure. Obelisks are usually made of wrought iron and can easily become the centrepiece of your garden. The installation process requires little to no effort and the obelisk can be easily moved around the garden , making it a great solution for plants that require different amounts of sun exposure throughout the year. They create beautiful ‘living’ 3D structures and will liven up any space.

Wooden Trellises

wooden  lattice  panel  trellis

Versatile and easy to install. You simply can’t go wrong with a classic white or unfinished wooden trellis. They are neutral enough to work well with any garden style , seemingly blending into the scenery. Choose an unfinished trellis if you want to paint it a specific colour to easily personalise it. If the wooden structure will be exposed to rain , make sure to coat it with a protective layer of varnish to preserve it for years to come.

Iron Trellises

honeycomb  panel  trellis

Long-lasting and spectacular. If you are looking to introduce an eye-catching centrepiece to your garden , then an intricate wrought iron trellis or an obelisk is your best bet. Iron can be manipulated into beautiful twisting shapes and unusual structures , instantly elevating any garden.

Not Only For Flowers

corner  trellis

No one can deny the timeless beauty of an arch covered in climbing roses. However , trellises and garden obelisks are not limited to flowers. Place them in your vegetable garden or a greenhouse to provide support for climbing vegetables. Tomatoes , peas and a variety of beans are the most common and easy-to-grow plants , making them a staple in any vegetable patch. Make sure you consider how tall and heavy the vegetable plant will grow when choosing the height of your trellis. You don’t want the structure to collapse , ruining months of work and care. loves everything home and décor , and we want to make sure that you do too. That's why we carry a zillion different Trellises & Obelisks for sale online. With options it's easy to narrow down your online shopping to find Trellises & Obelisks that are right for your home. With great products like the Cottage Planter Trellis and the Plastic Expanding Trellis you're sure to find the right Trellises & Obelisks that fit into your home.

20 of 15 Review For Gemmenne Steel Expanding Trellis

  • Review by Ross

    Ross ( 2021-Oct-01 )


    Bought 2 of these to sit side by side in my garden border. They are exactly as shown & described, a lovely quality & good weight. I really like that they have drainage holes (so many garden pots don't) as I like to put flowers & shrubs direct into the pot. They make a nice feature in the garden & I'm really pleased with them.

  • Review by Margaret

    Margaret ( 2020-Jul-21 )


    looks fabulous on my kitchen window ledge filled with all my favourite herbs.

  • Review by Pauline

    Pauline ( 2021-Oct-30 )


    Cute for a tiny plant or succulent. I was expecting something a little bigger but I made it work.

  • Review by Joyce

    Joyce ( 2021-Mar-23 )


    Made well and was easy to put together! Does just what I needed it for and I am very happy with this purchase

  • Review by Cathy Daniels

    Cathy Daniels ( 2021-Mar-06 )


    Seemed a little expensive, for a plastic box, but you’re paying for the engineering; it was so easy to put together and is sturdy. It’s waterproof and has pressure hinges that stop it blowing open or slamming shut. It housed all fold-up chairs with their thick full-length cushions on and is waterproof. Did exactly what we needed it to do. How often does that happen!?!

  • Review by Suzanne

    Suzanne ( 2021-Oct-17 )


    The swing is a perfect addition to our newly done backyard! My expectations were all met. Plus my husband just assembled it in like an hour or an hour and a half. It swings smoothly too unlike some other swings that make you feel unsafe. Awesome buy for the price!

  • Review by Amy

    Amy ( 2020-Oct-14 )


    Excellent sized storage box, large enough to hold all garden furniture cushions. The product is easy to assemble and is very sturdy.

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2021-Aug-07 )


    Fits the space perfectly. Exactly as described and great build quality. Easy to assemble and arrived very quickly.

  • Review by Yasmin

    Yasmin ( 2020-Sep-06 )


    I'm in love with these chairs! I've been looking for some since my stay at the St. Cecelia in Austin and they are perfect! Very sturdy construction and will look great with my teak table outside on my patio! I will be ordering more in the future!

  • Review by Salima

    Salima ( 2020-Jul-20 )


    These are cute wall hanging planters and are very small. It’s hard to fit plants and soil into the tiny container. They are good quality...

  • Review by Glynis

    Glynis ( 2022-Jan-14 )


    Received as shown in the picture. The wood is solid and quality is spot on. The swing is so sturdy. Easy to assemble with one helping hand. Delivered as promised on time. The only concern I had was ,couple of screws and bolts were missing. I need to buy from outside.

  • Review by Stewart

    Stewart ( 2021-Nov-21 )


    Price was average, not a great buy or bargain. Similar product and prices are everywhere. It has a good capacity for storage.

  • Review by Regan

    Regan ( 2021-Feb-09 )


    Nice looking bench. Reasonably straight forward to put together. The price is fantastic and the speed of deivery & ease of purchase second to none

  • Review by Monica

    Monica ( 2020-Mar-02 )


    Looks great quality. Haven’t tried it yet as I need outside area fixing up prior to hanging then need an electrician but this looks like it will do the job nicely.

  • Review by Arthur

    Arthur ( 2020-Sep-20 )


    It's perfect and exactly what I wanted. Professionally packed and arrived on time.

  • Review by Brad

    Brad ( 2021-Jun-21 )


    Very pleased with this storage bench for the hall. Took a while to put together on my own, easy enough but would have been quicker with 2 people. Grey seat cover didn’t go with the decor in the hall so covered the seat cushion and very pleased with the result.

  • Review by Mark

    Mark ( 2020-Jan-21 )


    Items as described, arrived within a week, good quality

  • Review by Linda

    Linda ( 2021-Mar-06 )


    Solid piece, I was pleasantly surprised on the quality and look of it considering the price. Nice cushion for the top and assembly was easy.

  • Review by Stephen

    Stephen ( 2020-Jan-27 )


    Easy to put together (better with 2 as panels quite big) Great capacity Delivered on time. Delivery man pleasant

  • Review by Michelle

    Michelle ( 2021-May-20 )


    Perfect...looks just like the photo...I was wanting a black bench and the color is quite close!

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